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Spring and summer flowers

I know I promised region generation guides, but I’m afraid reality got in the way. From the end of December and onward …

Spring Flowers 2

[REL] Spring Flowers Pack II

This modders resource contains some new variants of flowers present in the first release, several Lily of the valley, a red Cowsnip, a white primrose and many more spring flowers ready to use in Skyrim.

Retextured Houses

The many projects

I have been sick for the last two months, nothing too serious, but it has left me tired and lacking energy. As …


A sea of Scilla

  Happy birthday big sister     I made you a sea of virtual Scillas to enjoy until the real ones come …


Time for spring?

Skyrim is mostly winter or autumn. Now spring is slowly coming to Sweden and walking around in the snowstorms of Skyrim is …