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Some new ferns

This week I have been working on some new ferns and other green plants. They are part of the summer plants package …

[REL] Water plants and Ztrees rocks

It is almost like it is Christmas again, be course here is a double release for you! First of are the water plants and them we also have Ztrees rocks released as a modders resource.

[REL] Hoddminir Grasses

This modders resource contains 37 different grasses, some with yellow variants. I got permission from the creator of Lush Grasses mod to use his models to have a more lush variant model as well. Thanks SparrowPrince!

The many projects

I have been sick for the last two months, nothing too serious, but it has left me tired and lacking energy. As …

New green grasses

Today I when for a walk and took photos of grasses. The idea is to re-texture the Skyrim grass with some new …