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Ground Textures


Monthly Update (10 January)

I’m now back from the lovely island of Gozo, Malta, and I have lots of potential limestone textures just waiting to be …

Hoddminir Ground Textures

[REL] Hoddminir Ground Texture Pack

I have made 162 new ground textures for the Hoddminir project and I thought I would share them with you.The resolution is 2048 px and all textures are seamless and have normals. There are new grass, moss, leaves, sand and rock textures, with two different color variants of each, in total 324 textures.


New ground textures of Moss

So far I made 19 moss and lichen textures, with some different colors. Two of the textures even has lingon berry bushes …


New ground textures with grass

Grasses are coming along nicely. There is 18 different ones so far, both green and brown. There will possible be some more …


New Sand ground textures

I’m slowly working through all my pictures from Ireland. I’m more or less done with the sand textures. Some of them are …


New ground textures

I have been home all week with a nasty cold, but I tried to do something fun when I had the energy. …


Custom Landscape textures

For my purposes Skyrim has a very limited set of Landscape textures. What I need for the Hoddminir world is everything between …