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Eldamar-Lokes hall

Monthly Update (April 24)

The work on Hoddminir is moving forward, at this stage it’s mostly about changing up the landscape abit and building settlement. Every …


Monthly Update (31 January)

Surtsheim Last update I showed my first concept of Surtsheim, an active volcanic island worldspace. I made the first draft of the …


Monthly Update (10 January)

I’m now back from the lovely island of Gozo, Malta, and I have lots of potential limestone textures just waiting to be …


First build – Emblar

I started building the capital city of Hoddminir, Emblar. So far I only have walls, but it’s a start and I’m having …


It’s alive

I just resided these screenshots from Wamster33 and Rosedale on the nexus mod site. They are making a mod in the Hoddminir …