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[REL] Hoddminir Rune stones

For me this has always been a natural reminder of the cultural heritage of Uppland (Sweden), and I wanted these beautiful art …

found with house3

Whiterun house foundations [REL]

Percevan has made new foundations for the Whiterun houses for Hoddminir. There is one matching foundation for all the Whiterun houses that …


[REL] Water plants and Ztrees rocks

It is almost like it is Christmas again, be course here is a double release for you! First of are the water plants and them we also have Ztrees rocks released as a modders resource.

Spring Flowers 2

[REL] Spring Flowers Pack II

This modders resource contains some new variants of flowers present in the first release, several Lily of the valley, a red Cowsnip, a white primrose and many more spring flowers ready to use in Skyrim.

Hoddminir Grass

[REL] Hoddminir Grasses

This modders resource contains 37 different grasses, some with yellow variants. I got permission from the creator of Lush Grasses mod to use his models to have a more lush variant model as well. Thanks SparrowPrince!

Hoddminir Ground Textures

[REL] Hoddminir Ground Texture Pack

I have made 162 new ground textures for the Hoddminir project and I thought I would share them with you.The resolution is 2048 px and all textures are seamless and have normals. There are new grass, moss, leaves, sand and rock textures, with two different color variants of each, in total 324 textures.