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Oblivion Mod


Autogenerated regions

While waiting for the release of the Skyrim Creation kit, I have tried to texture and populate an island with the Construction …


Testing Earth Sculptor

GeoControl2 makes very nice landscapes, but I would like to make fine adjustments to make it look just the way I want.  …


Some eyecandy

I have taken some screenshots from a long ride in the new landscapes. These are from the westen lands called Andlang. First …


An in-game Map

There are two guides that I have read for making an in-game map, Silgrad Towers guide for an in-game map and Nexus …

Oblivion LOD

Generating LOD

There are LOD and VWD (visible when distant), right now I don’t have anything in my terrain so no VWD are needed. …


Making the map

Size of the map In Oblivion the map is divided in to quadrants, “quads”. One quad is 1024 x 1024 pix when …