The Setting of Hoddminir

In this world there are many creatures but the main characters of Hoddminir’s story are the humans, or as they call themselves, the Seylanders. The oldest settlements of humans are around the Lake of Sey, where the Seylanders arrived some 5oo years ago.

The old stories tell of a Fimbul winter, so terribly cold and long it lasted for years, the people suffered greatly as the sun and stars were dark and the snow that fell was black. A skald by the name of Sey was visited by Odin in a dream and he was told that Ragnarök was coming. He was to gather as many people as he could and set sail for the fabled Hoddminir forest in the north and they would be saved. Sey the skald sailed to the known kingdoms and holds and told of the message from Odin, and many were convinced by his words and followed him. They set sail and on the North sea it is said that the god Njord, in the shape of a giant eagle, together with Odin’s own two ravens, Hugin and Munin, guided the ships through the smoke of the burning world to the safety of the Hoddminir forest.

The kingdom of Seyland

The first settlement, Seysal, was built where the ships landed. The islands in this area is known today as the Seyland kingdom. The Seylanders explored the new world and settled several kingdoms, where Seyland, Okolnir, Vidblain, Andlang are among the largest.

As the Seylanders spread over the lands they soon discovered that they were not alone in this new world. In all directions they found land inhabited by strange peoples. For example  in the far north lives a people the Seylanders call the Jotunn. They are taller than humans, beautiful and have a vast knowledge of magic, and few Seylanders have ever lived to tell the tale of this land. The Jotunn ships sometimes come to the trade town Tiwsal in Seyland.

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