The Team behind Hoddminir

If you like to contact anyone in the team, send a PM to anyone of us at Dark Creations, Nexus, Bethesda forms, post at our forums on Dark Creations or leave a message below on this page.

elinen has started the Hoddminir project in August 2011. She has made the heightmap and is an awesome texture artist, re-texturing everything she can get her hands on. Thanks to that Hoddminir has more than 300 ground textures, 40 grass types and 50 spring flowers to choose from.


noir joined Hoddminir in October 2012 and is mostly working with the region generator in order to create as detailed and natural landscapes as possible. Doesn’t even know how to create a simple interior in the Creation Kit, but his landscapes are great.


Ztree joined Hoddminir in October 2012. He is a modeller and supplies us with everything from trees to flower models or huge castles. Due to his awesome tree models some people even think he might be a ZBrush feature.


The Ascended Sleeper
The Ascended Sleeper joined the Hoddminir Project in early 2013, dedicating himself to writing the lore behind the game’s history, culture, and people. He will also be responsible for designing and creating the game’s dungeons and other interior spaces. Just give him coffee and he will produce wonders.


Percevan joined the Hoddminir in the spring of 2014. Percevan has made some wonderful new architectural models like the foundations to the Whiterun houses and Eldamar roads and bridges. Not only does he make great 3D models, he is also a talented 2D texture artist and has improved many of the textures used for Hoddminirs architecture.


H1zchan joined the Hoddminir in early 2015. The project is set in the iron age era that he has great interest and knowledge of, and he will contribute with authentic weapons, shields and armor as well as quests ideas and level design.


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