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  1. anthelius added a post in a topic [Wip] The republic of Maslea   

    A little world for a side quest, (unlikely to be available in chapter one, but it's still fun to work on^^)
    The first chapter is very close to completion by the way, translation and partial dubbing is ongoing.

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  2. morcroft added a post in a topic Morcroft's Herbarium   

    The first tip of course is "look at Bethesda's nif in Nifskope"
    Ignore the trees - they're entirely different - just look at the flora* meshes.
    There are two basic types depending on the harvest method.
    Meshes like floramountainflower01blue.nif are simple intersecting textured planes where the transparency of the "harvestable" parts of the texture is set to around 50%. On harvest, these will be switched from visible to invisible.
    All the mushroom meshes use the NiSwitchNode technique. For these, there is a different complete version of the mesh, one showing the full object before harvesting and one with it after. These are in two separate NiNode collections under the NiSwitchNode. Harvest switches between them. The two meshes could be anything of course. Generally, make the whole thing with the harvestable parts in a separate layer in your modelling package, then export once with the whole thing, and once without the harvestable layer.
    The reason the mushrooms work this way, I think, is so that the texture can be re-used for harvested and non-harvested parts of the mesh. Potato works this way too - this time it's so the entire plant can disappear leaving disturbed soil and roots behind.
    Either way, build your new plant up by modifying a Bethsoft original mesh, replacing the NiTriShapes  by copying them over from your exported Nif.
    Your Bergamot will probably need to work something like Spiky Grass - floraspikygrass01.nif. The seed head and stalk are fully modelled and their part of the texture has the alpha set to the grey level 0x8C - slightly over 50%. The foliage is a bunch bent-up of 2-D sheets textured with the grass leaves.
    If you make your seed pods' texture half transparent like that but leave the stems, leaves and flowers fully opaque then the pods will disappear at harvest but the landscape will still look unchanged. Also makes the player actually have to look for whether they've harvested the plant or not!
    By the way, Bethesda frequently use BSLODTriShapes - but I wouldn't bother. It's a pain trying to get the vertices in the right order to get LOD fading to work and it makes minimal difference to performance anyway. If you have several sub-meshes then nest them as NiTriShapes under an NiNode - if you get it all into one single mesh then just have an NiTriShape (like the mountain flower) directly under the BSLeafAnimNode
    Ah, yes: BSLeafAnimNode. That's what makes it animated. Mushrooms just use the static BSFadeNodes but anything leafy needs to sway.
    Flora animation works by distorting the mesh. You must set the mesh to be smoothed, otherwise it tends to treat the vertices separately and bits of your leaf will split apart in the wind. Similarly, you can't animate the stem or seed pods: they will bulge weirdly. Flowers can have animated petals, but not the centre.
    The extent of the animation is governed by the transparency of the vertex shading on the mesh. You turn the wind effect on by setting the shader flag 1 value SLSF1_Vertex_Alpha using NifSkope. If the vertex is fully transparent then it will not be deformed by the wind. If it's fully opaque then it will get the full effect of the wind as assigned through the CK. By setting the stem and base of each leaf to transparent and the tips of the leaves opaque you get a nice progressive effect. 
    This depends on your modelling program. I'm pretty sure 3DS Max can do vertex alpha natively, but I don't know the program. Blender does not support transparency in vertex shading but I wrote a work-around script for Blender 2.49a that I used.
    That's about it for the brain-dump - it's quite simple to do once you get the workflow sorted out, just quite hard to work out in the first place.
    I don't know how much the existing bergamot has been used - but make sure you get rid of it by replacing the nif with a new one of the same name. Make a version that has maybe three or so stems and a bit of general foliage that can replace the old mesh as already placed, and ideally make a second version with rather more stems to make nice new clumps. Don't leave the old mesh lying around with the old name: I made that mistake with Flax and we still haven't gotten rid of the ugly old one.
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  3. Destero of Atmora added a post in a topic Beyond Skyrim FAQ   

    Hello guys, 
    I am currently working on the Map-Emblem for "Expedition to Atmora". But to finish it i still need the font for "Beyond Skyrim". For now i grabbed a good quality pic, but would be great to finish the work with the original font.
    Thx in advance!
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  4. MrJGT added a post in a topic Morcroft's Herbarium   

    Ok I'll give it a go. A few tips on creating plants would be useful as I can't find any useful tutorials anywhere.
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  5. morcroft added a post in a topic Morcroft's Herbarium   

    The existing bergamot - bskflorabergamot.nif - really is not very good. I can say that with confidence because it's one of the models I tried to salvage from another submission and really wish I hadn't bothered!
    It's an oblivion-style single stem rather than a Skyrim-style clump and has no leaf animation. It really needs replacing completely but I will not have time to do it so from my viewpoint you're welcome to give it a go. 
    Don't forget the ingredient is "bergamot seeds" - so the nicest implementation would have seed heads (look them up: quite interesting) which disappear on harvest, while leaving the pretty flowers ... ready for the next harvest.
    I'm not on the forum much at the moment - but let me know if you want a few tips on creating plants. There are two ways to do the harvest for a start, and leaf animation requires alpha-channel vertex shading.
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  6. Polzynn added a post in a topic General Signup Thread   

    Hi team Cyrodiil! 
    My name is Dima, I worked on such provinces as Thras. Elsweyr, Black Marsh and Expedition to Atmora.
    My specialty is level design, the interior and the exterior, it does not matter.
    I have a lot of free time, and I want to try their hand in Cyrodiil.
    Sincerely, Dima.
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  7. Steelfeathers added a post in a topic Character Artist   

    Hi there! Cyrodiil is always looking for talented artists, and we'd love to have you if you're interested in helping us bring the world shown in Oblivion to life in Skyrim. 
    The Cyrodiil province project is very active, and we're close to putting out a pre-release for Bruma. But there's still lots of work to be done for the rest of cyrodiil. 
    Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a PM with further details  
    Welcome to Beyond Skyrim!
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  8. Tasheni added a blog entry in Skyrim - Tasheni Followers   

    Skyrim - Tasheni Follower - Talking Horse via race switching
    After messing around with actorTypes and a scripted menu for switching from talking to riding the horse, nothing was successful. The ActorTypeHorse keyword forces the player to mount, even if a script is running that changes the race when activating the horse . So I found another solution:
    I have the horse with the ActorTypeNpc on it. Set up a quest with follower AI and alias for the horse. Dialog shows up with the decision to saddle the horse or ride without. Script started after the dialog and switches the race to ActorTypeHorse, saddle is equiped and now player can ride the mount. Problem is to switch the race back to Npc. I tried to make it, when actor dismounts, but than the saddle is immediately vanishing, because an npc can't wear a saddle (is that right????) .
    Simple demonstration:
    But perhaps I can use a ring or necklace and when player equips it, horse changes back to Npc race. It gives some kind of control over this process. IsharaMeradin wrote me a script that controlls, if player is on mount and updates it regularly, if he dismounts, race switched back. I've not tested yet, but will do. So far I'm happy that it works, because it is so much more immersive to give horses orders by talking than by pushing a key for put that gear off or on or let it wait or follow. Pretty much options available, if the horse is a npc
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  9. Deeza added a post in a topic Character Artist   

    Great. I'll send you an invitation to our Discord server.
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  10. Fortereal added a post in a topic Character Artist   

    Ok, i'm interested. I've read the lore and liked it.
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  11. Deeza added a post in a topic Character Artist   

    You'd certainly be welcome to help out in Iliac Bay. We have a great variety of character designs from very different cultures you could work on.
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  12. Fortereal added a topic in Recruitment   

    Character Artist
    Hi, i'm a character art student looking to help, i don't have a favorite province.
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  13. MrJGT added a post in a topic Morcroft's Herbarium   

    Do you plan on doing Bergamot anytime soon? It's used a lot in the Heartlands and could really do with updating the model. If you don't have time let me know as I'd be interested in learning how to create plants.
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  14. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic [Student Thread] Velocirascal - Lord Hayden   

    Regarding our discussion about normals and smooth shading, this might be of help to visualize how normals work and what's happening to your model:

    It shows the vertex normals as well as what happens when they're shaded or flat.
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  15. Starcornet added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Its was a pain in the ass to make. WIP Viking longhouse.

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  16. iceflame542 added a post in a topic Favourite Music   

  17. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Open Lore Questions - Whats your opinion   

    exactly. so, our translation in modern language would be "jarl", however, ofc, in Atmoran language it is not "Jarl" (but a different name with a slightly different meaning,
    lost in translation, as it is always the case; but the unique-ness and difference to "modern" Jarls will definitely be pointed out by story, name and design) .
    EDIT: so at a deeper look, it will be very clear that they are not exactly the same "Jarls" as you meet them in Skyrim. 

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  18. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Worldmap Emblem for BS Homepage   

    as we talked, soon we have it done ;-) just some minor tweaks! 
    Good work, Thane! ;-)
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  19. Wk1ng added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

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  20. robcbwilson added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    Do you also have examples of any models you have made?
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  21. Meglos added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    Ok, thanks! I'll show this to our exteriors lead and we'll see what he thinks.
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  22. Wk1ng added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    yes i do, just a little something ive been working on but yea
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  23. Vorians added a post in a topic Better Cities.   

    Sorry for delay answering, I didn't receive notification of your reply even though I have this thread tagged as Followed.
    I said nothing about the readme for GHC, I refer to the readme for Better Cities, which is the mod you are using. This readme clearly states:
    "Disable region borders in Oblivion.ini to access some quest-related locations (find line bBorderRegionsEnabled and set this to 0)."
    This can also be seen on the Wiki too. The quest is not designed to be unplayable, it is designed requiring that the borders be disabled, as stated in the readme.
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  24. Meglos added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    Hi there, do you have any samples you can show us of the various things you claim to be able to do? Sadly we can't let people in based on their word alone.
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  25. Wk1ng added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    Hi i can level design, 3D Model and voice act aswell as other things, i would love to be apart of many provinces but Morrowind is my Favorite! i also do know my lore!
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