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  1. Rasilon added a post in a topic Race Oriented Base Armours   

    I meant how each province has Iron/Leather/Fur/Steel, check  the Atronach Forge and the various projects Armour sub-sections for examples.
    However I don't actually recal seeing examples outside cyrodil....huh....
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  2. 3.07 SoftWorks added a post in a topic Race Oriented Base Armours   

    From what we've been seeing in the forums, we didn't notice this "provincial armour system" you talk about . At least, none that's  tackles it in an organized manner like we are proposing.  It seems to naked eye that in each province the mod authors create armors in no specific order (maybe there is, but we didn't find it), and none of them directly relates to the base armours of the game. 
    We are trying to cover the bases for every race: Fur, Leather, Iron, Steel.

    Thank you for your kindness, more work to come
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  3. 3.07 SoftWorks added a post in a topic Race Oriented Base Armours   

    Everything has to go through the proper channels, of course.
    We intend to do most of the work, ensuring that what we create has quality and is lore friendly. We're more than willing to listen to feedback and understand that it is part of the process.
    Two of us are Animators and know full well how team projects work. The 3rd member is developing his portfolio for concept art, hence his interest in this project.  
    The simplest way  to think about this is: We'll focus in one race/location at a time, and the "department heads" tell us what's done, what needs to be done. 
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  4. Fredius added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Respect dude! Btw are you officially part of the BS team or are you just donating these to them?
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  5. Rasilon added a post in a topic Race Oriented Base Armours   

    A man is curious as to how this differs from the provincial armour system already in-place?
    Other than the extremly high quality of the work.
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  6. cunningmoss6833 added a post in a topic Quick Questions, Quick Answers [troubleshooting]   

    Has anyone out here successfully hacked the latest version of the Blender NIF export to allow the export of clothing?  I'm not much of a developer and don't feel like screwing anything up at the moment. Anyway, the pertinent information is at the bottom of this thread:
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  7. The Old Ye Bard added a post in a topic Race Oriented Base Armours   

    In theory it's a great idea, but it's something the teams tend to handle under their own creative direction; a new system like this would need to have oversight from, not only the individual team leaders, but the department heads for concept art + 3d asset development of each team on a case by case basis (+additional oversight each team decides upon, usually there is a lore component that checks over all development).
    You mention you're part of a group; how many people are there on the team?
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  8. 3.07 SoftWorks added a post in a topic Race Oriented Base Armours   

    We understand that what we are proposing is more of a "system" than a simple implementation of some armours. Therefore, in order for us to continue, we would need a list of the armours that have already been made by the community for all the provinces. We ask this because some armours may apply to the categories that we are working on. Doing this, with the authorization of the authors, we would more easily set this system in motion. In other words, we just need to organize everything that has been done in the armour department so far.
    For exemple: Someone might already have made a Breton armour that fits nicely into the "Steel Category". With the authorization of the autor to integrate their work into this "system" we could cross that item off our to-do list, if we (and the people in charge of the province) feel it fits.

    Or we can disregard  armours  made by other people and do everything on our own,  but we feel it would be counterproductive.
    For now, we are working on the Orcs. They are nomads, so they should be sprinkled around Tamriel, but their culture is seeded in the Iliac Bay, therefore it's there you'd commonly find the armours.
    In the end, the way our idea is implemented is up to you, the Leaders. Please tell how you would like to proceed.
    Thank you for your interest! We'll be waiting on your thoughts about this "system".
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  9. MihailMods added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    thanks my good friend
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  10. robcbwilson added a post in a topic Student Thread - Ravenz   

    OK, so after a detour on how to create a proper UV unwrap (thanks to Humiliation), I am back in 3DS Max as I also learned the importance of scale
    So I not only scaled it correctly based on TES III but I also learned cut, cap and detach and created three variants, two of which are broken....
    Looking at them, I think I will also change the "dents" otherwise it looks a bit odd

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  11. robcbwilson added a gallery image in Member Gallery   


    In album: Robcbwilson's Random Stuff

    54 images in this album
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  12. Deeza added a post in a topic Race Oriented Base Armours   

    This is a great idea and it joins up very neatly with our own ideas for how the different races should be depicted in Beyond Skyrim. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we would be very eager to work with you.
    Orc armours would be particularly useful for the Iliac Bay region but I am sure there are plenty of other teams who would also be interested in using them.
    What sort of collaboration did you have in mind?
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  13. Athis added a post in a topic When Vampires Attack - compatibility question   

    Thank you Arthmoor I appreciate you replying
    Someone in the posts section of TIM said they were incompatible so I got a bit spooked
    I want to take the opportunity to thank you directly for all your great work on Skyrim
    I made a small donation when I recently downloaded the Legendary Patch to begin playing Skyrim again after a long break
    Just getting the game setup and starting over - looking good so far
    Maybe this time i will have a look at what this Dragonborn fuss is all about about
    Last time out I barely touched any of the quests in 500+ hours
    what the hell was I doing!!
    All the best
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  14. Arthmoor added a post in a topic When Vampires Attack - compatibility question   

    There should be no issues using the two mods together.
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  15. 3.07 SoftWorks added a topic in Recruitment   

    Race Oriented Base Armours

    We are a group of  Portuguese fine-arts students able to do concept art and 3D modeling.
    First of all we love the concept behind "Beyond Skyrim" and would like to propose an idea that would enhance province diversity, and overall personalize the felling of every race and their respective location.
    Race Oriented Base Armours (R.O.B.A.)  is a project we are developing with the goal of conceiving specific base armours (fur, leather, iron and steel) for every race. Having in consideration that each region has his own lore, resources and real world inspirations, we argue that each race makes their armours differently.
    I.E.: Orcs are great smiths but they are also nomads which means they are prone to create good armours from what they find in their travels. Their visual design is inspired by mongolian culture so their fur armour should look different from nordic fur armour or cyrodilic fur armour. This applies to the other base armours.
    We plan to expand once these are done, maybe working on other sets.



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  16. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Nothollom WIP   

    I liked the ones where you just placed the banners on the first and fourth screenshot. The idea of using bones as the material for the base construction was pretty ingenious though, I'd keep that in. I would replace the roof textures though, I don't see the giant using shingles. As for new architecture I'd suggest trying to make some structures with boulders and using the whalebones you showed in your screenshot for decoration and finishing. If you get creative with that you could make some great new architecture on huge a scale without having to create any new models.  I can't really tell, but it also seems like you have snow on the buildings., which seems a bit odd.
    One thing the ES games always did great is the transation between different climates, and this is where I'd adjust your landscape a bit. It seems very volcanic, which is awesome, but kind of strange when there's snow and pine trees really close.
    You could repaint some of the edges of that mountain with some volcanic textures and replace the pine trees with dead trees (maybe dlc2 ones?) or the ones you see in the reach. So for the landscape I'd aim for more unity within the design.
    I really like what you're doing here, please understand that these are only suggestions.  
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  17. Lord Hayden added a post in a topic [Student Thread] Velocirascal - Lord Hayden   

    Alright excellent! BS has a little bit of wiggle room in terms of polycount so we can go a little bit over what they did for the vanilla meshes. If you're confident in your modelling you can go ahead and start it whenever you like, but if you'd like me to walk you through the modelling process too just let me know and I can post up a tutorial covering it.
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  18. Starcornet added a post in a topic Nothollom WIP   

    Still trying to figure that out. I didn't think Giants architecture would be hard to make but i was mistaken.
    Any Ideas?
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  19. LillyLupin added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    I responded to Larrian's Reddit post for 3d modellers. I like to make assets. Items, furniture, weapons, food. I'm looking forward to getting creative!
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  20. Velocirascal added a post in a topic [Student Thread] Velocirascal - Lord Hayden   

    Quick update before I head off to work this morning,
    I got a new computer this week, so I spent some of my free time grabbing those apps and plugins and transferring them onto it. Also nabbed the latest version of Blender and finally figured out how to work BSAopt. I tracked down some meshes similar to what I'll be working on, extracted them, and imported them into Blender successfully. I'm trying to get a feel for the level of detail Bethesda put into their clutter to give me an idea of what I should be striving for. I'll have to spend some time another day figuring out how to get extracted textures to work with the models so I can get a better sense of how those are handled as well.
    We can start with the top Sentinel style bowl as my first claim.
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  21. Polzynn added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    It's fucking cool, friend!
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  22. MihailMods added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    some new works we're doing here

    Royal Sea Dreugh (only frontal body ready, needs more a pair of arms and back shell)

    Telvanni Magelord (early concept, will be heavly changed in the robes)

    Bantan Guar (ready)

    Molag Bal (in construction)

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  23. Craftiian added a post in a topic Voice Acting Application   

    Hey guys. Apologies for the bump, but there's a new demo reel available with some more recent work over these past few months.
    I'm more active as well, so you can also find me on Casting Call Club by clicking here. Thanks.
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  24. SamuraiHealer added a post in a topic Rimmen Architecture   

    That looks really nice.  Great work.
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  25. MihailMods added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    thank you guys. ive lot of free time, im retired at young age (38) cus to severe back and neck injuries. i was a profissional fighter for more then 11 years, but im retired since 2008 cus if i contract another injury on myback i will go into a whellchair. So, i can not return to the squared circle. I'm fine, i can walk, go to gym, but i fell back pain almost all days, so, i need to give rest to my body, then, i occupy myself with modding  thats my actual big passion
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