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  1. Meliodas added a post in a topic Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins   

    So cool.
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  2. Meliodas added a post in a topic Beyond Skyrim Aplication   

    Hi Black Pixel,
    It's good to have you here!
    Yes you are absolutely accepted. This is some good work here. I'll get you signed up and you'll receive a welcome pack via email soon. We'll talk more on our Discord.
    As a side note, we are trying to focus on interiors right now as we have a large portion of our exteriors completed, although there may be a place to fit you in to exteriors at some point.
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  3. 4theonewithoutaname added a post in a topic Cyrodilic Scalemail Armor Concept   

    You know that the scales on scalemail aren't actual scales right? It gets it's name from how it looks, not the material used. But yes, there should totally be a cyrodiilic dragon armour set. Though, can't speak for what Argor attended this armour to be made from. I'd guess the Orc-metal by the green, if it isn't in fact dragon scales that is.
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  4. theblackpixel added a topic in Recruitment   

    Beyond Skyrim Aplication
    I am theblackpixel, university student history and massive fan of The Elder Scrolls .
    Even though Skyrim was the first and only game in the series I played I know the universe (lore and all skyrim worldspaces and quests) very well.
    English is not my native language, but I speak it fluently and understand it very well, although I might use sentence structures or certain vocabulary that seems odd to natives.
    My character: I am progressive (not in the 'I hate everything and am racist against white people' sense) and philosophical, with a love for games, writing, history, movies and -well- philosophy. I am not incredibly social but I am friendly and respect other people. I can not prove this since I am new to the forum but you can check any of my posts over at my nexus profile as a display of my character (
    that's about it, one more thing:
    I have read and agreed to respect the charter and am ready to cooperate with other members.
    With that out of the way I'd like to apply for the position of level designer in the Illiac Bay: Tower of Dawn project. Specifically in the High Rock department. I like exterior design, but also enjoy decorating and designing interior spaces. I am willing and able to Navmesh all of my work, but don't want to exclusively Navmesh or Navmesh big spaces from other members.
    I have what I consider to be an intermediate experience with the creation kit. Some of the things I know how to do without help from tutorials or the like include:
    Actions or images speak louder than words so here's some of my past work:
    Over the course of 4 days I created 4 small islands to demo my skills with the kit and to display my experience with new assets and varied landscapes. Here are the screenshots of these:
    !One last note: As a university sudent I'm in the middle of my exams, so if I'm accepted I'd only be able to help come the 1rst of February,  the past 4 days restrained me from studying already.
    That'll be all. May the Nine stand by your side, 
    theblack pixel,
    Signing off.
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  5. EniracY added a topic in Recruitment   

    Big picture, level design, editing, scripting, programming, brainstorming, implementation

    Lead Writers: Alfred & Carine
    Characters, brainstorming, world building
    Quests, characters, organisation

    Lead Technicians: Hide & Alexander
    Creating FMOD, level design, brainstorming
    TES5Edit modular patching, scripting, level design, brainstorming.

    Writers: Sven, Michael & Dylan
    History, brainstorming, big picture
    World building, characters, creating maps, quests
    Brainstorming, quests, consequential dialogue
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  6. TheNeonLeon added a post in a topic Cyrodilic Scalemail Armor Concept   

    What kind of scales? like DRAGON SCALES  or fish and reptiles, because if its dragonscale then that could be a Cyrodiil alternative to Skyrim's. well idk....looks cool though.
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  7. TheNeonLeon added a topic in Khajiiti Forms & Creatures   

    Werelions of Elsweyr
    Since Lycantrophy is a common disease in Tamriel, There are a lot of forms like the Werewolves, Werebears ,Werecrocodiles, ect,
    one of them is the Werelions of Elswyere (and Cyrodiil). An example

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  8. TheNeonLeon added a post in a topic Khajiit forms developement   

    Wow thats amazing! i cant wait seeing this in 3D and in game 
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  9. lazygecko added a post in a topic The "Lol" Thread   

  10. cunningmoss6833 added a post in a topic Blender 2.7+ Nif Exporter Tutorial   

    If you get a line 171 error when trying to export, CTRL-T in edit mode to triangulate, then export again.
    That resolved my exporting issue.
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  11. theblackpixel added a post in a topic The "Lol" Thread   

  12. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Issgard   

    This mod seemed so great, what happened?
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  13. theblackpixel added a post in a topic [WIP] Hjermskiir - An Island near Atmora   

    Adding some snowstorms like the ones on the throat of the world would really fit in this.
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  14. theblackpixel added a post in a topic i need help with profile picture   

    I was struggling to find the feature, but this explains it
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  15. theblackpixel added a post in a topic [WIP] Skyrim Mod - The Guardians   

    Interesting idea. Looking forward to updates
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  16. theblackpixel added a post in a topic [REL/WIP] Touring Carriages   

    I can't even think of how you did this from a technical standpoint.
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  17. theblackpixel added a post in a topic [WIP] THIN AIR: Return to Pale Pass   

    The idea is awesome, however some of the image link seem to be broken :/
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  18. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Aurlyn 3.0 Release   

    One of the best followers around
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  19. theblackpixel added a post in a topic [WIP] The Elder Scrolls V: Expanded   

    Sweet! It'd be nice if some of the ruins show signs of the civil war, something Skyrim really lack ATM.
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  20. theblackpixel added a post in a topic [Wip] The republic of Maslea   

    This  reminds me of AC, specifically Black Flag and Rogue. Great Job!
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  21. a6166 added a gallery image in Member Gallery   


    In album: BSBlackMarsh - Flora modeling

    2 images in this album
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  22. larrian_evermore added a post in a topic Biome Map   

    On this, because of Morrowind's Heightmap reform, we'll be fixing up the northeastern bit of the border.  The Tear peninsular was way over-sized, so we're killing two birds with one stone and making Black Marsh its proper shape.
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  23. larrian_evermore added a topic in Exteriors   

    Onkobra River Valley Progress/Proof of Concept
    Here's a proof of concept for the Onkobra River Valley Region.  This is probably pretty close to how it will end up looking, but with some new assets to replace some of these ones.  More marshy assets.

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  24. TiagoLPS added a post in a topic Student Thread - TiagoLPS   

     I decided to make this nordic chair instead, based on one fom ESO, completely in Zbrush, no 3D max used. So the next step is to send it to 3D max?
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  25. Winter added a post in a topic Sload: Physiology and Culture   

    Thanks @glsimson!
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