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  1. scatmansgambit added a post in a topic Quest and story writing application. Evan G.   

    Fantastic!! Can you give me the discord info? I know all the fables and lore of the continent. (Herma-mora and Ysgramor, 500 companions, etc.) I am so excited!!!
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  2. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Quest and story writing application. Evan G.   

    Hello Evan, I'm from the Atmora project. It's interesting that you say you're well versed in the lore of Atmora, since we've been given very little of it from the ES games! As you might imagine, there's a lot to cover about a lost civilization.
    There are many jobs a skilled writer can do. If you're interested, we could continue this talk on discord where I can also invite you to our development server.
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  3. Beratu Lich added a post in a topic Odd Question - Naming Conventions of Bretons   

    Some, but not many - or would there be a decently sized amount of such names?  Also, if you don't mind me asking, but are there examples of this in any Breton names in both Oblivion and Skyrim by any chance?
    I'll confess... one reason I ask this is due to my uncertainty about Breton names as a whole.  They are a race I love more than any other - alongside the Imperials (Nibenese especially) and the races of Mer - but for me, the names have been an issue... I want a name that is lore friendly and fits the naming traditions and standards of the race, but I also want something... unique.  Something that helps me mark a character - truly - as my character and not some NPC, if that makes any sense... Embarrassing, I know, but I greatly enjoy creating characters for any sort of story, game, or setting in general - I go through even the tiniest details.
    But still, back on the subject at hand... I can respect your chosen approach to Breton names - it can help represent the still fractured nature of the Bretonic kingdoms, but with the presence of Bretons who also have names more heavily found in other regions of High Rock they could still be unified in name.  
    Sorry for the late response, by the way - real world matters required my attention.
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  4. mikiep1031 added a topic in Scripting and Implementation   

    KOTN Questline
    Aside from SOSK there is another questline called KOTN, will it be like oblivion's knights of the nine or something different
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  5. mikiep1031 added a post in a topic Dragon Encounters   

    If there must be dragons in cyrodiil, keep them confined to Bruma county and nowhere else in cyrodiil
    And because Bruma is the closest city to skyrim in cyrodiil so it has a bit of that skyrim feel to it.
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  6. mikiep1031 added a post in a topic About the Seat of Sundered Kings Questiline   

    The reputation system, is it like the fame/infamy system in oblivion or different
    And wow, I can't wait to start the SOSK questline because all i got was a little taste of it
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  7. robcbwilson added a post in a topic Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!   

    Hi DarkOdin, 
                        We would love to have you on the Elsweyr team, I will PM you on Discord tonight to get you started....
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  8. DarkOdin added a post in a topic Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!   

    I can do Level design, landscaping, and 3d modelings. Though level design/landscaping are my strongest points and my more favorite things to do. If it came to me doing 3d models, I'd be looking more to do props, and/or architecture. Anyways, I'm currently only working on things for roscrea right now, and i got a bit more free time to take on another provinces work. 
    LINK: Proof of Skills
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  9. scatmansgambit added a topic in Recruitment   

    Quest and story writing application. Evan G.
    Hello! My name is Evan G. and I am known as Scatmansgambit by the community. Out of personal preference I would not like to share my last name until my application is reviewed. I am 18 years old, and an experienced writer. I have written many short stories and I am currently at Loyola University New Orleans, majoring in Film and Digital Media Writing with a concentration in Video Games. None of my works have become published yet, but I hope to show you some of my work as soon as you ask for it. I would love to work on any of the available provinces, but I am very well versed on the lore of Atmora, Black Marsh, Roscrea, Morrowind, Thraas, and High Rock. I am also a very huge lore lover! I have played ESO, Oblivion, and Skyrim. I will also be attaching a short story. One that I have made specifically for this application. I will be 100% devoted to this program (when I am not at college!). Thank you all so much and I am looking forward to and am very excited to be joining the Beyond Skyrim team!
    Beyond Skyrim short story.docx
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  10. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic [Settlement] Waters Edge   

    If you just go back a page to the OP you'll see the new size, and it's a bit larger, and there's a relatively nearby CoW cynosure that isn't there yet, which is the HQ of the guild
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  11. Mehmzo added a post in a topic Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!   

    Hey there SamuraiHealer I sent you a pm regarding what you asked, thanks for replying!
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  12. excalifr added a topic in Recruitment   

    Another Music Application
    This is that orchestral piece requested by someone in discord.
    It's very forgotten city, I realized after listening back
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  13. WoodsDweller added a post in a topic [Settlement] Waters Edge   

    I don't know if this is still current, but have a look at this thread...
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  14. Stranger added a post in a topic Carriage and Yurt progress   

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  15. robcbwilson added a topic in Weapons, Clutter & Misc   

    Carriage and Yurt progress
    Thought I would post progress on the carriage. For a start, here is the mesh in 3DS Max
    Here is an initial texture of the door

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  16. robcbwilson added a gallery image in Elsweyr: Sugar and Blood   

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  17. robcbwilson added a gallery image in Elsweyr: Sugar and Blood   

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  18. Etuuna added a post in a topic 3D modeling, Landscaping   

    so what are you think or do you need a other model 
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  19. AqirJay added a post in a topic Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!   

    Hello Fazikku! Apologies for the late reply.
    I messaged you on Tumblr, I'd like to have you join our 2d team !
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  20. mikiep1031 added a post in a topic [Settlement] Waters Edge   

    Water's edge looks awesome, but i hope its bigger than it was in oblivion
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  21. Pokenees added a post in a topic [Settlement] Waters Edge   

    Lovely. It feels just like the Skyrim, except with much more detail. Is it possible to add some more spare fishing rods and more ingredients like oil and scales. And maybe a plank or two of wood -for mending the boat of course.
    Postscript: Miss Bellatrix would you check the message I sent you please.
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  22. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Recruitment: DofD   

    Hello DofD !
    thanks for your application.
    Usually we are very picky with leveldesigners, 
    But your examples show that you are not new to the topic.
    We would like to get to know you.
    A new cycle starts 1st of october,
    maybe we can use the remaining time to talk and 
    look at an application interior, a small cave,
    to cover the basics again together and exchange stylistic ideas.
    I will support you where you think its necessary.
    I will send you a pm.
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  23. Maiq The Badass added a post in a topic Application: Composer   

    Hey, my name is Richard Michell, I created this account in order to ask, are people still looking for composers because I absolutely love Skyrim and I am so excited to see this expansion come through. I am a composer and I would love to be on board! I would love to send sibelius files with the scores for examples of music I have made more this! Please let me know at and I will send a formal application!
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  24. aindra added a post in a topic Working on the goblin atm for skyrim :)   

    yea its for a personal project, think beyond skyrim already has the goblin
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  25. AnonymousDragoon added a topic in Recruitment   

    App for Creative Writing/Book/Quest
    Hello fellow Devs/Mods/ People in general. Name on here is AnonymousDragoon Same as on Discord. I have done loads of creative writing Just something I felt was a good hobby and wonderful pastime. I have taken some notes from how Quest Line go and Im in the attempt of working on Something for The Door In Niben Bay during the Skyrim Civil war. Just ideas right now nothing solid. I loved the NOTN/Shivering Isles DLCs and felt I could add some Dialog  to give reference to that saga of the oblivion event. If it good enough would love to see a quest line. HEHEHE.... Right now as I am writing this i have aged 27 years... Whew does not seem that long. My time now since my little mishap has been divided between running D&D Campaign, playing Oblivion/Skyrim/Morrowind, And doing some writing on the side.
    The Drippy post was for some rp and fun mostly to see how well and descriptive I could be and play off the word Drip. It is also a dream and happens before Sahls Young Post. That post was designed to be as detailed as possible and most likely could use more work, but I digress I rather have my readers enjoy the work and give me good CC

    I want to thank anyone who has the pleasure of looking this and reading some of my fantasy work and I am old enough to play TES:V and the SSE.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   With best reguards,
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sean AKA. Sahliel
    Sahls young post..rtf
    Sahls young post..rtf
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