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  1. Erundil added a topic in Recruitment   

    How to apply
    if you like our Project and want to join us please post your application thread in this Forum.
    We are looking for
    3D and Texture ArtistsLevel DesignersQuest DesignersScriptersto bring "The Camoran Roots" to life.
    That said we're open to value every helping hand.
    Tnx a lot for your passion
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  2. dperrea added a topic in Recruitment   

    Application: Interior/Dungeon Designer
    Hey guys some of you may already know me, i'm dperrea and I've been doing interiors here and there for Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil since 2015. Iliac Bay really piques my interest though and I absolutely love all the different environments going into the place. I'd like to do interiors and possibly dungeons for you guys. I have some screenshots of my work i've done for Bruma, and other areas of Cyrodiil:

    In terms of dungeons, I had made one in the past but unfortunately lost it. But I am making one right now for Cyrodiil!
    I would really love to be able to be part of the team! Let me know what you think!
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  3. wrenik added a post in a topic Hopeful Recruit   

    I'd be happy to work whit you! 

    hope to see your talents and ideas!
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  4. wrenik added a post in a topic Story Synopsis   


    I enjoy your ideas and agree with them! there would be a lot more nerative being built, and I think out of the two Delphin would survive but the Dragons die, I belive that Dolphin would follow the dragonborn and I think having the other dragon there could be a way to save Fultheim insteed of Parthanax, as it would be a verry tutching seen seing the graybeards shout farwell as a form of cermony to honour their fallen master, and after asked what they will do next they will sadly explain that they will attempt and rebuild Highharothgar, and if the player returns they will be seen along whit som e local workers clean up the place, it will however remain a ruin for the rest of the game. or possibly be a quest line where you help rebuild it.

    I belive having Dolphin always surive would be great as it would allow for the Blad Civil war you where talking about, wish would see the blades strugeling between their two callings between serving the dragonborn the ultimat Dragonslayer, and actualy killing dragons wich is their true goal. to make this story work better I belive that not all recruts should be from the dragonborn, but also have a handfull of Recruts that are recruted by Dolphin and Esbend. this could allow us to deside their standpoints on what side they join, aswell as creat more of a base in Skyhaven tempel wich like Gopher suggested in one of his videos could be a form of player home/base of operation along whit the Blades headquarters.

    I think that your ideas of having Alduin mastermind a lot more makes him a more intressting villan, and if seent the person who told Dolphin about prathanax. well that makes his sceames more danguress, prehaps the player will begin to distrust more and we could even have him do more sceams and so on later on. the distructive power and dissregard for mortasls should be shown and having more Named dragons on all sides would be very intressting, prehaps an entire section of the main quest dedicated to destroying one of Alduins highranking dragons seing the destruction off the dragons would be great.

    all in all I think we could do a lot of cool things to add the the main story, lets not forget when the player comes to sovengaurd, we could have a epic quest in it self just there, whit sidequests and almost have just that being DLC size. however I think its importent that we add several points whitin the quest where you feel its alright to venture off, where it naturaly feels like you can do the next step of the main quest later, whitout feeling stupid. it should go in waves of excitment whit natural low points where you can jump off and explore the world, to then continue on.
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  5. wrenik added a post in a topic Civil War Story Concepts   

    I believe this could be expanded upon, like having several quest branches and optional quests taking place in markarth and depending if the Forsworn king is free or not changing the entire dynamic in the war and control over the area to secure it on either side.

    I also like the idea of the Thalmor not wishing the Dragonborn to end the war, and them attacking you outright if you join the stormclocks would be simple it would be far more interesting if you get attacked by them as imperial, perhaps you have the option to talk them down, if you do, you'll get points and recognition from your commanders for avoiding a diplomatic incident, but if you do end up killing them your command comes to your camp where you were attacked and as you are their strongest weapons, declare that the enemy (Stormclocks) attacked the camp and killed the thalmor, this is obviously not true but it shows the lengths the empire is willing to lie and that they aren't really on the side of the elves, but at the same time your commanders will look upon you disfavorably as you made their lives more difficult.

    Dynamic events and quests like this would make the civil war more interesting, I think we could have a lot of fun quests and events happening when you're in camp, going around doing side quests to help or perper your troops, getting ambushed o later on doing tactical decisions on where to strike and against whom, for example the jarl in markarth would be more worried about the forsworn then stormclocks while the imperial comanders on sight would want to focus all resorces on the stormclocks, how do you balance? where do you comit your men? who do you side whit?
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  6. Tr0lm added a post in a topic Student Application Thread (level design.)   

    1. How much experience do you have in the Creation Kit?
    2. What are you interested in doing, landscape, Dungeons, Interiors, all?
    I am interested in all of them.
    3. What kinds of tools do you want to learn from? By default we use a forum thread but Skype might be an option for some teachers.
    I don't really mind what tools I use. (edit) I do prefer discord, teamspeak or skype.
    4. What provinces are you interested in working in?
    Elsweyr if possible. If not, i don't mind working in an other province.
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  7. The Old Ye Bard added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    I'm married, but oh gee, oh boy, would I ever like to propose to you right now. I'm the Creative Director & Project Lead on Elsweyr — that's a fantastic start on turning some of our beautiful concept art into reality, look out for a PM link to Elsweyr's Discord, pal.
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  8. Deeza added a post in a topic Application: Scripter/Programmer   

    Hello and welcome! We are gearing up to prepare for our first release over at Iliac Bay (a project which covers both Hammerfell and High Rock), and more scripters are always good to have around.
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  9. Gahrotgoltfus added a post in a topic Story Synopsis   

    I really like your ideas for the Main Quest Overhaul. It really goes in-depth into the lore of the game and brings up concepts that people wouldn’t have thought of before. When your country is tearing itself apart, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see cults popping up around the place, especially for powerful creatures once thought of to be myth. And Alduin using the Dragonborn as a soul harvester for his disbelieving brethren makes the World-Eater a lot more dangerous in comparison to what we as the player had before. Nonetheless, I would just like to add my two cents on the topic and contribute what I can to this concept.
    Before I start off, I would like to point out the Skyrim Main Quest Overhaul project, something that appears has been discussed in passing before on this forum. While it appears that the project has been postponed indefinitely, there are many ideas that can be adopted by this overhaul instead. I believe that, to insure that the Blades are central to the main storyline, there should be dragon sieges on a number of holds so that it becomes imperative that the Dragonborn intervenes on the Jarl’s behalf. While this does happen occasionally in a regular game, having perhaps another dragon or a number of cultists participating in the siege could make it far more imperative to stop.
    The first point I would like to make would be turning Fultheim into a more key figure in the reformation of the Blades. From what evidence we do have available, Fultheim is a possible Blade member running from his past, hiding out in the Nightgale Inn. While not much is known about him personally, the Skyrim Main Quest Overhaul Wiki gives us a few good ideas on how to expand his character. One important aspect that the character should have would be his past relationship with Delphine, which could have a huge impact on how the story plays out. How much is adopted from the Wiki description is up to debate, but I do like the idea of having another Blade helping to train recruits in the Sky Haven Temple and perhaps acting as a role model for the player as well, a Blades counterpart to the Greybeards’ Paarthurnax.
    The second point would be to make choices have an impact on the story, mostly relating to Paathurnax and the Greybeards themselves. This has been touched on already by your proposal, but one aspect that troubles me is how limited your options are in the fate of Paarthurnax. The “I killed your master” trope can be useful from a narrative point of view, but it again limits what results the player can get. This could be circumvented by presenting a moral dilemma earlier in the game that will determine the ancient dragon’s fate later on in the story, highlighting the RPG element of the game and making each of the players actions all the more important.
    The final point would be on Delphine’s power over the Blades. In regard to the Paarthurnax Dilemna, I find it strange how Delphine thinks she has all the cards in her hands. While she may be the Grandmaster of the Blades, one of the highest positions in the organization, it was the Dragonborn who helped recruit new members into the group, recruits who would have more in common with the player then Delphine or Esbern combined. In example, it wouldn’t make sense for Lydia to side with Delphine when her thane is defending Paarthurnax; she would most likely stand up for the Dragonborn, as would other followers that the player has come across in his or her travels. If the story overhaul is to include this quest, I believe it should have an option for the player to confront Esbern and Delphine on Paarthurnax in front of the recruited Blade members and, depending on how high the player’s speech level is, gain support from them. This, I think, would make Esbern realize that his oath is to the Dragonborn and not the old Order and acknowledges his error while Delphine would refuse to yield on the matter. However, with no one to support her stance, she will either have to a) recognize the Dragonborn’s will, or b) be shunned by the organization.
    This is just a concept I wish to share with you. If you do commit to recreating the Main Quest, I just wanted to help in the creative process. Below is a rough sketch of all the ideas I mentioned before combined into a single narrative. I hope some of it can be of use.
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  10. DarkUser112 added a topic in Help & Advice   

    Problem Getting Morrowind Land into Skyrim
    I've brought Morrowind's height map and texture placement map over to Skyrim using Tesannwynn. The heightmap works perfectly, but Skyrim (obviously) does not have morowind's land textures. Does anyone know how to get the textures into Skyrim, and on the land?
    Some of the errors I've been getting are:
    Creation Kit
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  11. dperrea added a post in a topic Brina Cross   

    So I finished most of BrinaCrossInterior05 (Varanox's Home). All it needs is some imperial oriented clothing and navmeshing!

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  12. Strange Amulet added a post in a topic Application: Dialogue/Book/Scene/General Writer   

    I'd be honored to work on any of the provinces available. But I suppose either Thras, Cyrodiil. or Iliac Ba, Roscrea or Atmora. Bit of a large selection, but I'd honestly be perfectly fine to work on anything.
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  13. ub3rman123 added a post in a topic Hammerfell - Cyrodiil Border   

    Regardless of the final plan, we will need to begin by copying over the Cyrodiil world border to the IB world. Who is able to do that?
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  14. Ziltoid added a topic in Recruitment   

    Application: Scripter/Programmer
    Frankly I don't know if the Beyond Skyrim project even includes very programming-heavy work but if does I would like to contribute.  I'm currently two classes away from getting a bachelor's in computer science.   I have a small amount of creation kit experience and while working with it tinkered with papyrus some as well.  I have an understanding of the core concepts of programming languages so papyrus(or other languages being used for other aspects) shouldnt be a big deal to use.  I also have web development experience.
    I'd like to help in some way.  I don't have my heart set on any particular province.  Helping in any area of need would be cool.
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  15. AnnDarkwater added a post in a topic Application: Writer,Quest Writer   

    Nothing beyond basics like the fact it's barren, unhabitable and frozen land. I'm not familiar with anything beyond that though, alethough with guidance I can cook something up
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  16. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Application: Writer,Quest Writer   

    hello. Do you know something about Atmora ;-) ?
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  17. LongJohn added a post in a topic Application: Voice Actor   

    Hello, My name is David. 
    I have been Voice acting for little over a year now. And have worked On several Skyrim mods in the past. The most notable of which is DJ red rads Redguard Expansion (I was just starting out so It's not my best work. And My latest work On the Gothic Orpheus Project, which was the most popular Skyrim mod on steam for sometime! I did several Voices in that mod, and will be in the mod in their latest patch which will be released soon. 
    Here is a sample of my work On the Gothic Orpheus Project that I liked the most.
    Hope you consider recruiting me! My Email is
    Line 1.wav
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  18. AnnDarkwater added a topic in Recruitment   

    Application: Writer,Quest Writer
    Hello, my name is Monika but I am known as AnnDarkwater in Nexus community. I am 24 years old and I've spent 9 years writing and improving my storytelling skills. Although I've started my expirience with The Elder Scrolls from Skyrim, I found the world so intriguing that I couldn't help but learn about the world and lore not only through game but also any Elder Scrolls dedicated lore site.  Out of all provinces I find Morrowind the most interesting, although I wounldn't mind helping other teams if there was such a need.
    Here is the link to the story I am currently working on The story is not Elder Scrolls related but I believe it gives a good insight into my writing style as well as the way I unfold the story in general. Due to it being an original work I also attach a short file containg the origins of the names. I hope that my skills would be beneficial for your team.
    Thank you for reading this application , I look foward to hearing back from you.
    Names of places and bits of lore.docx
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  19. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Hammerfell - Cyrodiil Border   

    It's possible, but the two provinces would also still need to have a main form of access to each other for the common citizen and potential army to cross either via ship, ferry, or bridge.
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  20. Munnin_Crow added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Hello everyone, I was perusing the various Provinces threads and came upon a Khajiiti mounts and saddles discussion with an excellent picture I used as a basis for my project. Whereas the thread discussed making Senche/Sench-raht saddles as a Common, Anequinan (desert/plains), and Pelletine (jungle) styles with one each, I thought I would create Pahmar saddles in the same styles.
    Update 1: Here are some screenshots of the cats in Skyrim. I think the blue saddle is my favorite.
    Update 2: Tweaked the mesh for a smoother appearance.
    - Combine Follower and Mount systems
    - Equippable Saddles
         * Rimmen Common + Military Saddle
         * Anequinan Common + Military Saddle
         * Pelletine Common + Military Saddle
    -Actual Pahmar mesh (No distinction from standard lions, tigers, etc. in appearance)
         * Different breeds? (tiger, lion/ess, jaguar, etc.)
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  21. Strict112 added a post in a topic Hammerfell - Cyrodiil Border   

    What if you could make an cave entrance (from Cyrodiil to Hammerfell) similar to the Serpent's trail (from Skyrim to Bruma) as another entrance in the mountainous area? What about a couple of them?
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  22. katzy4thousand added a post in a topic Join Roscrea Team   

    Hello I'm a new voice actor and i would like to help out with roscea and hopefully other additional content for games. the one thing is i  dont  know how this works with voice acting. Since i am just used  to regular acting in theatre  I do suppose it would be slightly easier because i dont have to slate or any thing. Please  message me if  i can help  because i would really love to help work on something  as  big as this. thanks
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  23. Atello added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Something I've been working on having played around with the temple of the nine-divines. This is the start of the "front door" to what I want to eventually be a scots baronial style manor.

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  24. Tekrala added a post in a topic Join Roscrea Team   

    My name is Michael Payne. I saw you video and would be interested in assisting the Beyond Skyrim: Roscea team with armour modelling. I have half a year's experience with 3D modeling (all of which is available on request) and hope I can work with you to further the production of Tamriel. This would be beneficial for me as well for the experience it would offer. I have yet to get much experience in modeling characters or what goes on them, but I'm quick to learn and passionate about the world of Elder Scrolls.
    My email is Keep up the good work Beyond Skryim teams and I hope to here back from you soon.
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  25. oliver1706 added a post in a topic Application: Dialogue/Book/Scene/General Writer   

    Which provinces(s) are you interested in?
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