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  1. Starcornet added a topic in The Pub   

    Looking for help
    I'm looking for any meshes and textures that could help me with my world as well as information on how to add trees into the creation kit. 
    Also how to add collision in Nifskope to trees.
    I'll put good use to anything i can get my hands on.
    If anyone would like to help me message me.
    Thank you.

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  2. Meliodas added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    It's a Sentinel style plate from our concepts.

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    Languages of High Rock and Hammerfell
    This language article has to be checked by the lore people before being canonized inside the house.

    Contact Hrafnir in Discord for any language questions whether placenames, personal names, phrases, text etc.

    Elven languages of High Rock - The so-called Dirennis
    The elves of High Rock - including the Direnni family - spoke a dialect of Aldmeris. It had some slight differences in pronunciation, but largest differences were in vocabulary: as the culture there evolved in its own way, words changed their meanings and new words were needed. The dialect is usually called Dirennis after the eventual ruling family, but never evolved into a true independent language. It remained close to the classical Aldmeris and must be counted a dialect with some peculiar vocabulary. 
    Yoku languagesThere were originally hundreds of language in Yokuda, most of which became extinct during Yokuda's destruction. Many fused together during the Ra Gada period, but even after the Redguard conquest of Hammerfell there were still many different Yoku languages, not just one. Despite this, the Imperial records usually call these ancient languages just Old Redguard and assume it was a single language. Almost all forms of Yoku are extinct, having been replaced by Cyrodilic dialects. Dune Yoku is the main form of Yoku spoken in the Fourth Era. It has survived among the Dune Dwellers of Alik'r. In old times, Classical Yoku was the language of the ruling elite Na-Totambu, used for communicating over the language barriers between the myriad forms of Yoku. It is still widely used for official documents, religious purposes and education, and spoken as a living language by a small group of Crown purists. Most Crowns speak a form of Classical Yoku that has been quite heavily influenced by Cyrodilic.

    To mention some of the extinct languages, Old Island Yoku has become recently extinct and was spoken in Rihad, Herne and Cespar. The so-called True Yoku was still spoken in the island of Stros M'kai during the conquests of Tiber Septim. It became extinct during the Third Era, but might be spoken in the remnants of Yokuda.

    Yoku languages show different amounts of foreign influence depending on the region. The oldest layer comes from the Nedic languages after the coming of Ra Gada, afterwards mostly from Old Colovian during the mid and late First Era and afterwards from Old Cyrodilic.  Atmoran languages - Including Nordic and Old ColovianThe speakers of Atmoran language came from Atmora in the late Merethic Era, starting from the coast of Winterhold. By the beginning of the First Era their language had into Proto-Nordic and Proto-Colovian. The Proto-Colovian was spoken in Falkreath, and the Proto-Colovians (brothers and sisters of the Proto-Nords) were the "Northmen" who helped Alessia in her rebellion. They are variously called the Men-of-Kreath and Northmen during this time. As we now that the Nordic Conquests begun in 1E 240, and there are already several Colovian kingdoms in Cyrodiil by 1E 500 (as seen in Rislav the Righteous), it seems the Colovian invasion or migration of northern Cyrodiil and Colovia are most likely connected to both Alessian Rebellion (Alessia rewarded the Northmen with holdings in northern Cyrodiil), and the Nordic Conquests. The oldest Colovian placenames in Cyrodiil include Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Skingrad and Kvatch at least. Silgrad in Morrowind also seems to be from the same era, again connected to the Nordic Conquests in which the Proto-Colovians most likely took part. The Old Colovian was eventually absorbed into the ancient Cyrodilic, giving birth to the classical Old Cyrodilic language. The last remnants of the Old Colovian language might have been spoken in Falkreath at the end of the Second Era, but after that it was replaced by Old Cyrodilic and Nordic. Proto-Nordic of course evolved via various stages into modern Nordic which is the only living Atmoran language on Tamriel in the Fourth Era. In High Rock, Ancient Nordic placenames can be found in Shornhelm region and the coasts.  The Nedic languages - Including Ancient Nedic, Old Bretic, and ReachspeechSpoken on both coasts of the Iliac Bay as well as the central and northeastern Hammerfell since 1000 ME. Another Merethic Era form of Nedic was spoken in Skyrim (Lamae Beolfag was from these peoples), the Nedic of Cyrodiil (Keptu, Ket, and Perrana tribes) and possibly the Nedes of Morrowind. The Nedes of Skyrim and Morrowind - if the latter existed - became extinct during the Merethic Era. In Cyrodiil they were absorbed by the Colovians and the Nibenese during the course of the First Era. But in Hammerfell and High Rock the Nedic languages continued to be spoken. In the beginning of the First Era this area had two main forms of Nedic: Western Nedic spoken in the Iliac Bay region, and the Eastern Nedic spoken in Craglorn. These were again soon further divided, caused by foreign influence and geography. The Western Nedic eventually became the Ancient Nedic (also known as the Hegathe Nedic) of northwest Hammerfell and the Proto-Bretic. The Eastern Nedic became the Craglorn Nedic and the Proto-Reachspeech. Hegathe Nedic and Craglorn Nedic both became extinct very soon  after the Ra Gada invasion. Strongly influenced by the Aldmeri dialect spoken by the High Rock elves, Proto-Bretic evolved into Ancient Bretic and eventually into Old Bretic. Old Bretic has many different layers of linguistic influence. It has a Nedic base, was heavily influenced by High Rock Aldmeris, then by Ancient Nordic (Nordic Conquests), Ancient Nibenese (Alessian Order), and Old Cyrodilic (beginning in the reign of Reman). Old Cyrodilic mostly replaced it as the major language of High Rock, but it survived in remote corners. Since then it has received some slight influence from Nordic, Modern Breton, and Reachspeech. The Proto-Reachspeech evolved in time into modern Reachspeech. At the earliest stage it received very little influence from Aldmeris, but was influenced instead by some form of Ancient Orcish as well as Dwemeris and Ancient Nordic. It received some slight Aldmeri and Ancient Cyrodilic influence during the Direnni Hegemony and the First Empire conquest of the Reach. After that, it has been mostly influenced by Nordic, with some influence from Cyrodilic and Old Bretic. The Nedic languages relevant to the High Rock and Hammerfell:Old Bretic - Descendant of the Western Nedic, still spoken in remote corners of High RockReachspeech - Descendant of the Eastern Nedic, spoken in the Reach.Hegathe Nedic - The ancient, extinct language of the Nedic civilization on the southern coasts of Iliac Bay.Craglorn Nedic - The lost language of the Nedic civilization in Craglorn.Reconstructed Nedic - An attempt to reconstruct the Nedic based on Old Bretic and Reachspeech. Highly faulty.  Orcish languages - Including Iron Orcish and Wrothgarian OrcishThere are many Orcish languages, such as Velothi Orcish, Eastern Orcish, Wrothgarian Orcish and Iron Orcish. The relevant Orcish languages in Hammerfell and High Rock are the Wrothgarian Orcish and Iron Orcish. These two languages are distantly related, but are not mutually intelligible. Iron Orcish is spoken by some Iron Orc tribes, and is a minor language. Wrothgarian Orcish consists of a huge number of dialects spoken in Wrothgaria, Orsinium and Druadach Mountains and is in process of replacing Iron Orcish even among the Iron Orc tribes.  Cyrodilic languages - Including Old Cyrodilic, Modern Cyrodilic and Modern BretonCyrodilic language in its origin is a sort of creole: a mixture of Aldmeris and the native Nibenese tribal languages, with some influence from the Nedic of Cyrodiil. During the Alessian era it became the Ancient Cyrodilic. In the late First Era it started replacing and absorbing Old Colovian into itself, by the time of Reman evolving into the earliest stage of the classical latinesque Old Cyrodilic. This Old Cyrodilic replaced the Old Colovian in Cyrodiil, Yoku in Hammerfell and Old Bretic in High Rock. Old Colovian survived in Falkreath to the end of the Second Era, forms of Yoku survived in the western islands and among the Dune Dwellers and some conservative Crowns, and Old Bretic survived in remote corners of High Rock. The original languages and the accents in these absorbed regions soon gave birth to various dialects of Cyrodilic. In Hammerfell the geographic connection to Cyrodiil was strong enough to keep the dialects mutually intelligible as it evolved into Modern Cyrodilic, but in High Rock the Old Cyrodilic evolved into Modern Breton, a sister to Modern Cyrodilic but a language of its own.  The Fourth Era languages of the area and their language familiesOld Bretic - Nedic (Western)Reachspeech - Nedic (Eastern)Nordic - AtmoranModern Cyrodilic - CyrodilicModern Breton - CyrodilicIron Orcish - OrcishWrothgarian Orcish - OrcishDune Yoku - Yokudan
    Classical Yoku - Yokudan Non-living languages of learning, education, culture and other such matters and their language familiesAldmeris (classical and Direnni dialect) - ElvenOld Cyrodilic - Cyrodilic Extinct major languages and their language familiesHegathe Nedic - Nedic (Western)Craglorn Nedic - Nedic (Eastern)Dwemeris - Unrelated to any other language or part of the Elven language familyAncient Nordic - AtmoranOld Island Yoku - YokudanTrue Yoku - Yokudan
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    Dwemer Bike v1.0.0
    Now in Skyrim you can roam the land the way the dwemer have always dreamed of, no more travelling by foot or by carriage or by horse, now you have a mount that can travel twice as fast. My hope was that this dwemercycle could move as fast as shadowmere or a little faster thus making sense of it being both a motorcycle and dwemer based technology being the dwemer were a highly modernized people. The original bike model was based off of Nexus user Valus49's 'Dwemercycle' but redesigned and appropriated to being a real steampunk-eque 'dwemer' based thing, I'll also upload a corrected version of his bike as he has seemed to have gone afk since 2015. Enjoy this bike and ride like a raging dragon!
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    Some of our assets do the same thing in the CK, but not in the game. Turn off Havok simulation in the CK when you have the tree selected. Does it still happen in-game? 
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  6. Starcornet added a post in a topic Custom Trees falling through the ground   

  7. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    What is it?
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  8. Meliodas added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

  9. samcruel added a topic in Discussion & Recruitment   

    hello there. i am a fairly inexperienced voiceactor. infact ive only been voiceacting in one project so far but i figured id send in some voicesamples. the voicesamples are dialoges for Fallout 4 for the quest mod called Outcasts n Remnants so they will sound "unfitting" for Skyrim. i can make more Skyrim oriented recordings if requested. with this place - High Quality.wav?dl=0 Conversations - High quality.wav?dl=
    heres a youtube video with a timestamp showing my character ingame.
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  10. Starcornet added a topic in Help & Advice   

    Custom Trees falling through the ground
    When ever i add a tree into the Creation kit the tree rolls around and falls through the map. 
    Am i doing something wrong of do some of the GKB Trees do that?
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  11. Yaranik added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Really nice work @DeviantKaled !
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  12. MyNamesFurii added a post in a topic General Signup Thread   

    Hello Beyond Skyrim team,
    I was wondering if you require any more voice actors, video editors or writers for any of the provinces so I could get involved with the project.
    I really am so excited for the upcoming release of these expansions that you have poured your time into. I wish to be a part of this project to help Beyond Skyrim in any way I can. 
    I would be most willing to be recruited as a voice actor. Although though I am not that experienced, I will put my best effort if you do choose to recruit me. 
    Examples of my video editing.  (Has my friend and I doing some voice acting in it too | although not our best work we can do a lot better | On my main channel) (This is an edit I made a long time ago when I used to edit for my friends in sniper clans back in 2013 | On my edit channel) 
    My Main Youtube Channel. 
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  13. Tasheni added a blog entry in Skyrim - Tasheni Followers   

    Skyrim - Tasheni Follower Giant's Song
    With the help of IsharaMeradin and ReDragon2013 on nexus I now have a player horse that can be talked to and player can remove the saddle or saddle up and give orders. That's a pretty nice thing.
    I've written a short song for Skyrim and implemented it. It's a ballad about Skyrims eldest creatures. No instruments for now -  it was years ago since I played guitar or bouzouki and have no time to learn it again. We will see. Look at this short video and enjoy the Giant's Song:
    Work is going on, but mod presentation is delayed. I've lost one of my most important voice actor, he has not the time for a long run, but that's necessary because the mod will grow over time. And I'm already waiting for the sound files of another one. But at least it's not too bad, because there are so many things that have to be done before releasing. My patience is slowly sinking to the ground
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  14. Escha added a post in a topic Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins   

    Finally got the palace pieces in working order, here are some screens of a quick test mockup out in the alik'r:

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  15. DeviantKaled added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Thanks for the feedback! And Lux, I see what you did there
    There are a couple of banners/crests converted for the ships to use, but more will need doing. The Eltheric banner on top is just a placeholder until proper flags can be done, though.
    Argor, yeah, the ships do look dark. That's kind of intentional though - a lot of the HR architecture sets use dark wood and stone, and also historic ships were painted really dark with pine tar to stop the wood rotting. So, a bit of a stylistic choice! That said, the vanilla Skyrim ships are far too bright imo
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  16. Flintlox added a post in a topic Submission for Writer   

    Probably Elsweyr or Black Marsh.
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  17. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Nice! The only thing I would say is that the textures seem just a bit dark next to the skyrim ships but otherwise really cool!
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  18. Lux added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    wooow! These ships highly Rocks!  

    I love the second banner of the Eltheric League on the top... other banners from the other kingdoms are already been implemented?  
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  19. Hannes821 added a post in a topic Scrolls Retexture Concept   

    we would use the book attribute (like a note), but instead of a text add a texture with our custom font; which i previously made.
    I can do this, its just not high priority at the moment. i need to UV-map these ships, then merge and other important things.
    But, yes that was the plan ;-) 
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  20. Sissicakes added a post in a topic Costume Designer willing to lend a hand!   

    Thank you very much!
    I'm most familiar with the Cyrodiil project, but I've been approached by Morrowind and have agreed to help them out. Of course I'm open to anyone else hitting me up, like I mentioned, I have a lot of free time on my hands.
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  21. SamuraiHealer added a post in a topic Ta'agra Word Request Thread   

    What do you think about a word or two for skooma addicts? One derogatory and one with more sympathy.
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  22. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Scrolls Retexture Concept   

    No, since the CK doesn't accept custom fonts such as Elder Futhark or Dovazhul, meaning we'd have to insert images in the note that display the text, definitely doable but it depends on capacity
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  23. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Submission for Writer   

    Great stuff, I'm sure a lead will get in touch with you soon. Do you have a preference for a certain project?
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    Submission for Writer
    Excerpt from the second chapter of my WIP manuscript called Signa Nex.
    Stealing a ship would not be a problem for Cyrus, he was more worried about Aaron’s reckless plan on taking revenge. Cyrus served in the Galvan armada for 8 years and knew the security protocols in their bases and on their ships. “Here’s the plan, you wait here and I pick you up when I take the ship.” The base wasn’t a large one, it was far away from the city too. The interceptors wouldn’t come until later even if they raised the alarm. This, however, didn’t mean that they could storm in and take a ship of their liking. The base, even though it was small, housed almost 300 units. Cyrus would make his way to the landing pad in silence and prepare the ship for a star jump before anyone noticed. They were going to try to hijack one of the Banshee interceptors, known for their agility but also suited for short range star jumps. The large, rocky dune in an otherwise flat desert allowed for safe recon. Cyrus pulled out a pair of binoculars from his bag: “This should be easy enough.” He put his bag on the ground near Aaron: “If anything goes south just try to run away, don’t be a hero.” He put on his cloak and slid down the sandy slant. Aaron sat on the top of the dune and held watch for a patrol. Cyrus reached the fence. “Hmm… I’m not sure how long it will take me to prepare the ship. Maybe long enough for a patrol to spot a hole in the fence.” He placed two little metal cards on the metal wires that composed the fence, they were jammers meant to disrupt the movement detectors on the fence. With some strain he managed to skip it. Now his cloak would come in handy as he spotted two soldiers making a patrol shift. He quickly tapped his wrist pad and in moments he was completely invisible. He was a mere 3 meters away from them when they passed, talking about what they were going to do after their shift. He started to approach the launch pads when a door to sleeping quarters on the right opened. “Hey you, get over here before I call the captain!” Cyrus felt adrenaline rushing through his body and his heart race. He was ready to make a run for the ship and get the hell out. Then he remembered that Aaron was waiting for him on the dune top. “Fucking hell Aaron! You got me in this mess!”, after that gush of anger he realized that it wasn’t his cousin that made him do this. He was trying to deny it but he was driven by anger and self-righteousness too. Now was not the time for self analysis though. He was ready to dash towards the nearest ship when the man on the door of the sleeping quarters yelled again: “The captain will know you were drinking on duty!” Only then did Cyrus care to look behind him and see a guard with a cigarette and bourbon in his hand, passed out, his back propped up against a wall of the sleeping quarters across from him. He made sure he was not in the soldiers way when he dragged the piss drunk guard to his room. He finally approached the launch pads. Grabbing a multitool from his pocket, he started to hack the craft’s lock. After a few minutes of fiddling with the cabling he managed to open the heavy door. Now that he was in, he needed to hack the central computer of the ship. He didn’t want anybody to trace them or remotely control their craft. “Just one more thing and… done!” Cyrus knew he wouldn’t have long from the point when he switched the engines on to the point the whole base was under alarm. “Here goes something!” The Banshee’s engines started humming. As Cyrus sat down in the pilot’s chair and tilted the control stick the humming shifted to roaring. The craft raised from the ground and started to accelerate. “I got about 2 minutes to pick up Aaron and star jump the fuck away from this place.” As the Banshee gained full speed, Cyrus turned it around and was headed for where Aaron was waiting for him. “Aaron, get ready. I’m coming to pick you up, do you copy?” after a second of silence the com answered: “Roger that, Cy.” Cyrus saw patrol craft launching from the base. “Be ready to jump in, we don’t have much time." He landed the Banshee on the dune Aaron was waiting on. His cousin quickly got into the craft and they took off. “Why are we headed to the city? We’re going towards the interceptors.” They could see little red dots on the radar in front and behind their craft. “See Aaron, patrol crafts aren’t equipped with star jump readers, interceptors are.” - “And you are going to destroy not one but two interceptors with the weapons on this Banshee?” Cyrus smirked: “The canons on this thing aren’t even calibrated. You can’t shoot with them.” And as interceptors were closing in on their craft he spoke again: “You don’t see Galvan military craft making star jumps from the atmosphere because it is not allowed by their protocol. As I said earlier, I was able to hack the mainframe computer of the ship, erasing every safety restriction.” As he said that, Aaron’s face brightened. Cyrus was ready to engage star jump at a press of a button. The two interceptor crafts were just about to engage when he accelerated and flew straight past them. “Now!”, the engines roared and beamed out orange light. A huge burst of kinetic energy sweeped across the desert, obliterating the two interceptors.
    “We made it!”
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  25. robcbwilson added a post in a topic Costume Designer willing to lend a hand!   

    Beautiful work. Do you have any preference as to which province you would like to work on?
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