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  1. DarkProducts added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

     I'll be updating the Google Doc I linked regularly with quotes and more from a character history made for some things on the Amino the linked post was on. I'll be sure to add more, also writing a custom form of the quests commonly found out on a seoarate doc for examples of what I can do.
    I hope it'll do. Otherwise, I can flesh out something like a script on the side just in case. I'll leave them in a new reply once they're added.
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  2. enzo2090 added a post in a topic Musician Looking to help out in any project   

    Ive sent you a message.
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  3. Listener124 added a post in a topic New Recruitment Thread   

    I am looking to join skyrim beyond and  I have been following beyond skyrim on fb and YouTube a lot and got interested because I saw it as a way to get better at modding as well as being apart of something this big, I have done some custom armor mods and character creations of my own. I can do NPCs, armors, voice act and make concept art. I will post some of my previous skyrim projects soon as I  can't  find them, I hope to join any section possible and help in any way I can. 
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  4. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Communications and Marketing Bachelor   

    Sorry we've been a bit slow to get back to you - I've linked this post to the publicity dept leads so hopefully someone will be along soon!
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  5. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Interior and Exterior designer looking to help in any way i can   

    The link to your album didn't work for me, but I think most of the provinces are looking for new members.

    If you have a rummage round the forums and see which province(s) catch your fancy then it might be easier to post on the relevant provinces recruitment board.

    I'm the interiors lead for Cyrodiil and also help run Roscrea so please PM me if you'd like to work on interiors or dungeons for either of those provinces.
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  6. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Level designer looking to help   

    I think most of the provinces are looking for new members.
    If you have a rummage round the forums and see which province(s) catch your fancy then it might be easier to post on the relevant provinces recruitment board.
    I'm the interiors lead for Cyrodiil and also help run Roscrea so please PM me if you'd like to work on interiors or dungeons for either of those provinces.
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  7. Enheduanna added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    Hi DarkProducts! I'm Enheduanna, the Creative Director for Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind. This is some good stuff! However, we aren't really looking for people exclusively dedicated to top-down lore study. Rather, at the moment we're more interested with writers who can flesh out our quests and dialogue. If you're willing to give that a shot, give us an example of some creative writing and we'll see what we can do!
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  8. Bellatrix added a post in a topic Musician Looking to help out in any project   

    We'd love to have you on Roscrea. We'd always intended to have Celtic style music so you'd be an absolutely perfect fit!
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  9. robcbwilson added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    Thanks for your application, I have let the lore and writing leads know and one of them will come back to you shortly  
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  10. Sephiroth5000 added a topic in Recruitment   

    Writing fan is looking for something to write or do for this project!
    Heyho, I'm Meiko and an Hobby writer. I think I am younger then most of the people here, but i play Skyrim since 11.11.11! 
    But why am I making this thread? Because i want to support this giant project. 
    Why should you let me support you? Because, I am good at English and German, but also really creative. I am an reader through and through. I love Fantasy novels so much...i tried to writeown stories since I am 9 years old.  For some time I had an book idea in my i started to bring it on paper.  So you see I am very motivated.  I played every Elder Scrolls game (except of Arena and Daggerfall) and know something about the lore, but I am far, far away from an Lore Master.  But I still want to help you writing books, characters, plots, quests and everything about stories and texts (prefer quests  ), since programming and modding itself isn't my "area".  Maybe you can find an place for me in one of your provinces, I would be really happy. But i have to say I am really interested in  Summerset or Valenwood but Morrowind as well. At the end, these are my favorites, but I would accept the other ones too! 
    My qualities: 
    - Skills in German and English
    - Love for reading and writing
    - Experience in TES-Games, and a bit in lore
    - Big motivation
    - I am able to work in  an team (added this point, forgot it D:)
    - I am ready to learn and improve
    If you need more informations, feel free to ask  
    I can't mention it often enough: I love this project and I want to help you   but the question is, if you want me to help  
    Edit: Like I mentioned, modding isn't really my thing, but I am interested in it. I tried it a few times but my CK crashed almost everytime. If I get it "repaired" somehow I am open for instructions so i maybe can also support the modding part, but i can't promise anything :/ 
    Oh, and sorry for editing so much, but I wan't this to be as good as possible :S  so I am almost getting crazy when i see typing errors in this "application" or my story :S. But I promise, I am good in German and English :D. I am just nervous, for whatever reason :o) 
    An "example" of my work:
    >>Hey, Dentiri! Let's go into this cave. It looks promising, maybe we can find some interesting things  in there.<< Ventiri said, while he was showing his brother the entrance he found. It was small, and hard to see between all the birches. The strange thing was, the trees near to the entrance were red and yellow, the other ones had the usual green for this time. Dentiri and Ventiri didn't notice that and entered the little cave. They heard something strange. It sounded like a wild boar, but deeper, and a bit evil. Dentiri lit his lantern, and when the Brothers saw what was in there, they felt like they were covered with goose bumps. >>Ventiri, run as fast as you can!<< shouted Dentiri, and in the same moment he casted a spell to protect them. He joined his brother and ran into the light. The creature was a wild boar, but giant and with red eyes followed by black mist. The protection spell wasn't strong enough to hold any longer, and they couldn't move, because they were so feared.  They walked backwards but the creature followed them. The creature bared it's Tusk, opened it's maw, and devoured the shouting brothers. Satisfied of this tasty meal it returned into the cave, and waited for more adventures. 
    What did we learn? No one should go into a strange cave, looking for interesting things without enough information. Be prepared and careful!  
    Please be aware, that I still have to improve my writings, and it's far away from being perfect! But in this project I also see a way to to this.
    This was my little "example". It's not the newest one. But since it is some kind of inspiration of my earlier mentioned book I used this. The book isn't set in Tamriel, but i want to implement the events I wrote about (adapted) in my book (the beginning of the first chapter is very similar to the beginning of this text :D), with some more background that affects the overall story. The german one i add unter this is a bit mor detailed I think.  I hope you liked it.
    For those of you that are good enough in German, here is the beginning of my book. 
    Dashaire schien förmlich über den von fein gearbeiteten Marmorsäulen gesäumten Weg zu schweben. Er konnte das Ergebnis der Arbeit vieler Jahrzehnte kaum noch abwarten, dennoch rief er sich immer      wieder ins Gedächtnis, das  überstürztes Vorgehen alles zunichte machen könnte. Die 12 Gleichgesinnten die er in jenen Jahren um sich geschart hatte, warteten bereits auf ihn. Er trat durch die große und majestätische Tür aus Gold mitten in einen riesigen Raum hinein. Was einst eine Art rund geformter Wintergarten mit einer offenen Glaskuppel war, mutete nun wie ein dunkler Tempel an. In der Mitte war ein Brunnen. Bereit für ihre Aufgabe am Ganzen standen die 12 Gleichgesinnten bereits um den großen Brunnen herum der aussah, als wäre er aus Obsidian selbst gefertigt, es jedoch nicht war. Sie murmelten die Sprüche, waren wie in Trance und bemerkten nicht als er an seinen Platz in ihrem nun vollendeten Kreis trat. Er blickte hinauf zur gläsernen Kuppel, uns sah,  dass der Mond den höchsten Punkt genau in ihrer Mitte beinahe erreicht hatte. Er schloss sich ihren magischen Formeln an und streckte seine beiden Hände nach vorn über den tiefen Brunnen, der die Nacht selbst beherbergen zu schien. Geräuschlos erhob sich aus den Tiefen des Brunnens etwas. Es dauerte nicht lang, und über dem Brunnen schwebte ein tiefschwarzer Stein, mehr ein Kristall der alles umliegende in seine Dunkelheit zu saugen schien. Nun richteten auch die 12 anderen ihre Hände auf die Mitte und sprachen andere magische Formeln. Sogleich stimmte Dashaire auch in diese ein nachdem er einen prüfenden Blick auf den Vollmond warf. Langsam bewegen sich die Strahlen des Mondes auf die Kuppel zu, und als dieser genau über deren Öffnung stand und sein Licht gebündelt auf den Kristall traf, begann es. Der Stein vibrierte, begann zu summen und schien instabil zu werden. Dunkle Strahlen kamen aus ihm heraus und zeigten in alle nur erdenklichen Richtungen. Unter einem ohrenbetäubenden Knall, der den Raum zum Zittern brachte verschwand er, und tiefe, von einigen erleichterten Säufzern gebrochene Stille trat ein.   
    Chapter 1:
    Dass der Händler Shil so anstrengend werden würde, hätte Vayshar nicht erwartet, als er das Angebot annahm ihn durch den Yiar Wald zu führen. Ihm war bewusst dass der Wald durchaus gefährlich war, denn es rankte sich die eine oder andere Legende um ihn, und mit einigen Angriffen wilder Tiere die ihre Kleinen manchmal etwas übereifrig beschützten sollte man auch rechnen. Dies passierte nicht oft, aber es passierte. Ihm machte das wenig aus. Den Legenden glaubte er nicht wirklich, und wenn er zur Verteidigung eben ein Wildschwein erlegte hatte er etwas vernünftiges zum Essen, und die Haut konnte er an Lederer verkaufen. Shil machte es ihm jedoch alles andere als leicht. Er war jung und unerfahren, wollte jeden Stein umdrehen um sicherzugehen dass auch nichts wertvolles zum Verkauf darunter ist und jede Höhle begutachten ob an den Geschichten und Legenden über mysteriöse Kreaturen die in diesen hausen könnten etwas dran ist. Er dachte geradewegs dass Vayshar stark genug ist um gegen diese Kreaturen bestehen zu können, damit vielleicht wertvolle Dinge aus ihren Überresten gewonnen werden können. Er war mit seiner eifrigen Art sehr nervig und Vayshar wollte ihn einfach nur noch an seinem Ziel, der Stadt Nashar, absetzen. >> Herr Vayshar, bitte begleitet mich zu dieser Höhle dort vorn, die sieht vielversprechend aus! << rief er plötzlich gut gelaunt in Vayshars Richtung während er mit einem Arm auf einen kleinen Höhleneingang zeigte, der zwischen ein paar Birken versteckt war die trotz des späten Frühlings herbstlich gefärbte Blätter hatten, die anderen Bäume, weiter weg von der Höhle strahlten in der für diese Jahreszeit üblichen grünen Blätterpracht. 
    You see, it's the very very beginning.
    Edit: Like mentioned above, at all I am interested in modelling or so but I definetily need some teaching in it. But with some teaching I should be able to manage it.  You can do with me whatever you want
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  11. F3NN3C F0X added a post in a topic Musician Looking to help out in any project   

    Hey there! I've downloaded your music & am listening to it right now. Very nice! We may be interested in having you in our Elsweyr team!
    I'm a bit busy right now but I'll get back to you sometime next week. In the meantime you can add me to Discord if you've got that: F3NN3CF0X/Tenaar#9801
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  12. DarkProducts added a post in a topic Morrowind Recruitment Thread   

    I would like to apply to this project with a couple of examples of work for lore (writing and study to make it fit in). One based wholely on research is here:
    A second example in the works is linked here:
    I'm doing my best to finish it and submit that story fan story somewhere. If need be, I'll write more on it and send it when it has actual quotes and etc. I think it could be useful, but I understand otherwise. I don't have any current examples of my work in mods or my work with videos as of yet though. Morrowind is a personal favorite for me though, including the lore from the end of TES 3 up to Skyrim's events.
    If you decide otherwise, I at least want to thank you for reading this. I look forward to seeing how it is after release at least whether or not my hand is in it.
    Also, have had a friend suggest voice acting for Molag Bal (my voice apparently being deeper). I've attached an example of it recorded on my phone. I'll send a more cleaned up version after recording it on my pc. I did edit it to clean it up though since phones pick up more minor things with the microphone.
    Bal Example.wav
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  13. LEGO116 added a topic in Recruitment   

    Level designer looking to help
    I would like to help make levels (houses, bandit camps, towns and other things) for you guys. I work best with more simple interiors. If I had to choose a province to NOT work on it would be summer set isles. Anything thats not that would be fun.  heres all the skyrim mods i have made
    my favorite one is River Runner (no load door house).
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  14. ThePigKing added a topic in Recruitment   

    Interior and Exterior designer looking to help in any way i can
    I have got quite a bit of time in the creation kit and would love to help in any way i can,

    I can also 3d model but I don't think I'm good enough to do it "professionally"

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  15. TheSandwichMan added a post in a topic How Would a Human or Mer be in Argonia?   

    I'm not quite sure what system we're cheating? I feel like the danger of the inner area is a separate thing from just diseases. Are you thinking that the inner area would give like a disease that would rapidly kill the player? I've been thinking of it like the Glowing Sea from Fallout 4, or just a kill field that will kill players. We could have it where resist disease potions allow the player to enter for their duration. Letting them explore a little bit.
    I get have the looming danger of a temporary potion, but I think it would become old real quick. I think the biggest issue is it gives players a reason not to be in the inner parts of Blackmarsh. I don't think Skyrim normally makes the player keep track of days, and I know you could easily track it, I don't think most players would. And to get more potions the player would most likely only be able to brew them, and I'm sure the majority of players don't use the alchemy system much. If vendors sold them it raises the question why aren't there other races living in the inner part of Blackmarsh. We also have the problem of people getting stuck if they don't have a potion. Even though they could reload an older save to get more, it would seem like a hassle because you forgot this one item that has no other president in Skyrim. 
    I think we're looking at player experience versus realism. And while I love realism mods, I have friends who don't understand why I like them. I personally feel that a project like this should try to feel like DLC to Skyrim, instead of it's own game with it's own mechanics. 
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  16. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Writer looking to help   

    My bad, accidentally linked to our recruitment thread, habits I guess. I see you joined Roscrea, good luck there
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  17. Swashbuckler added a post in a topic General Signup Thread   

    Hello. My name is Nick Hribar. I went to school in Chicago where I graduated with a bachelor's in theater. Most of my experience is on stage but I would like to put my talents forward as a voice actor. I am trained in 10 different accents and dialects and took voice classes that allowed me to understand what makes a voice sound different and how I can apply that to character. If you have any races or characters that are still in need of such talents, I would be more than willing to give it a try. I have attached a voice sample for your perusal consisting of my natural voice.
    Cadillac Commercial (Question).mp3
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  18. SamuraiHealer added a post in a topic How Would a Human or Mer be in Argonia?   

    I love the idea of alchemy ingredients from around the outskirts of Black Marsh.  I'd suggest a couple paths to the potion, or a Hist Disease Resistance effect.  If you were using the potion system.  Perhaps three ingredients from around Black Marsh, one from finding the Hist tree, and one ingredient from murdering Argonians.  Let people be dark, let them make the choice if they want to be evil.  I'd like to see there be a balance between preparation and "ease of use".   Maybe if you get 4 ingredients the effect would last for three days, so you would only need a couple potions, but there's that moment where you run out and have to scramble to escape without dying.  I think that would make it feel dangerous.  If you make it permanent it's just a gateway, and you can forget you're in a dangerous place.  Maybe if you were a well stocked traveler, you'd carry a couple Resist Hist Disease potions and a couple Cure Disease potions. 
     It should also be balanced with the Resist Disease effect from the base game.  Perhaps a 100% Resist Disease would translate to a 50% Resist Hist Disease.  Argonians (and Bosmer) would have an advantage, but the Argonians could increase that with ingesting Hist sap in a way that other races couldn't.
    Cheating the system should always feel a little risky.
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  19. TheSandwichMan added a post in a topic How Would a Human or Mer be in Argonia?   

    I like the idea of having both as options. Giving players an option that doesn't require the Hist's blessing. Although instead of using dead argonians, why have to take something the Hist. My thought being we could have a quest to steal sap from a Hist, or created a dungeon out the husk of a dead Hist. Like a horrifying Great Deku tree. We also talk about the potion needing different ingredients from around the outer region. Making the player explore those areas before letting them explore the inner areas. 
    I also think making the potion temporary would become annoying fairly quickly. Though if any province would need to have a micro-managing system it would be Blackmarsh. But I don't think Skyrim's default potion system would make having to continually retake a potion just so you can explore would be a hinderance. Though thinking, we could have like poisonous gas areas that the player could need potions to explore. Smaller areas like caves or sections of swamps. That why it would feel more like an airtank, and less like a medication.
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  20. oliver1706 added a post in a topic I want to join as concept and 3D modeling artist   

    That looks really cool. If you like I can help add you the Iliac Bay project, where you can work on High Rock architecture? I'm sure there'll be something you'll like there.
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  21. Margoul added a post in a topic Join Roscrea Team   

    Thanks a lot !
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  22. Nick_R added a post in a topic Join Roscrea Team   

    Hi Margoul,

    Just letting you know that I’ve passed your application on to Roscrea’s team leader
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  23. eryigid added a post in a topic I want to join as concept and 3D modeling artist   

    @Steelfeathers Thanks for invite, here are the screen shots from stage which i am still working on..Its typical East Roman and Ottoman Architecture style but little bit modernized (fences,stairs  etc..) Well,it may fit in Cyrodiil

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  24. Margoul added a post in a topic Join Roscrea Team   

    I would like to join the project as a writer . I already made a post for recruitment here :
    I think it's better to link directly to it, to save space on this thread .
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  25. LegateZanUjcic added a post in a topic How Would a Human or Mer be in Argonia?   

    While the idea of synthesizing a potion from dead Argonians just sounds lovely from a gameplay standpoint, aren't there examples of non-Argonians drinking Hist sap in ESO? Wouldn't that work as a way to ward off the various diseases and gasses produced by the Hist? Of course, obtaining Hist sap wouldn't be a walk in the park either, but continuously ingesting Hist sap, perhaps a bowl once every three days or so could at the very least mitigate the effects of the various diseases. Argonian players could also be prevented from entering the inner regions by perhaps being Lukiul - never having licked Hist sap, thus perhaps not being immune to the diseases.
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