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  1. Giant_Claw added a post in a topic Guest Book   

    Not sure if you still want people filling up this guest book still but I just wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job! From the looks of things you are doing a much better job at showing the old Atmoran cultures than Skyrim did. I do have a few questions that I would like to ask if any of you have the time to answer them. Sorry if these questions have been answered anywhere else.
    Firstly, will there be any dragons in Roscrea? I know it’s quite far from Skyrim but maybe Alduin took a trip over there at some point and raised any dragons that were there.
    Secondly, the Atmorans are described as having tattoos, will the NPC’s have these? And will the player be able to get some to.
    Finally, are there any guilds on Roscrea? As it is a smaller project I presume it will more likely be just a lot of side quests along side the main storyline.
    I don’t mind if the answers to any of these are being kept secret and you can’t answer. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and keep up the fantastic work!
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  2. Galandil added a post in a topic Solitude   

    Hello Tasheni! Now that you mention it, the names have bothered me a bit as well. For one every character has a surname, and while I have used some old germanic names for most of the characters, more modern holds like Haafingar do have a staple of names like that. I am currently working on 0.0.9 and just wrapped up Morthal's exterior leveldesign, I'll add name-change to the to-do list for this update!

    Please do! We could always use more VA's or writers. I do all of the implementation myself and would rather keep it that way, but aside from that I welcome any help you can offer
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  3. Tasheni added a post in a topic Solitude   

    Hello to you, wow, what a big, big project! Very exciting what you are doing. I looked around a little bit and despite I'm not in the situation to become a member right now - I have so much stuff to do myself first - I want to make a note on something that personally would bother me ingame. I read the paper about the npcs of Solitude. You have included very modern names for them I would never expect in Skyrim like Alexander, Dennis or Celina. For me as a player this would  completely  push me out of the ambience. There are so much great nordic names in our own past, why not using them? Or if not, even fantasynames would fit better.
    Hach, I'm torn back and forth. Would be so cool to work with you. Perhaps I can provide you with my voice or writing or other stuff with the ck in future. I will think about it. I wish you all the best and all  the power you need to get this to live.
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  4. Galandil added a topic in Skyrim Holds   

    While there is much speculation and rumor surrounding Morthal's history, there is in truth very little concrete evidence of just when, and why Morthal was founded. Resting near the foot of the Drajkmyr marsh, avoiding the main road stretching further out towards the Pale, and in such a close proximity to the far more industrious and successful city-state of Snowhawk, one would think that Morthal would not exist at all. When visiting Morthal one gets a very sudden sense of just how primitive and dreary the town is, there is no trade, nor is there any signs of any industry aside from a logging mill across the river, though nothing indicates that this is used to barter with the other holds of Skyrim, in fact asking would reveal that Morthal commits to absolutely no trade with the outside world and instead segregates itself from the rest of the province. As such the people fare poorly and live very rough lives. Like all other holds Hjaalmarch is ruled over by a Jarl who in turn answers to her Thane's, and Chieftains. There is a separation of class between these two titles as a Chieftain acts more in the same way as a Hersir would act, without a permanent settlement or fort, where as a Thane has a deeper rooted connection to the Jarl, and unlike the Chieftains neither can command men nor can the Thane act outside of the Jarl's wants and wishes. To a Thane the Jarl's will is law, but to a Chieftain, a Jarl is but a mediator, an advisor and a notable person of respect. Jarl's are not chosen from among the Thane's nor is the Jarl chosen from among the Chieftains, this makes the Jarl more impartial and less politically savvy, at least in the eyes of the people. For unlike the other holds of Skyrim, in Hjaalmarch the real power lies with the priestesses of the old Nordic religion, and the Jarl is always selected from among them, and by them. 
    Picturing the people of Hjaalmarch it is easy to imagine the fur cladded noble savage, nomadic in nature and lacking a permanent home, and avoiding stone or wooden homes, preferring caves and huts, and while there is truth to this, they are far more war-like and inhospitable to outsiders then travelers would like. Morthal however, being the only permanent settlement in Hjaalmarch is more open towards travelers, provided they don't get killed when entering and leaving. Reason to this is that Morthal is seen as a holy place among its people, a permanent settlement in the hold, a place of mediating between clans and where the priestesses of the Old Nordic Religion convene. It should also be noted that the society itself is a hunter gatherer society, meaning wealth is always distributed evenly and everyone has a voice, though some voices are carried stronger then others. The people survive by hunting, and fishing. While livestock exists it is a rarity, and food is always scarce. There are rumors among other holds that during the winter months, cannibalism ensues among the population, and when not, any flesh can seem a tempting prize, even from creatures that otherwise could be seen as poisonous or revolting. Indeed some rumors try to dehumanize its denizens, the oldest describing the men of the Hjaal as cat-eyed savages, beating each others with clubs, and others describing their teeth as jagged to better bite into flesh. Despite these rumors, Hjaalmarch has always had migrators coming into its borders from the other corners of Skyrim, settling down, enticed by the quiet and far more traditional and simple life-style. It is said that the idea of sharing everything within the society entices those that cannot or will not compete in the markets of the other holds. These migrators enjoy the same rights as any other denizen of Hjaalmarch except one, the worth of belonging to the marsh. This is important as it differentiates those that can become priestesses, elders, chieftains and a sacrifice from the real population of Hjaalmarch. Children born within Hjaalmarch's borders must traditionally be born within Morthal itself to be seen as belonging to the marsh, thus recorded in the opus of the priestesses and thus inheriting the responsibilities of those belonging to the marsh. 
    Strength is the most important virtue to the people of Hjaalmarch, and while their people are better known as the best, or at the very least among the best trackers and hunters in Skyrim, their people crave conflicts and savagery to a level that even makes their neighboring Nordic states uncomfortable. Uncomfortable however may be a bit of a hasty word, Hjaalmarch itself has been on and off at war with their neighbors, the Pale, Dawnstar for as long as the settlement of Morthal has existed. As such the hatred between these people run deep. While the warriors of the Pale are more formidable, blood-thirsty and battle-hardened, easily raised to wage war with their neighbors, the men of Hjaalmarch are clannish and ruthless, and the battles between them often result in ambushes, sacks and raids. While these conflicts have had its ups and downs, it should be stated that the warriors of the Pale have fared far better against Hjaalmarch then the people of the marshes would want to admit. Morthal itself has been sacked so often its almost seen as an yearly event at this point, but the Pale has yet to try and wrest control of the Hold itself, this is theorized to be due to the other Holds not liking its ambitious nature. The strength of Hjaalmarch is definitely in its environment, foreign armies know to stay clear of the marshes and this leads the only way forward through a narrow road leading past Stonehills towards Morthal. This place is paramount for ambushes and guerrilla warfare and conflicts often end here, abruptly. 
    Morthal itself acts as the only permanent town in Hjaalmarch, this is due to the people of Hjaalmarch being largely nomadic and tribal. Morthal is seen as a holy place, a meeting point for the 9 tribes that dwell within Hjaalmarch's borders. Ruled over by a Jarl which is traditionally selected from within the lines of priestesses of the old nordic religion, a Jarl's title is never passed on to a son or daughter, but selected from a stock by the priestesses and the town's elder himself. Though it should be noted that the ability to see the future and thus have an integral connection to the gods, beyond that of normal priestesses have always been taken as a sign of the gods guiding hand, and since this gift is believed to be carried in the blood, there's an incentive to pass the title from mother to daughter. 
    This is not to say however that male rulers are out of the question, in fact many rulers of Hjaalmarch have been men, tribal chieftain's who've rebelled against the Jarl and thus taken her throne. Sometimes male offspring of the Jarl are chosen instead of a daughter, in rare and unusual circumstances, but only if the child carries a gift of the sight from the gods, and only if there is no daughter who can match this gift in turn. It is therefor almost encouraged for children of the Jarl to imitate and pretend to earn their place, as is it encouraged for older and less gifted daughters to attempt to muddle the waters surrounding this gift, or to silence her brothers and sisters before the selection of a new Jarl.
    Though being a Jarl or a tribal chieftain is seen as something important and powerful, the true power in Morthal actually lie with the priestesses themselves. Wielding the words, wishes and demands of the gods themselves, they preach the old Nordic religion. Despite being under heavy pressure by the more Imperial-leaning Haafingarian rulers, the people of Morthal have resisted the Imperial Cult successfully for centuries. They revere the priestesses who in turn are scrutinized by the Imperial Cult as heathens and witches, and they would be right in this case. The priestesses of Hjaalmarch dabble in mysticism and since their religion is carried by folklore and oral-traditions, many of their demands and preaches are seen as convenient and likely foreign to the religion they profess to be in service to. The priestesses also carry out numerous rituals, most notably with the turning of the seasons. These rituals can include anything from chanting and dancing, to the sacrificing of people, which would include children.
    It is said that the marshes of Hjaalmarch are cursed and the people of Hjaalmarch rarely ever dare wander into them. Those that do are normally bloodied warriors and while many return having seen nothing noteworthy, many do not, and their screams are carried from the marshes and back to the city of Morthal, thus describing the horror that resides within. While there are many tales describing just what this horror is, and many that differ, everyone agree's that something dwells within and that appeasing this creature is the only way to survive in Hjaalmarch. Some even suggest that Hjaalmarch was once just known as the Hjaal, for there were no swamp to speak of. Seasonal change in water levels and tree's sprouting out of flooded sinkholes suggest that this may be true. Some speak of the Pale lady, and Hjaalmarch being the origin of the Whispmother, while others speak of covens of witches and demons to be the cause of the marsh to sprout into being. Every winter the priestesses of Morthal gather the tribes and people for a ceremonial ritual where the sacrifice of 9 of every living creature that is of importance to the people of the hold, goats, chickens, horses and humans. All to be sacrificed upon the blood alter. This flesh is then hung out to rot before finally being mixed in with bog-water and salt, and then served for a feast to be celebrated at the middle of the winter months. While most would understandably be disgusted by this ritual, the priestesses wield a very strong grip on the people, and it should be stated that they have history on their side. In cases where such rituals have not been carried out, the beasts and monsters of the bog have wandered closer to the city of Morthal and terrorized the denizens. Shadows have murdered people in their huts indiscriminately and it has never stopped before 9 of every creature has been slain. The priestesses therefor justify this necessity as a pact with the marsh itself, and considering this ritual is carried out before the start of the winter months it may be seen as a necessity as lacking trade, food becomes very scarce for the people, and it is better to sacrifice willing livestock and old, sickly and less vital denizens of the marsh, then whatever the marsh itself selects which could be anyone.
    As far as Haafingar and Whiterun is concerned, the tribal chieftains of Hjaalmarch are bandits, wilder-folk, nithings who do nothing but terrorize travelers and settlements on their borders, they are right, they do exactly this. Capturing livestock, and people and offering them up for sacrifice is among the only ways Hjaalmarch survives. During the winter months when food is scarce, raiding and sacking is a vital part of staying alive, a-kin to that of hunting. 
    It should be stated though that while the rough existence of Hjaalmarch may paint a picture of un-matched rugged barbarian warriors who spread out to their four corners, burning as they go, this is in fact the furthest from the truth. Lacking proper industry like the other holds, the weapons and armors of Hjaalmarch are seen as lackluster and old. Many warriors wield weapons they've found, or inherited for centuries. In fact it is seen as a point of pride sporting weapons taken from ancient barrows of rival clans, which often is more ornamental and clunky then actually useful. Their warriors are also said to charge into battle wearing warpaint and chitin, allegedly blessed by the priestesses. Naturally chitin and paint makes for poor armor against steel. The tribes of Hjaalmarch are also said to be almost consistently at war with each other, only ever reeling from this conflict upon meeting in Morthal. War is seen as a necessary part of life, and while in theory this constitutes that old grudges are left on the doorstep when wandering into Morthal, reality is a whole other story. Hjaalmarch is a hold divided against itself and while lacking proper military tacticians, proper weapons and armor, and military discipline, it is the tribes refusing to work together and live alongside one another peacefully that has eternally made Hjaalmarch the weakest hold in all of Skyrim. 
    After the destruction of Snowhawk which for a long time acted as a bitter rival to the primitive people of Morthal, Morthal became the only settlement in Hjaalmarch. While before the Jarl of Morthal would answer to the Jarl or King of Snowhawk, today there is not but a fort still standing, and the fort itself actually belongs to a Thane of Haafingar, rather then the Thanes or Chieftains of Hjaalmarch. For while Hjaalmarch acts as an independent Hold in Skyrim, it has in fact been vassaled many times through out its history, most recently under the rule of Haafingar for over the last century. It is said that Snowhawk was itself sacked and burnt to the ground by one of the chieftains of Hjaalmarch, Braeric the Unbent, who'm upon commanding his men to murder every denizen, including children in Snowhawk took control of the keep. Braeric wanted to use this feat to challenge the then Jarl of Morthal, a woman who happened to be his sister in law, Huzza Ravencrone. However, before Braeric could move against Huzza the armies of Haafingar laid siege to fort Snowhawk and Braeric was captured. Braeric was handed over for judgement to Huzza, who'm at this point had accepted the role of vassal. She brought the rebbel Chieftain to the bowls of Highmoon Hall where it is said that Braeric's skull was cursed by the Nordic priestesses.
    Highmoon Hall itself is not as much a Jarl's Longhouse as it is the center of the priestesses who'm though carry out their sermons in the wilds. It is said however that the hall itself is built upon the shrines and temples dwelling beneath. Speculative the temple to Shor, due to the alluding of the name. High- as in foremost of the gods, and moon which would be the body of Shor. 
    The Elder of Hjaalmarch also wield considerable power, among the hunters, chieftains and warriors he is an advisor, sharing his experience and knowledge. To the priestesses he is an integrally firm link between the people and the religious upper-class, he speaks often during rituals and sermons, and has traditionally served a-kin to what other Holds would call a Steward, though at the time of the Dragonborn this position has fallen to the Jarl's life-in-partner, Aslfur. While in other holds a sentencing is carried out by the Jarl, or her representative law-maker/Steward, in Morthal a sentence is carried out by the town elder. The town elder in turn is advised and realistically commanded by the priestesses when making a verdict. This makes the man both able to judge on the basis of the society he knows and lives in, and by the will's and wishes of the gods. These rarely ever see eye-to-eye making his sentences often dragged out and difficult to make. 
    While there is no concrete proof of just when Morthal was founded, it is believed to have been after the First Era began, due to the name. Morthal is believed to have a connection to Morihaus, the son of Kyne. In some tales, Morihaus is said to have been laid to rest in Morthal and that the town sprouted out around his burial cairn. Though no such cairn has been found.
    The people of Morthal unlike their more nomadic brothers do in fact live in stone and wooden buildings, though more primitive then their nordic neighbors. Their homes are extravagantly decorated with bones, and furs, and within these hutt's they sit huddled over their fires. The people dress primitively as well, sporting simple clothing, adorned with fur hoods and cloaks. Though owning permanent homes in Morthal, many of its denizens often wander out to hunt and to test themselves, when such a person does not return, their home is turned over to their kin or to migratory residents lacking a home. Though known as nomadic hunters and trackers, they are also known as dim-witted, smelly, and savage. Though among some of the best craftsmen in Skyrim, at least with what meager tools and resources at their disposal, many view the men of Hjaalmarch as primitive and a lesser people. It should be stated however that the people have formed many organisations that have been note-worthily inspired the other holds of Skyrim. While in ages past, a Jarl's warriors acted more just like that, the defenders of the Jarl and protectors of the Jarl's dwelling, the people of Morthal required more then that to survive, with beasts roaming into Morthal and breaking into their homes they required a presence to keep the peace. The Night-Watch was formed, which would wander the streets of Morthal, looking for signs of beasts wandering into the settlement. From this the other Holds incorporated into their own guard-forces. No longer would the weapon-men of the Jarl just protect his or property and the peace, but all property and the peace in all the land. Relying less on the people themselves to sort their own affairs.  
    At the time of the Dragonborn, Morthal is ruled over by Idgrod Ravencrone, younger sister of Argi FarSeer, both of which carry the gift of the sight. She has two children with her live-in-partner Aslfur, Joric and Idgrod the Younger, who'm strangely carries the same name as her mother. All of her children carries this gift, though it is stronger with Joric, who'm appears unable to control the visions unlike the rest of his family. Idgrod Ravencrone's Jarlship however is very unpopular in Hjaalmarch. For one many believed Argi Farseer would've made a better Jarl, the rule of the elder sibling inheriting over the younger still stands in Hjaalmarch, despite Jarl's being selected by the right of the priestesses rather then inheritance. Secondly Idgrod is seen as mad, shy and introverted. She rarely speaks with her people, walks with them, she spends her time mostly with her priestesses and have made many decisions to the detriment of the peoples wants and wishes. For one, when the Stormcloak Rebellion broke out, 7 out of the 9 tribes wanted to join him, but Idgrod refused. Wisely deciding to support the Empire, knowing that the close proximity to Haafingar would likely mean the burning of their homes, and that their enemy, the Pale-men had joined the Stormcloaks. This resulted in 4 out of the clans leaving Hjaalmarch all together, leaving Hjaalmarch exhausted of strength, the people themselves also seem more keen towards the Stormcloaks and wish to install Argi Farseer in Idgrod's place. Idgrod installed her live-in-partner Aslfur as the town's elder, or rather relays the responsibilities to him, while ignoring the much honored elder and discriminates him from responsibilities and positions. This is seen as sacrilege among both the priestesses and of the people themselves. Lastly, while Morthal itself has always allowed migrators to settle within their city, provided they follow their laws and customs, allowing non-Nords to settle, and far worse, a wizard is the last straw. While Idgrod has correctly assessed that Fallion has a deeper understanding of the marsh and thus contributes immeasurably to the people of Morthal, the people do not see it this way and are openly hostile towards him. His sister, Jonna was given ownership of the inn after the previous owner passed and has done much to earn some assemblance of acceptance and tolerance in the town. Calming the people towards her brother. It is clear that without his sister, Fallion would've been run out of town long ago. Should the Stormcloaks manage to wrest control of Hjaalmarch from the Empire, the Stormcloaks wisely promote Idgrod's daughter, Idgrod the Younger rather then promoting Argi Farseer, or allowing the priestesses themselves to install a replacement. Reason for this is to avoid having to pacify Hjaalmarch again should the priestesses chose a more Imperial-leaning Jarl again, and to buy the favor of the Pale-men who want to further divide the people against itself, thus leaning towards what will likely be decades of in-fighting and rebellion. 
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  5. Boingydoo added a post in a topic Level Designer Application   

    Great, thanks!
    No worries on taking time to get back, I've also been a bit on the busy side recently tbh
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  6. MrJGT added a post in a topic Level Designer Application   

    Hi Boingydoo,
    Sorry I'm only just getting back to you but I do like your work so it'd be great to have you join the team. I'll PM you the details.
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  7. Griffix added a post in a topic Important Announcement   

    Yes we will. Team is still discussing setup and what not but yes there is a plan for a website for the mod; we will still be on here as well.
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  8. mindmonkey added a post in a topic Exterior design with (historic) land use awareness   

    Do you have any beekeeping assets (vanilla or BS)? they would be a nice detail for farms and villages. So far there is a lot of honey to be found in TESV but it comes solely from wild bees as far as i know. Having beekeepers would just make sense.
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    thank you
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  10. Xae added a post in a topic Important Announcement   

    They're in Hosted Projects now:
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  11. Xae added a post in a topic How will the Dark Brotherhood work (SPOILERS)?   

    Neither is more important than the other, rather they cover the two most important things happening in Cyrodiil. Like mentioned, KotN is story-driven with focus on a central narrative whereas SoSK is a more open-world kind of sequence. Which you end up liking more will depend on what you enjoy as a player.
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  12. mikiep1031 added a post in a topic How will the Dark Brotherhood work (SPOILERS)?   

    I thought that SOSK was the most important questline with KOTN being second in that since we a little taste of SOSK in Bruma
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  13. mikiep1031 added a post in a topic Important Announcement   

    oh cool can't wait. Will the thras team have a new website for Thras soon because i can't find it in the province development of the dark creations site
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  14. mikiep1031 added a post in a topic How will the Dark Brotherhood work (SPOILERS)?   

    Sounds awesome!!
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  15. firenight added a post in a topic How will the Dark Brotherhood work (SPOILERS)?   

    Ah wasn't sure if that one was considered a main main quest line or a side main quest line 
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  16. Argor nash35 added a post in a topic How will the Dark Brotherhood work (SPOILERS)?   

    The other is the Knights of the Nine questline which acts more as the Alduin questline from Skyrim like the SoSK storyline is to Skyrim's civil war. 
    For Seat of Sundered Kings, it's not dependent upon when/if the Emperor dies for the most part, and normal day to day routines won't change when that happens, but it'll basically be handled in a similar way Oblivion handled it where the Elder Council is in charge and runs things etc.
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  17. mindmonkey added a post in a topic Blender 2.7+ Nif Exporter Tutorial   

    I followed the tutorial until the exporting to .nif. After a frustrating series of different error messages (which I managed to resolve) I'm now hitting a wall with this guy:
    I know, it looks a lot like the message about the n-gons but I am pretty sure I don't have any. I checked by triangulating and by using the selection tool (see image). The mesh's geometry is actually very simple:
    I don't know what the problem is, but rather WHERE. the 4 lower horizontal pieces produce the error. The rest can be exported:
    so, first question: what might be wrong with these pieces that prevent me from exporting?
    second question: when exported it appears that some faces are not properly displayed as in the last picture the top face of the table top appears to be missing, but when I look from underneath its the bottom face of the table top. so I guess it is wrongly rendered. do you have any idea what the problem might be?
    Thanks a lot in advance!
    EDIT: Okay, I solved the second question. there were unnecessary vertices in these pieces that somehow prevented me from exporting them. so i managed to export the whole stool.
    BUT: the problem with the missing faces in nifskope remains. who can help me?
    EDIT2: Solved. thanks to discord AU. Recalculated Normals.
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    Whats the other one besides seat of sundered kings?
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  19. mikiep1031 added a post in a topic How will the Dark Brotherhood work (SPOILERS)?   

    I think theres two main questlines in cyrodiil 
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  20. firenight added a post in a topic How will the Dark Brotherhood work (SPOILERS)?   

    The main quest for cyrodiil is about the emperor dying.
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  21. Fanvsant added a post in a topic Application: Story/Character Development and Level Design - Iliac Bay   

    Can you show us some stuff of yours so we can judge your skill?
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  22. WarDoctor42 added a topic in General Discussion   

    How will the Dark Brotherhood work (SPOILERS)?
    How will the imperial city work if you kill the emperor in the Dark Brotherhood questline? Will it make any difference, or will it just be a minor thing that the guards talk about like in main Skyrim?
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  23. WhiteBread added a topic in Recruitment   

    Application: Story/Character Development and Level Design - Iliac Bay
    Hi my name is Boston, and yes it's my real name, I am 19 (20 in January) and I just recently caught eye of your Bruma mod for Skyrim and I have to say that it is the single greatest expansion mod I have ever seen! When I first played it, it felt like an actual DLC made by Bethesda itself. I'm looking to hopefully be a part of that project in order to help it see fruition. Hammerfell is what really caught my eye, and I was really stoked to hear that not only were you actually creating Hammerfell with Skyrim's engine, but that you were asking for help to do it!
    Now as for my experience I actually lead my own game team at my College and our previous game won 2 awards at the IEEE Competition in Fullertonx California in June, and we are now currently working on a new, larger project to enter next year. On our last game I was the lead level designer and a concept artist and as of now I am the creative director, lead level designer, lead story writer, lead character designer, and lead weapon designer of the new project that I initially concepted and brought to the team. Although, contrary to what it may seem, I'm not all that busy with the game seeing as how right now the game is still in it's initial phases and my team has a lot of modelling to do before I can do too much. And on top of that, we only meet twice a week to work on our game at school.
    And now I would love to help out your project in any way I possibly can whether it be story writing, level design, character development, or anything that is not modelling, animation, texturing, and programming (because I have not learned those yet), or even just simple ideas and spitballing, just call me up and I'll help out. However minor thing is that I have not tried out Creation Engine/Kit yet for myself, however seeing as how I would only be world building and not actually programming, it wouldn't be to difficult to learn seeing as how it took me like a day to figure out most of Unity.
    Sorry about the long post, and I hope I'll hear from you soon. If I don't seem to reply in time enough for you just email me at
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    Here is the above picture now 

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  25. shenshinoman added a post in a topic Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!   

    I am AnneHijme's husband listed right above me. I am also applying for this project. I made a post in the recruitment forum as well. Which can be found here.
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