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  1. The first major upgrade to IPS4, 4.1, is now out. Aside from some needed performance improvements and fixes to the editor, 4.1 also makes two significant changes.

    First, the View New Content feature will be replaced by something they call Activity Streams. These operate similarly but are configurable by each user. I will set the default Activity Stream to be as similar to View New Content as possible but this may take a bit of getting used to.

    Second, the navigation has been replaced by a new tabbed version. Personally, I find it to be a bit awkward so I will probably keep the current navigation by overriding the theme file.

    If you wish to check out 4.1, you can do so on IPS's own forums. There's also a number of blog posts about the changes introduced in 4.1.

    As for when the update will take place, it will have to wait a while until I've had the time to make sure it's compatible with the DC app.

    All the best.

  2. Diary of a wannabe modder

    Now four weeks have passed since my mod release and it’s time to do a retrospective view to the whole process.

    First fazit: Mod releasing under time pressure is not a good idea.

    I started in 2015 with lots of wishes and no experience with mod creating, voice acting, scripting and the ck – best conditions to fight with a monster.

    I grabbed every tutorial I could find but tutorials cover mostly basics and seldom help with special problems. As you have no idea about the whole process of creating a mod until it can be released, you surely ran into the wrong direction. I did. Most is trial and error – like every mod creator knew – and a lot of pain.

    Worst of all for me was the attempt to make this mod standalone. It started out with my wish to apply better textures for the eyes of my followers and better facetextures. It was no problem for Sherda, Chiomara and Tom, but Ramgar’s appearance broke and also Eldrid’s eyes looked suddenly weird. I don’t know why it happened but to solve this, I had to recreate the faces. It was then that I realized I had no ECE files anymore for Ramgar and Eldrid – perhaps I oversaved the slots with another playerface, I don’t know.

    Fact was that for a long time I had no idea where ECE was saving the faces and I had no idea that I would need these files from the skse folder again. It confused me pretty much that if I looked at Sherda in ck she had suddenly the face of Ruby – because slot 32 of ECE after exporting the face was occupied by Ruby’s head and if you start ck with ECE.esp and CME.esp checked, all npcs that uses the nose 32 type are suddenly faces of this one slot. This makes a lot of trouble if you have to care for the dark face bug because you must export the head from ck and redo the texturepaths with nifskope. When I realized that, I knew I had to recreate all missing ECE faces and save my skse chargen data elsewhere after once created.

    I have a lot of saves of the facegeom files from ck but they are useless, if you not have the ECE facegeom file stored in skse. You can’t simply copy them back, because you then run into the dark face bug, that is also occuring if you alter something in the actor’s window in ck. You need to merge the ECE head with the exportet ck head.

    I needed four whole days and nights to create the faces new. I have tons of screenshots from my npcs but it seems to be not possible to do the same face again. I have incredibly astonishing faceexpressions of Eldrid that I won’t miss. But if you create a player’s face it’s expressions are starred. It shows no movement features like anger or disgust or happiness if you are playing the character. When I created the npc face from the player’s face the npc looked always different because of that.

    I managed to make the faces nearly similar to the original ones and can live with it now, but the time I’ve lost with this issue was a bit of a peeve.

    One crucial obstacle is that the list of conditions from the ck wiki is mostly useless as it does not explain most of the entries. And there are no samples what combined conditions were able to do. Obscure is really that you can look at other quests in the ck and copy the same conditions that work for the one quest to your own, but it does not work.

    Worse, a hundred times a dialogue fires with the same certain conditions, then you alter a package or what else – not for this npc, but anotherone – and the dialogue stops working. From the logical side, the circumstances for the dialogue to be fired must have been altered somehow but you know you have done nothing with it. You doublecheck that you’ve made your seq file but nothing happens.

    As my mod is based mostly on conditions and fewer on scripts with the exception of short running fragments, I need securement of conditions to be reliable. Obviously the game can’t handle that proper. I’m getting grey hair about this.

    The solution would be to manage all with scripting but this will get problems in heavily modded Skyrim versions – and really, who wants to play with pure vanilla Skyrim? Another truth is that I’m really bad with scripting and without help some things would not work as they do now.

    Another very time consuming part is Tamriel lore. I’m very familiar with the history and myths of ancient sumer and akkad that is quite confusing if you start learning and researching about that matter. Tamriel is worse because of the changings in several ES games and ESO. I want to have my npcs self awareness of their present and past to let them act as natural as possible in their environment. They should talk about things that are in the heads of people of that actually time with their view of the present and the history that was delivered over generations in Tamriel. I always felt that Tamriel lore and history is poorly involved in Skyrim and at my first playthrough I had no idea of the rich past of Tamriel. So I was reading a lot over the last to years and the dialogues I try to create will reflect that, I hope. But I don’t want to bore the player with it and try to weave information in action and sidetalks.

    At last I lost the overview of what I’ve done and what not – the mod structure was chaos and I had double texturefiles and meshes and some packages were not running as they should, so I made the structure completely new and of course I had to change the filepaths again with nifskope and in ck and was left with the dark face bug again after that. So I did all nine faces once again.

    When I released the first beta version I was quite proud and happy – until I tried out Live Another Life mod. Game crashes with my mod installed, when I tried to activate the Mara statue. I was lucky though this bug happened to Arissa and Vilja and was documented in the forum of LAL. But now I had to control more then 1800 dialogue lines for their conditions. Not a single tutorial covers this issue but I now understand why in the condition menu the selection is always GetIsId at first – because you crucial need to set it on top of all your conditions to avoid problems. I’m really happy that this occurred now and not when I have once implemented a thousand dialogue lines more.

    Testing the mod is also a critical point, because if you change things you have to test on a new game without other mods. You do things that you won't do normally like coc somewhere or teleport, but while testing you have to, simply because some action is playing at a certain location and you must get there in the shortest time that's possible. So you must hire your follower first, jump into the location and test, if it works. If you have several npcs on different locations that are needed for the action, this process gets worse time consuming. And what happened mostly is, if you teleport into a location to meet npcs that have a timetable on their action packages, they are never there where they should, because teleporting breaks the timetable.

    So it is a fact that I'm not gone further than level 1 or 2 while testing and I have no idea how my followers will advance in higher levels. I have also no idea how they are doing with the dragon attacks because the only one I was testing was the first dragon at Whiterun tower.

    After some issues with the playerhorse I solved recently I noticed that some important dialogue of Ruby is suddenly cut out and some of Tom’s lines are cut off also. It’s minor thing but big anger for me, though my patience runs sometimes a little bit short. It worked before, what the hell happened? Who knows. I will fix it with the next beta version and who knows how long as a beta the mod will stay. My hope is, that I will achieve a solid fundament to develop this mod further and that somebody has fun with it.

    So long and happy modding, Tasheni

  3. Iliac Bay: Tower of Dawn

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    There’s no earthly way of knowing
    Which direction they are going!
    There’s no knowing where they’re modding,
    Or which way the river’s flowing!
    Not a speck of light is showing,
    So the danger must be growing,
    For the modders keep on modding,
    And they’re certainly not showing
    Any signs that they are slowing…

  4. ElsweyrLogoType141216.thumb.png.5baeb7ee

    In the last few weeks, Elsweyr has had a resurgence of fresh, new development. We've gone from an active of team, of around 3 members, to a fully-fledged team of 20+ active members working on the project (with various other part-time members contributing as well).

    We've officially leaped into a new stage of development, and we're currently gearing up to open up new waves of claims throughout our Northern state, Anequina —with important, and vibrant claims being handed out. very soon.

    We also welcome our various new Department Leads to the project, who will be actively helping us to run Elsweyr going forward. They are essential to the smooth operation of the project, and help to manage their individual departments — our Department Leads are happy to help members in whatever way they can.

    We're currently looking for new members, and we hope the team's jump in activity has you intrigued —feel free to jump on our sub-forums and say hi to the team, join in on discussions, or post in our recruitment thread.

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    ~ The Old Ye Bard

  5. Daoris The Path of Light

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    By redrakiton125,

    The sword was forged a long time ago, in era that few can remember, in a time when Nordics valued magic and praise those who had power of the mind, instead wielding a sword.

    The saying in that time was:”That any warrior can wield a sword, but few can learn the mysteries of the mind”.

    That were the good old days, when Mages could practice there art and help people around them.

    All though a lot of people had talent with magic, few could rival the power that the masters of time weave. They could see the ancient pasts and even the distant features.

    So as they looked through the veils of time they saw the beginning of an era where darkness will spread and corrupt this world.

    Also this era will not see magic as art of light and mages would be considered evil and dangerous to this world.

    After this vision they hurried to the high Counselors of magic, together they searched for a solution, so that the light will not fade from this world.

    After months of ideas and plans they found the answer, they would create a sword using the most talented arcane smiths in all the land.

    So the sword was made of holy light and gold and was ready by dawn, but the mages still had one problem the sword may get corrupted by the evil that was about to come over the land.

    As they pondered this idea, one sorceress stood forward and said that she would become the sword’s guardian.

    She took an oath that, she would never let the sword get corrupted by evil or wielded for dark deeds.

    The Oath was made and to be protected of all evil she would be sealed inside the sword in a palace, that would keep evil forever at bay.

    Not moment to soon the sorceress and the castle were put in the sword and now the sword needed a name, so that neither human or good could destroy this mighty sword.

    The name was chosen at dawn on first light of shining sun, blade will be called:”Daoris”- The sword of light.

    As all the mages celebrated this victory and the creation of this sword, one young mage apprentice whispered to him self:”How would the guardian live for eras, in the wait for the one chosen, that should not be revealed?”

    This whispered was heard like a thum in that great hall, silencing the whole room with just this one question.

    The silence was becoming unbearable, and after a while an old mage from the back of the room stood forward.

    He was walking slowly his years have talken there toll on him but his power was not in his muscles but in his mind and with just one word he transformed him self into a much younger mage that said the following:

    “My power is my mind and my words are my weapons, the guardian of the sword will remain immortal, as long she would remain in the castle”.

    Without any more words he used his magic to enchant the castle walls with his ancient spells.

    The other mages ask all like they were in a group: “What will happen to the guardian of the sword, if she will leave this castle?”

    But the mage disappear in thin air before the other could finish there question.

    So no one knows what destiny will await the guardian of the sword.


    Credit:redrakiton125 - story

  6. Hi,


    I am leaving The Hunt for Daoris, modding team and also the role of the leader I had in that team.


    My decision came after I seen some members of the team want something else and have a very different vision of what this mod was supposed to be.


    The new mod I am developing is Daoris The Path of Light.


    You can find more here

    Thank you, I wish you good luck with your project guys

  7. Fallout 4 - Commonwealth Extended

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    Commonwealth Extended is an ambitious project that aims to create the entirety of Massachusetts in Fallout 4.  The map will be to the same scale as Fallout 4's, resulting in a vast, expansive map over ten times the size of the original Commonwealth area.  As of yet, this project is very much in its early days, however - a lot of planning has been done, and this is what I'm including in this first blog entry.

    Designing the World
    There are multiple routes to go down regarding the worldspace design of this project.  Much of it will rely on whether the issues of Skyrim's creation kit have been fixed, like the 64x64 cell bug.  A world this big will also need an extensive team, so if you want to help, whether you have experience or not, shoot me a message and I'll add you to the project. 

    One route would be to split the world into multiple Worldspaces, which would be awkward to play, yet technologically a lot easier.  The other would be to split the world into two worldspaces, one being the original Boston Commonwealth,  the other worldspace being the rest of Massachusetts - this is the most likely to be used (if the issues from Skyrim are fixed) as it means we won't need to change the original Commonwealth worldspace.  The third option would be to tack on the rest of Massachusetts to the original Commonwealth Worldspace, giving us an extensive, seamless world.

    So far, I have designed the basic map, stitching together heightfield data of Massachusetts to design a rough heightmap, while also incorporating the Fallout 4 Commonwealth heightmap into the Massachusetts bay area.  Like the Fallout 4 map, Commonwealth Extended's map will be mostly to scale, although some parts will be slightly scaled up or down.  For example, it is likely Cape Cod and Nantucket will be scaled up slightly, as well as the Quabbin reservoir, so as to give these areas the sense of scale they need.

    If you have any questions or ideas, please let me know!


  8. Cyrodiil: Seat of Sundered Kings

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