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  3. I’ve managed to get some details down for Neal, because it’s his antics and sheer luck that helps out in the quest concepts The Power of Seven, and The Prison at World’s End. physical description: he’s a really skinny guy, the kind that looks more comfortable in a library than in the field, and he wears goggles with blue-tinted lenses that completely cover his eyes. He carries an enormous backpack on his back that looks like if he bent over backwards, it would land him on his back. personality description: he’s a sunny optimist with an insatiable curiosity that often makes him push buttons (physical, not mental) that he shouldn’t. way of talking: “Oh, true story. So, I popped a piton on a mountain climb in the southern Jer’ell mountains a few weeks back, or maybe it was two or three years back. Anyway, I spent a whole week dangling from a cliff in the middle of a raging blizzard! *hoo hoo hoo hoo* (kinda kooky laugh).” description of his special power: It’s like no matter if he stays with you or you leave him outside, he always manages to beat you to the near end of the dungeon. He does this by finding a hole to peer into, tripping and falling in, and shooting down like a rocket face first.
  4. Easthollow

    The landscape surrounding the town of Easthollow, in the far northeastern portion of Amblu Kai
  5. Great job! Sad cant help.

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  6. List of Locations

    Locations Riften Solitude Whiterun Windhelm Winterhold Morthal Falkreath Dawnstar Markarth Bruma (Beyond Skyrim Bruma) Towns and Settlements Riverwood Ivarstead Shors Stone Rorikstead Karthwasten Kynesgrove Skaal Village Raven Rock Orc Strongholds Dushnik Yal Largashbur Narzulbur Mor Khazghur Unique Locations High Hrothgar Skaal Village Raven Rock Castle Volkihar Soul Cairn Dayspring Canyon Tel Mithryn Eldergleam Sanctuary Blackreach
  7. Remnants of a Forgotten Era is an open source project where you can share, re-use, or even improve upon any of my* assets. Additionally, you are free to modify my plugins and or create your own patches without needing to ask for my permission unless specified otherwise. Everything can be found on my GitHub. https://github.com/jaycranesmods/remnants-of-a-forgotten-era/wiki
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  9. am new here

    arshavin is my name an old dream market vendor.Nice meeting you all
  10. Application - Music Composer

    Hey! I'm Esteban Mercado, a music composer in love with the Skyrim soundtrack since it first was released. I specialize in mood composing, so writing for story telling and ambiences focused to portrait a certain feeling to the player come easily to me. Here are a couple of examples from my work: (an orchestral version I made of the original OP from Digimon Adventure ) If there's something else that you would like to know just send me a message. I'm on Discord too: Esteban_M#1233 Thanks! Esteban Website: https://estebanmercadomusic.portfoliobox.net/
  11. The Prison at World’s End

    This was inspired in part by Coracavus Prison from Dragon Age: Inquisition, Taghira from MYST V: End of Ages, America’s Alcatraz, Australia’s Cockatoo Island, and similar infamous prisons, just so you know what to blame. —- On an island of black obsidian in what would now be High Rock, the First Empire erected an ancient prison, the Black Mountain. Those who had committed monstrous, unforgivable crimes would be imprisoned there for life. But an ancient power that the Dragonborn would benefit from is also locked away there, but most records of Black Mountain vanished when the Hurling Disk happened. —- So the quest can be broken down into four parts: locate the island, get there, get into the prison, collect the power and get out alive.
  12. The power of seven

    With the return of Alduin comes an ancient, sand swimming leviathan long held responsible for the creation/devastation of the central desert of Hammerfell. The only clue to defeating it is in not one, not two, not three, but SEVEN dwemer ruins surrounding a great crater. But the only one who can help the PC (you) solve the riddle is Neal, a rookie Synod researcher that is either incredibly lucky or incredibly cursed, always getting caught in traps but always making magnificent discoveries that have other, more experienced Synod members arranging “accidents” that always backfire into the faces of the ones who arrange the accidents. While it is accepted that we don’t know much about the dwemer pantheon, the discovery of these seven ruins give a clue that there are at least seven of them, but the return of the ancient leviathan threatens the newly independent Hammerfell.
  13. Application - Experienced Actor / Writer

    Thank you for your kind words. I'd be happy to be a part of the project when it gets around to recording voice work - I'm not planning on going anywhere. I'll get in touch with Hugh shortly.
  14. DC Elder Scrolls Online User IDs/Character Names List

    Hi there, sign me too. Character name: Nerer Varin User ID: @AmadusSeverin EU Server. Ebonheart Pact.
  15. Is the team aware of this?

    The letter would be far from the only thing that we'd need to change in order to keep Skyrim consistent with Cyrodiil. But, removing it is a simple enough thing that you could roll your own mod. I'm sure there are tutorials out there for how to remove something using the CK.
  16. Is the team aware of this?

    I didn't realize removing a single letter from the game requires so much effort? I doubt it will affect anyone's gameplay, but it would be nice to eliminate.
  17. 2D concept artist application.

    Hi there Deadly Kitten, forwarding a message from our 2D lead: Your art is fantastic and we appreciate the application, unfortunately we as a team prefer to work in digital to allot for quick prototyping, as pen and pencil don't erase well enough to allow the kinds of adjustments we often need to make. For now, we're unable to add you to the team, but if you wish to reapply showcasing digital art, we'd be more than happy to review it!
  18. I'm experienced with the CK, and have made many small maps. I'm very interested in helping with Cyrodill, as I dumped countless of hours into oblivion back when it launched, and it's by far my favorite region. however i'll take whatever is opportunity is given Here are some screenshots of my work, fun fact the fallout ones are based off of where I live
  19. Hi there! My name is Morgan or otherwise Frze, and I am applying for a level designer/exterior designer for Beyond Skyrim. I've been watching this project for a while now, and all this time I've been so fascinated by the idea of recreating Tamriel in Skyrim, I first got Skyrim a few years after its release, and since then I haven't really touched the game until recently (as in a few months) and released once again how great and addictive it is. This project really got my attention since I completed the game and started getting bored with it, I've really just been watching over it, however recently I've decided to take it upon myself to learn some stuff about Level Designing in the CK, making natural areas and such, and I'd love to actually help make a new addictive journey through the provinces. In terms of experience, I have worked in the Source Engine/Hammer Editor before a few times and have made some different environments and levels in it, some of which I haven't released. So as a conclusion I'd love to help project in any way I can and would be a dream come true, it seems unreal - all of Tamriel in one game.. And I want to help make it a reality, even though I haven't got as much time as I'd like on my hand, I do now have a summer holiday without many things to do other than playing games, travelling and sleeping, and maybe playing around with CK, of course during this time I have it'd be nice to do something productive instead. It'd be awesome to help with landscaping, using the stuff I have learned. Even though I might not be the best skilled, if I am not accepted I hope to be at least considered sometime in the future. Thank you! EDIT: Forgot to say which provinces I'd like to work on : Cyrodiil, Morrowind, or even Roscrea though I'd be happy to do a mixture! Here is a short gallery of some landscaping I've done: https://imgur.com/a/TjcOwrS
  20. 2D concept artist application.

    Hi, i would like to apply as a 2D concept artist for Black Marsh. Here are a few of my recent drawings: https://imgur.com/gallery/3pV9VXG I tend to specialize more in Flora and Fauna concepts, marine life in particular, but i also in my spare time do a couple of weaponry drawings, and also different accessories like saddles and armour. Im still getting a hang of drawing humanoid characters, but im getting there. I also tend to experiment with different styles of drawings like for example picture nr.2 is inspired by a great artist named Felix Colgrove. I also do some architectural drawings.
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  22. Application - Experienced Actor / Writer

    Hi there hentuspants, we like your VA work and would like to invite you to join Black Marsh. We won't be doing VA work for a very long time yet, but if you're willing to sit in until we are then we'd be happy to have you on board. Not to mention your examples are very good, so I don't doubt you will probably find work to do on other provinces in the mean time no problem Contact our Audio Director on Discord: Hugh#3774
  23. Welcome and introduction thread

    Hi, friends! I'm new here, learning but very quickly. Ah, almost forgot, let us drink for a meeting!
  24. The tragedy of the White-Gold Tower

    Well that would be the Grand Chancellor or Potenate and even still, the player being be made emperor, reforming the blades or starting the second great war are things the team have stated will not be included within the mod.
  25. The tragedy of the White-Gold Tower

    I did say that that was the reason why there was a Steward.
  26. The tragedy of the White-Gold Tower

    The problem with what your suggesting is that for the purposes of the mods main quest the emperors already left cyrodil on the Katariah and if the player continues the questline he gets assassinated weather you've started the Dark Brotherhood questline or not, so the player will not be having any interactions with Titus the second. The quest-line will allow you to back one of the many claimants to the ruby throne, but the player is not one of them.
  27. The tragedy of the White-Gold Tower

    I just thought of something new for this: When you are revealed to the Emperor/Steward, he is already at feast, but the news of your arrival spreads from the feast hall with nothing less than telegraphic speed. One of the things that sours your reputation, at least among the Thalmor, If it’s not already partly soured, is that you request that any surviving members of the Blades are transferred to your own command, which the Emperor/Steward gladly grants alongside one of the few remaining Blades’ temples for your own Cyrodiil headquarters. Another thing is these first two verses of the song that the people sing after you are announced to the empire (also an Easter egg to the song from The Hobbit (the book, not quite the movies)): The Dragonborn of Skyrim, foretold in carven stone, The bearer of the Stormcrown, shall come into his own. His sword shall be upholden, his bow shall be restrung, His flames shall flicker golden, to songs of yore resung. Another quick question is that I see a star next to some of my suggestions, but I don’t know what that means. What does that mean, I’ve not been here for a while.
  28. Hello! I am writing to apply for voice acting and writing work. I realise there are forms on each of the province pages, however as none of them seemed to be working properly for me I thought this might be the best place to post my application. As an actor, I have performed in several amateur stage plays (mostly Shakespeare) and have also recently done voice work for Skywind as Dunmer and Bosmer characters. Please see my Soundcloud for examples of my Elder Scrolls acting range: Having achieved two degrees in history, I am also a competent writer and scholar. I feel that there has been somewhat of a dearth of scholarly 'non-fiction' books (both esoteric and commonplace) in Elder Scrolls games beyond the subjects of narrative history and human geography. Therefore, I have written several lore-friendly works for the edification of Tamriel - and would certainly love to write more. (I certainly have plenty of ideas.) Three of my finished works, formatted for use in Skyrim, are attached to this post as examples: - Mathematics for Pious Children, by Alba Domus of Chorrol – An entertaining book of mathematics questions written by a bad tempered and somewhat zealous educator. - The Trial of Sanirel, as recorded by Piero, translated by Grubius Tertius – An Elder Scrolls-ified version of part of one of Plato’s more digestible philosophical works, the Apology of Socrates. - Realm Walking: An Introduction to Transliminal Travel, by Carolus Sanis – Oblivion is hardly an original topic, but I wanted to condense everything we know about travelling to Oblivion into a digestible package and establish a degree of intertextuality in the Elder Scrolls’ academic literature. If nothing else, constructive criticism is always welcome. Thanks for reading! hentuspants - Skyrim formatted books.pdf
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