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  4. 2D/concept art

    I'm the Iliac Bay 2D Art Lead (Hammerfell and High Rock) and I would love to see you join our province as creature designer. We've also got plenty of tileset design that needs doing if you're interested in trying out something a little different, but either way I hope you consider our offer.
  5. Judith Silveroke

    Judith Silveroke The following NPC isn't Implemented in Holds Note: the following text is suggestions and a mall/ideas for the NPC and is not nesseserly found in the final product in the mod, or required to be implemented. Implementation: Put NPC into Holds (Not Started) Add Silveroke Sword Quest (Not Started) Basic Name: Judith Silveroke Nickname: Judith Status: Mother of the Silverokes Full Title Judith Silveroke Mother of the Silverokes Family Father: Unknown Mother: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Spouse: Anders Silveroke Children: Alexi, Mathilda, Gareth, Arthur, Daniel and Michael Friends Best Friend: none Friends: Maven, Astrid Work Primary: Nobel Women, Mage She is the unofficial head of the Silveroke house in Daggerfall, she isn't technically in charge but you'd fool yourself if you didn't realize that she does the decisions. Personality Persona: She is a bitchy old lady with the magical power that dwarves the most talented of mages. She is a master in all areas of magic and makes all the decisions in the silveroke family. Even tho she rarely is officially in charge of anything everyone always listens to her and does what she says. Most people fear and respect her and she is the main concern of everyone who wants to stand in the way of the silverokes, because her wrath is absolute. She is grumpy unloving and cares more about the family names appearance, the political gains and the power that stuff gives rather than things such as Love, or honor. Fighting Trainer: She had many Scholars she trained with during her life, none of note Strength: she is extremely talented in magic Weakness: she usually doesn't wear any armor and even refers from using her magical power unless she feels it absolutely necessary, she rather not get involved and let others solve the problem for her. she also lacks any real skill with weapons. Biography: She grew up in Daggerfall, poor and parentless; she had never been loved. No one knows exactly how, but she survived on the streets of Daggerfall from birth. She stole, she begged, and when she came of age, she used her beautiful body to survive. She always had a fascination and talent for magic, and the time she didn’t spend focused on surviving, she spent on gathering the knowledge she needed. She became a skilled mage on her own, teaching herself. She learned that the nobles of the world had power, and she needed it. Wealth, power, all things she didn’t have but craved. She managed to sway some of the local thieves with charm, seduction and illusion magic to complete a bank heist. The heist was a success and the bank vaults were emptied, but the thieves were sloppy and left a clear trail, a trail the city guards followed to their hideout. They found it completely burnt to the ground, thieves’ bodies burnt beyond recognition. The gold was gone, taken by Judith during her betrayal. Judith used the gold intelligently; she left to Wayrest where she started shopping. She did not do it because it was fun however, she did it for appearances, wanting people to believe that she was actually rich. She wore fancy dresses, ate well, and never once looked at a price tag. Everyone believed her illusion and no one questioned her nobility, no one asked her name. She also spent a lot of her money on new books and lessons in magic, all to further her power and research. She started to attend noble balls, where she meet the young and handsome Anders Silveroke. She quickly found him attracted to her and she fully used the opportunity. She realized that he wasn’t the smartest and that he didn’t realize when she tried to manipulate him. She also found him easily controlled and the same night they spent together in the same bed, she got pregnant with Arthur. They soon married and Judith was officially a member of the Silveroke house in Daggerfall. Where she enforced her possession. She also used the family's constant hunt for power and knowledge to her own studies and to further her own abilities. She grew stronger and stronger. The years went by. She had more and more children, her magical abilities grew, and the other older Silverokes died off one by one, until Anders was the oldest alive, and named the family head. This meant that Judith no longer had to pull strings from the shadows as she had complete control over her husband, and could easily rule with an iron fist. Judith also has a lot of powerful friends; she is friends with Maven and had/has ties to Astrid Quests: [TBA] Dialogs: Note: Following Dialogs isn't what you will find in the mod, rather what has been writen as suggestions and insperation for Galadnil and may or may not show up in the mod itself. [TBA]
  6. Merchent System

    So Based on suggestions made in the Comment section of the New update patches I wanted to take the time to give some suggestions on how we could implement more Trade to the province, this would be done in accordance to the lore and use actually flashed out NPCs instead of hollow merchants. here are a few System ideas: 1. Specifically made NPCs who trade traveling from city to city, a good number for holds would be perhaps 2-5 and they would have full Backstory, quests, Dialogs like all NPCs in holds, as well as packages allowing them to travel between cities, Wearing backpacks and traveling alone by foot or horse these merchants would also have dialogs with the local NPCs to integrate them, have them stay at inns or sell there wears in the markets. 2. Existing NPCs, now we don't need to always add more NPCs to the mod, sometimes we can use the existing ones like add a package for some more local trade, this could be an alternative or complement additional NPCs to make trade work, like some merchants like Belathor might decide that its worth the risk of the Civil war to go out make a profit and goes to Roricksteed buys their sheep crops while selling them new tools and other items they usually can't get. this could be implemented with NPCs all over Skyrim walking to do local trade, I believe it is in the Nozi Livestream Galandil says the Laiterdale people are supposed to trade with Roricksteed and the packages are already in the mod, so activating them would add life to the roads and world. cupel this with custom Dialogs to make it all feel natural. 3. When the civil war ends, it be nice to see some of the old Soldiers return to work, more NPCs could be added to both (1) and (2) as well as form caravans, once again this would be well written realised NPCs with the backstory of being Civil war veterans from both sides who returned to work. the difference would be that the NPCs get activated once the civil war is won, or a bit after so you can feel the peace returning to the land. this would have the added benefit of repopulating Skyrim, after a lot of questing many NPCs will die during your play threw, so a village with maybe 10 NPCs are left with only 6 now we add two more boosting it up to 8 again, also this would allow for more quest givers and quests for holds. that's some ideas I have on the Merchant System if you have questions, or feedback or just other ideas please let me know.
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  8. Recruitment: 3D Modeller

    it happens to all of us ;-)
  9. Folken - Writing / Oddjobs

    Heya, thanks for your interesting and motivated application! we have many stories done, now it's about implementation time. I contacted my Dep Lead writing. have fun, and see you.
  10. 2D/concept art

    ;-) nice
  11. 06/11/2017

    For Winterhold, a couple of things for consideration: 1) It appears that the cliff between the Winterhold area and the College spire wasn't there before the Great Collapse, so most of its ruins would be there (there are some right now, actually). 2) Unless the Sea swallowed what didn't collapse, making the Nords build the few buildings they have in the 4E , what remained of Winterhold should've its own distinct style and not the generic Nordic buildings they used in the game. Things to take into account for such distinct style. a) Ancient, Nordic and Magic: it was made by Shalidor's magic, so it is safe to assume that the rest of the city was similar to the College. Maybe the walls didn't need sentry towers or battlements at this point, so the wall could've been simple. b) Skyrim's capital under High King Borgas of Winterhold: he was a warrior, so he surely would fortified his walls. c) The Golden Age: During the third century of the Third Era, Baron Ulfe Gersen ruled over Winterhold. He "brought considerable wealth and influence" with Morihatha Septim when they married, which enabled them both to help Uriel Septim VI with his political struggles against the Elder Council. This Imperial influence could've also affected the city's architectural style. Maybe they could've added battlements to its walls, or maybe they didn't change the wall but they adorned the streets with Imperial style lamp posts, statues and buildings facades.
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  13. 2D/concept art

    passed it along
  14. 2D/concept art

    hi! Any province will do!
  15. 2D/concept art

    Hey! do you have any preferred province?
  16. 2D/concept art

    Hi, my name is Ramez, a.k.a tartiflette here... being a "stalker" for a while I finally chose to take a risk and hope to contribute to this humongous project... Always fascinated by all the works I4ve seen, 3D is still a mysterious language to me (I tried once to make a cube in blender, I think it took me hours...). So I still prefer to stick into my comfort zone, which is drawing and photography... for the drawings, here are a few examples (I tried to recreate the Umbra' Keth, an incerdible creature who deserves a better purpose than being stuck in a forgotten mini console) (for the photography which is less interesting, here's my website : sommeil paradoxal ) voilà... If any team is interested I think I'll have a heart attack (out of happiness of course), if not, I'll still be happy to follow you, guys PS : I apologize for my rough English...
  17. Recruitment: 3D Modeller

    Oh is this the Atmora forums? My bad, I didn't even know. Got to it from the home page lol.
  18. Recruitment: 3D Modeller

    @edget welcome, and nice to see you. This is the forum of the Atmora team. So there are a few teams and they work independently on their regions. Each project has slightly different spirit and story and design, but its always possible to work crossover. Since you already applied directly here and also joined our communication, I would assume you honour us with starting in our team. Welcome!
  19. Folken - Writing / Oddjobs

    Nickname: Folken Skills: Varied, but I am most interested in writing. However I'm willing to help in any way, in exchange for the experience of building a game. Interests: Story & lore crafting. Character backstories. The slow and painful unraveling of deeply troubling and depressing events that are now the player's problem. Ideas: Many. Plagues. War. Natural disasters. Baseless racial hatreds. Unrequited love. The bulls-eye is the players heart, the writer is the longbow and the quiver is full of painful personal and historical examples. Begin TLDNR phase: Writing examples: Short Story: A fantasy short story I wrote about a soldier with horrid ptsd trying to socialize. I've written a few about her... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lalKCV8RxwpbdeyBrIlzeOfQ5sJhHDUzrqtHU6H0nes/edit?usp=sharing World Crafting: I created a tabletop (rolemaster) setting where everyone's dead for 700 years and the players don't initially know why: I ran this game for 5 years irl. I created the world, the location, the civilization, what killed it, and the other things that moved in after they were gone, then I shipwrecked a group of players there with nothing. I made campaign blog posts to keep track of it and I have a separate site with every detail/backstory/timeline I wrote for the world to keep it straight in my head, like an even dorkier version of wikipedia. I wrote far more content for the world than the players ever found or knew about to keep it rich and always have a quick answer when they wanted to dig deeper. This is the final post of the campaign and it will make no sense by itself but does illustrate my willingness to commit large chunks of my life to creating lies for the amusement of others. https://sites.google.com/site/wildermaster/project-updates/20130923transferofpower Planet Crafting using someone else's rules: Blog-documenting the creating of planets in a sci-fi tabletop campaign I'm running from scratch, but using an existing game (Starfinder) for rules/mechanics/classes. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/starloserrpg Writing organization: I openly admit that I made a spreadsheet to manage a timeline of my two pathfinder (d&d) campaigns happening in the same country at the same time with two groups of characters (one chaotic good, one lawful evil) played by one group of players. These are Paizo (pathfinder) Adventure Paths that I modified to fit into one big complicated story. It confuses me a little just attempting to describe what I've done to myself here, hence the spreadsheet... ^ this wouldn't paste only as a link, I tried! Short Story in the above-campaign-world: A dream-sequence I wrote from the perspective of a players character who was receiving the dream-message from a potentially friendly NPC who had been turned to stone. https://hellspathfinder.tumblr.com/post/163416485778/night-visions Also from the above campaigns: Blog Documenting player choices & events so none of us forget what we did each week. https://hellspathfinder.tumblr.com/post/170740696018/gangs-of-kintargo A particularly RP heavy example of this, an NPC funeral: https://hellspathfinder.tumblr.com/post/170800439778/catalyst Strangers from tumblr read these more than my players do Here I am fan-fictioning a game that probably doesn't deserve it: The Division had it's moments. I made a journal from the perspective of my character as I worked through what plot there is to find in that game. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/agentjournal Whoa, TLDNR bail now. The rest is significantly less relevant. The Odd Jobs: Voice Acting: Here's a commercial we made for our album (I am in a few bands but I have never handed anyone a mixtape, don't worry) https://fanburst.com/tobiasmerriman/jenny-johnson-band-april-30th-commercial Here's the outtakes (explicit) if you wonder what evening-coffee does to a human. https://fanburst.com/tobiasmerriman/the-alternate-commericial_1 Also I'm a couple characters in this radio drama my bandmate wrote https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/camp-giant-city/id1074359940?mt=2 Foley work, experimenting for my own education. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dR2-W17Ksw Video editing: I can do a few things in FCP because I've had to learn it in order to help troubleshoot it at work, also I love Jason Isbell so I made this for/at him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eiB6NlGm70 I can change a tire. Wow, what a trooper. Thanks for your consideration!
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  21. Semi Experienced Modder looking to help.

    Hi. You are very welcome in this project, sounds like you have lots of useful skills. I'll send you a PM in the morning with some information.
  22. Recruitment: 3D Modeller

    I do not have a preference in what province I work with, baring in mind, I am having a hard time understanding what you mean by the question.
  23. Recruitment: 3D Modeller

    Hey love your stuff and welcome to DC! Have a preference for a specific province(s) you want to work with?
  24. Fallout 4 beyond Boston

    There are fortunately plenty of projects already doing this, or at least remaking those games, but since the timelines of those games are so close to the timeline of Fo4 making a "modern day " take on it like what Beyond Skyrim does with the other provinces would be irrelevant.
  25. Fallout 4 beyond Boston

    Just tossing an idea up but how about Beyond Boston! Could go revisit some of the brilliant places in the previous games like Washington DC and New Vegas. Or even someplace other than the states.. such as the UK? Could do a small coastal town custom weapons and digging through lore to find out what happened even find out the old factions (Btw as a personal favor if there is one made Put me in it since I'm not on pc if not as a Character then as a skeleton in army uniform or a Body next to a old burnt out tank or something of the sort and on the tank I'd like to have something etched in the side plate with a combat knife "sometimes you're just unlucky"
  26. Recruitment: 3D Modeller

    Hey Edget, thanks for applying. We'd love to have you on the team! 3D artists are very helpful and the examples you've shown are excellent and varied in scope. Atmora is a great opportunity to work on some unique concepts and you're more than welcome to use your work for a show reel. No worries about the dyslexia either. One of the directors will get in contact with you soon and we'll get you set up on the team Discord.
  27. Hello. I have been making mods for bethesda games since Morrowind. I am able to write and script quests, can do level design and have worked on some small total conversions for morrowind and oblivion. I am able to do level design and world design. I am fluent in the creation kit's built in script language, and I also know C and Lua (not that the latter two are particularly helpful) I have worked in small startup companies but I find the experience of modding without commercial ambitions to be more enjoyable. I would like to help in any way I can.
  28. Recruitment: 3D Modeller

    You are not applying to writer's position so there is no problem with your spelling
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