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  3. Application : concept art :)

    Hi I was hoping to apply and give a hand on pretty much any of the projects, I'd love to get involved with black marsh in particular but I know it's not that far along yet :s I've linked examples of mostly pencil work as I realised it's the most relevant I already have done, there are a few Photoshop paintings as well just to show that I can that too :') https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=111LJykLbuFOVGAWTVfErzfpifVz_opuJ Hopefully this works ! Thanks for taking the time
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  5. Aplication: Modeller (very little exp)

    Happy to help just remember to ask questions when you get there.
  6. Aplication: Modeller (very little exp)

    That's a thing??????????????? KEEN. Thank you, man!
  7. Aplication: Modeller (very little exp)

    If your not sure about your skill as it is now it may be worth checking out the Arcane University, the training division of the project: https://discord.gg/3YyeGCf
  8. Aplication: Modeller (very little exp)

    Hello, I have would love to contribute to this project I've watched it develop for 2 years maybe? I would very much like to get into the modelling team / asset development. However I have very little knowledge at this point, but I do have a lot of spare time(and as I like to think the ability to learn quicker than most.) I have basic blender knowledge (which I'm going to expand), I'm only 17 and have way too much time that I would rather not waste gaming. hopefully, if I were to join I could learn to model the way it is needed for the project seeing as I'm basically a blank slate. I do know that this project still has many years ahead of it, if you were to take me on board I hope I could quickly become of use. here is a sword I made in about two days after installing blender (i was practising the basics of edit mode so it took a while) Thank you for reading and considering. :Edit: I did use to be a part of the implementation team in Elsweyr. but left due to inability to contribute and other factors.
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  10. Thank you very much, very good explained! Now I can correct my Winterhorse textures - I'm working already on the eyes and ears that were very bad done because I was a beginner And I can play with values now for the transparency. I combined different mane and tail meshes to get fuller hair and it's difficult to adjust the overlapping transparency right. I'm sure I will contact you - on nexus then - it will be not too long until I rush again in trouble with textures, thank you for the offer. I'm currently fighting with texture stretching, mostly on bags or belts of the farmclothes. Pretty annoying, all gets unsharp. Yes, it's sad that DC shuts down, but fully understandable. For me, Discord is no substitute, I don't like the software and it takes too much time to find content I'm looking for. I use mainly nexus now. Ciao.
  11. I will do my best to give you some details, not being a native English myself, too the horse01_sk.dds, is a subsurface map. _sk.dds textures mimic specific kind of materials, most often slightly translucent ones, and/or those that disperse light and not just reflect it (specular), in not so usual ways. Materials that light partially penetrate, and is scattered by them, like Candle wax, Jade amulet, or human Skin. Hypothetically, it kinda makes sense for a horse skin too, but Skyrim engine is so barely efficient at this that it's rarely worth it. And it's handled far worse in Skyrim SSE, by the way, with different kind of issues (the infamous 'Bronze shine', on characters, at least if I remember correctly). " I tried the nif with and without this file and there was no difference." While this _sk map controls how and where on the model the _Soft Lighting_ effect (Bethesda's odd name for this), will be applied, to effectively remove the lighting effect you need to remove/uncheck the 'soft lighting' SLSF2 flag in the material node. Here's how to easily do it in Nifskope, just in case you didn't already know, or other modders would like to: "What do you mean with save in dds1 RGB ? DXT1 without alpha? But I need an alpha channel because the mane and tail have transparency and this must be DXT5 - as far as I know." Sorry for the imprecision in my last post, I meant for this _sk.dds file only, when I said that ;). these _sk maps don't need an alpha. Currently, horse01_sk.dds is wrongly saved in DXT1 ARGB (1 bit alpha: unusable for most other purpose even), while it should just be saved in DXT1 RGB (no alpha at all). It's not a gamebreaking point though, don't worry. Just unnecessary data. now, don't worry: The transparency of the mane and tails are not handled by this texture, but by the alpha channel (yes!), of your diffuse texture: hosemaintailWhite.dds (which is in the correct DXT 5 format ). So you can safely remove the soft lighting stuff for the horse body without affecting transparency. To be a bit more precise and technical, the transparency is also handled by other factors in your nif file, not just the diffuse alpha: the node 'shader flags1 'Vertex_Alpha' of the node 20 BSlightingShaderProperty for the tail & mane mesh, its child node, 22 NiAlphaProperty, and the vertex alphas of the NitrishapeDATA (node 16) - labeled in Nifskope as 'Color 4 subdetails for each vertex colors in the nitrishapedata. Sounds complicated, right? All these factors are working in conjunction to fine tune the transparency effects of your horse mane and tails, but since such combination of transparency factors is not always required, nor even always present for all kind of meshes (some don't use the vertex alpha tricks, some only use that but without niAlphaProperty nor texture transparency...) I get that it might sound more complex and possibly confusing at first than a lot of modders would think (even experienced ones). if you have other questions, don't hesitate, Tasheni. Here or on Nexus by pm, if you'd like (I have the same profile name out there: Ambershore), since DC forums will close sometimes soon, sadly. - A.
  12. Thank you so much, this is very helpful, but some things I don't understand - because I have few experience. Yes, the sk.dds was the fie that came from swift steeds mod and I did not really understand what this does. I tried the nif with and without this file and there was no difference. I will focus on your values and find another tutorial about sk.dds files. I read a lot about textures and Nifskope settings, but it seems that I've missied something. What do you mean with save in dds1 RGB ? DXT1 without alpha? But I need an alpha channel because the mane and tail have transparency and this must be DXT5 - as far as I know. Thank you for your time. I'm always happy if someone teaches me. I always try to get better - learning, that's my main concern Greetings from Germany
  13. me again... by he way, this initial purplish tint issue did not come from your specular mesh settings, but from the soft lighting shader flag 2. You can try it: remove this flag from the main body BSLightingShaderProperty node, and it disappears. The associated map, ending in _sk.dds wasn't really fitting the diffuse main tints anyway, imo, hence your issue. And if you adjust and keep it anyway then save it in dds1 RGB (always), not ARGB as it currently is (which has a troublesome 1bit alpha). Then, you could (and, imho: should ) give back some specularity. Considering that your diffuse colors are bright though, not with the same bluish specular color, nor as strong in specular strength. If you're interested, I would suggest giving a try to the following, just an example : Glossiness: 60 to 80, your call. Specular Color: R 0.709 G 0.621 B 0.450. It will give a beige/golden shine, instead of blue. Possibly a bit less saturated, again adjust as per your own tastes. Specular Strength: 1.0 is quite enough. Especially if you/your mod users have an ENB. here's how it looks in Nifskope after such changes, unmodified on the left (which still shows some of this purple tint), and my adjustments on the right: https://imgur.com/WtYDi4l
  14. ok, excellent then. Congrats and thank you for your mod
  15. Hey there! My name's Jack, I'm currently a sophomore in college (majoring in biology, minoring in writing) and I would love to have the opportunity to help make Beyond Skyrim a reality. Though I haven't worked on a mod project before, I've gained experience with creating questlines and worldbuilding by plotting out DnD campaigns for my friends. I've been DMing a campaign set within Tamriel for over a year now, and it's taught me a lot about how to properly create immersive questlines and interesting characters while also keeping it understandable enough for people to stay invested. My biggest strength is probably writing dialogue for and between different characters and plotting out story threads, but I am also more than capable of writing out in-game books if needed. Below are a few examples of both: Example Questline: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bPEmOUOKOHMGUVweW68SAyepS9eeWgsH2mhu7pUDSyc/edit?usp=sharing Example Book: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pFtI-fHi4a1E-7UWRab1G7C_s6rrNkMCXWK8vGiY0eQ/edit?usp=sharing
  16. Hi Ambershore, yes, I resolved it and uploaded the mod at nexus: Tasheni's Frost I set in Nifskope the values of the Emissive Color and the Specular Color to black and the Specular Strength from 91.000 to 1.0. First it had no effect, but my PC was mocking me. After a few days it worked suddenly. I'm happy now and it's a really cool horse Thanks for your offer, that's very kind.
  17. Hi Tasheni, from your last Gallery update it would seem that you have... resolved this issue, no? If not, I might take a look at your textures and nif if you'd like. -A (aka Drell in Roscrea Team)
  18. General Signup Thread

    I do a lot of informal writing, and have received a few local awards, nothing important, I have something of a talent for strange mystical story ideas and am very good at researching sources. I understand that writing is often applied to but I would still like to be considered. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kMgxnxDxX0tRuaW8xfrc79BSaIR3QNcWUy9QUOoJmaQ/edit Disregard all of this, I not only have decided to resubmit it on the discord, I also am making rigorous edits before doing so.
  19. Greetings fellows, I am Pokenees, an enthusiastic Pakistani who strives to write for Elder Scrolls modifications. I was directed by Wrenik, a really great friend, to apply here. Previously I have worked on Beyond Skyrim: Atmora and am actively contributing in Odyssey of the Dragonborn and a small indie team. I am not too experienced but have an understanding of lore, including a few deeper themes and have in the past wrote quests as well as books. Below are a few examples attached that might help you gauge my skills. https://kevalla-the-blade-of-vengeance.wikia.com/wiki/Imfalct:_The_Creation My attempt at creating a believable creation myth that I hope to visualize someday. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ueb6w2xoQcQRg35QQmyILGLjo_eGMTf_ A small textual piece depicting an eccentric researcher's writing. Looking very forwards to working with you.
  20. Can't Access Discord Server

    Doesn't say you've been banned.
  21. This will be my last blog entry before the server shuts down. It's very sad to see an awesome site go and for me and my stuff there's no other comparable site available. So I decided to setup my new blog at my modpage at nexus: Tasheni Followers Forum I'm not happy with it, but after long time searching and even thinking about to create my own homepage this seems to be the only reasonable solution. I never was fond of Discord, the whole appearance comes across like a software for pubescent teenager, seriously, I don't want to be greeted with "wir sind so aufgeregt, Dich wiederzusehen!" (we are so excited to see you again) - everytime when I log in - that's so hilarious. But this is the future development and the result will be, that more and more forums will dry out and vanish from the internet. Even the german elderscrollsportal now will move their forum to Discord - I guess that has not happened yet, because there are many older gamer and not so much youngsters, but I'm very new there and so this is merely a guess. I myself use Discord very sparsely and only because some contacts are only there available, but every login is an overcoming. So if someone wants to contact me in future, nexus is the only remaining adress. A big thanks to you, Xae, for your great work over so many years and that I was allowed to store my stuff here. Thank you to all members, who gave advice and help in the forums. Thanks to all who take their time to read my blog. Goodbye, Dark Creations.
  22. Rigging and exporting meshes in Blender 2.7

    Sorry if this was alredy asked. But I don't see it. What about Blender 2.79b? Is this method would work with it? And what about niftools? I need 2018 realise with it? Sorry for bad english.
  23. Rigging and exporting meshes in Blender 2.7

    you are the best Opus ;-) let's get all tutorials updated! thanks for the notification.
  24. Rigging and exporting meshes in Blender 2.7

    A new version of the blender Nif plugin was released in 2018, despite the version number remaining the same. As a result, my patch files have been updated to a 2018 version. Make sure both are up-to-date! Additionally, I've now fixed an error related to Unassigned Body Parts, and updated that section of the instructions with new info.
  25. hey mo, how are you?

  26. Winter Horses

    It's cold in Skyrim and the horses should look like that. I retextured some. Not too bad for the beginning, I think.
  27. Student Application Thread (3D Assets.)

    >What applications do you use to make 3D assets? You need at minimum Nifscope, a modelling program, and a image editing software. (Blender, GIMP to give an example.) Don't have any experience with Nifscope, had a half-year course for Cinema4D, Photoshop ("self-learning" by using) >What kind of assets are you interested in learning to make? (Architecture, Creatures, Clutter, ect.) mostly architecture and clutter >What is your preffered way of learning (Having a thread is required, but if you prefer to see things in skype for example list that here.) Doing stuff. Don't like reading long articles about doing something instead of actually doing it. >How much experience do you have in making Assets? Just one project for the course - model something and create an animation - short film. Example below. >You can also post a bit about yourself and why you want to learn here if you like. Well, I wanted to compose soundtracks for any project, but it seems they have enough people. So, I though I could do with some 3d modelling, because I already had a uni course for c4d.
  28. Heroes of Skyrim moding project is looking for loads of lvl designers for our project team's. We plan to add our favorite comic book heroes we all know and love into the Elder scrolls 5 Skyrim. The heroes we have in our project currently is Batman, preadtor, psylocke, thor and Daredevil. If you would want to join one of these teams please join our discord down below https://discord.gg/HDx46BN
  29. Heroes of Skyrim Project

    The heroes of Skyrim moding project is looking for 3d modelers to help make our superhero suits NPCs and everything in between. If you do wanna join and help out our project here's our discord link you will need to tell the other mods you have worked on if any if your a new 3d modeler we would still be happy to have you on one of our team's thank you. https://discord.gg/HDx46BN
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