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  3. Hello, I am the director of The Fate of Tamriel. May I use the Imperial City's building assets in our mod? Every creator of the assets will be credited for their wonderful work. For how we plan to use the assets if we are granted permission, the mod's final battle (The Final Tournament of Nirn the Arena) will take place in the Imperial City, and there are a few flashbacks of the Emperor that take place in the Imperial City, about his past life. I would also like to use the exterior and interior White-Gold Tower's assets for the Adamantine Tower in a prelude mod, since the Adamantine Tower is theoretically identical to the White-Gold Tower. In the prelude mod, the Adamantine Tower will be invaded by a force that seeks to destroy the Towers. Please let me know if you need more information or other agreements. I appreciate the effort and time you are putting into broadening the game's horizon.
  4. I have a stupid question.

    Sweet! Thanks for the link!
  5. I have a stupid question.

    https://discord.gg/TAzte8m The discord has been the main place for news for a while now.
  6. I have a stupid question.

    If dark creations is going under, where will the site be for Beyond Skyrim news?
  7. Barrows In Roscrea ?

    Well I have seen that there is really cool barrows that you have as models like this one: So my question is will there be a place in Roscrea with more than one of them like an area full of small Barrows like Barrow-Downs from Lord of the Rings ? Somthing like this:
  8. Moders for expedition to akavir mod

    your invite expired. I once had this idea 2 years ago as well but dropped it for atmora. It's a great vision you have there, but there are many challenges ahead of you. maybe you can take some inspiration for the concepting phase from the old forum I started http://akavir-calling.freeforums.net/ whish you the best, but don't underestimate the workload! If you have questions, you can ask me, but i will be too busy to contribute. cheers
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  10. Stormbreaker Clan

    Stormbreaker Clan The Stormbreaker Clan, is a Nord clan, founded by the three sailors: Sevrish, Einar and Brynjar Stormbreaker. The clan is well-known amongst the Nords of Skyrim due to the expert engineers, seafarers and warriors that hail from this clan, as well as their contributions to the lands naval technology. Appearance; Nords who are born into the clan are, in most cases, fair-skinned and dark-haired. Their eyes are blue, with tones ranging from light to darker hues. If one were to stare at a Stormbreaker’s eyes for long enough, one could notice the resemblance of the ocean’s tide in their eyes. Stormbreakers often have beards shorter than most Nords, and it is a common practice within the clan to keep one’s beard braided for the once with long beards. General Information; The Stormbreaker clan is a proud clan of Dawnstar, known for their skill in shipbuilding, and skill in raiding. they live in their clan home that's both houses the family but also their workshop where they skillfully work on their boat craft. the clan is full of skilled warriors and strict Dawnstar Honour meaning much like the city itself the clan is built on strength and accomplishments over fancy words. The clan is Loyal to the Jarl Skald and also fully recognize Ulfric as their high king the clan see no higher priority than its own survival and prominence and Skald aswell as Ulrfric help them stay in influence thanks to their loyalty, Skald enjoys the advice of the clan as they a line in their set of mind, however whenever their minds differ the Stormbreaker clan may advise differently but Skald as jarl gets the final say. unless Skald goes against the clan repeatedly (changed his way of thinking completely) the clan will remain loyal to him until the end. there will be quests involving all kinds of intrigues within the clan, it is lead by Clanfather Kardal Stormbreaker but Kori Stormbreaker is the most vocal and usually is the one representing the clan at the jarls side. this is due to the younger Kori's ambitions and ties to his brother Barradin who was an influential Elder within the clan when he was alive. something Kori aims to pick up the torch off. Tradition Oath-taking is the initiation ceremony for any person that joins the clan from outside the blood-lines. The initiate who is to join the clan must enter the sea with the water-level below his waistline. An oath is recited by the Clan Father, and after repeating the oath, the initiate’s head is submerged underwater for a brief moment. Once the initiate’s head is pulled out of the water he is recognized as a Stormbreaker. Face-painting is the ritual that follows the oath-taking. In this ceremony, the newly inducted Stormbreakers are lead into the sea, where they are told to dunk themselves in order to “cleanse” themselves. Following this, the Clan Father, or Clan Elder brings a mixture of sea-borne ingredients which form a purple or blue-like dye, and begins to paint the new Stormbreaker’s face. Code of Conduct The Stormbreaker clan like many Clans of Nords have a strict code of conduct this should be seen in the game as they should hold the following rules to high esteem; 1. You must hold the clan’s name in high esteem and treat your clanmates with the utmost respect. 2. You shall not, in any way, bring harm upon any clanmate, unless your own life, or the life of a fellow clanmate is at risk. 3. You shall remain loyal to the clan, and must obey direct orders coming from the Clan Father and Clan Elders. 4. If a quarrel between clanmates cannot be resolved, it must be brought up to the Clan Father’s attention in order to fairly resolve the dispute. Bloodlines; There are two bloodlines within the Stormbreaker clan, the one of Brynjar who is now Kori and his sister Freja and the one of Severish that encompass all other members of the clan, the two bloodlines still consider each other family since Brynjar and Sevrish was brothers and both along with Severish son Einar founded the clan. Notable Members; Sevrish Stormbreaker, first Clan Father now desist. Einar Stormbreaker, son of Sevrish, second Clan Father, Clan Elder now desist. Brynjar Stormbreaker, third Clan Father now desist. Barradin Stormbreaker, Clan Elder. Brother too Kori now desist Beitiris Stormbreaker, first Clan Mother now desist. Current Members Living in Dawnstar; Kardal Stormbreaker Male Clanfather [Add link to Character page] Kori Stormbreaker Male Brother of Freja [Add link to Character page] Jakos Stormbreaker Male Clan Elder Brother to Kardal [Add link to Character page] Grendar Stormbreaker Male Son of Jakos [Add link to Character page] Grimel Stormbreaker Male Son of Jakos [Add link to Character page] Venja Stormbreaker Female Wife of Kardal [Add link to Character page] Rosilja Stormbreaker Female Wife of Jakos [Add link to Character page] Ystra Stormbreaker Female Daughter of Kardal [Add link to Character page] Freja Stormbreaker Female Sister of Kori [Add link to Character page] [a Character needs to be added who isn't in the Stormbreaker clan but rather Kori's Girlfriend, a common girl from the lower classes of Dawnstar]
  11. I’m good at creating plots, just not good at filling plot holes, so feel free to fill them in yourself. I’m also good at applying concepts from other games to other other games.

  12. I dropped a post here about a year ago and thought I'd do so again after the warm reception of Bruma and a collection of update videos for other projects. I can offer fully functional versions of any of the languages from the Elder Scrolls series. Language creation has been a long standing hobby of mine and I just published my first grammar for my longest running language (You can peek at a pdf version of it here). My best work is when the languages that I'm developing have constraints, which is the case for many of the Elder Scrolls languages, since we only ever get snippets. In addition to expanding on the languages, I'd be able to write dialogue, lore books or create images in native scripts for artists to add to game objects in those languages. I also would be able to coach voice actors who would need to be speaking languages, be they ones that I create or ones that exist already. Definitely interested in any of the province projects as well!
  13. Pre-releases

    Don't necro posts about something that could've easily been asked on the discord in a few seconds.
  14. Pre-releases

    So, any news about that (three kingdoms, I guess)?
  15. Application: Writer

    Hi! My name's Malcolm- I'm earlgraytay on Discord- and I'm applying for a spot on the Elsweyr writing team! I wrote a sample quest (with a dialogue sample) and a short story that could be an in-universe book. SAMPLE QUEST SAMPLE BOOK As for other qualifications: I'm a professional writer in my other pair of pants; I've published a short story in Crossed Genres and I've independently published a few more. Thanks for your time!
  16. Blender NIF Export Error

    Hey guys, I'm new to modding I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue with exporting with NIF tools from Blender, there seems to be a missing property on the textures and I am completely lost on how to fix it. I've redone the textures twice to no avail. There's a bug report on GitHub of this issue here https://github.com/niftools/blender_nif_plugin/issues/242. I've hit a wall here and appreciate any assistance y'all can give. Thanks
  17. New Systems, Questlines, Concepts, etc

    Part III: When you make your way to the final room, you get to claim either a sword, a staff, or a bow (your choice), each with a unique ability tied to the Dragonborn, but also powerless due to the passage of years, and seemingly immune to being charged by soul gems. As a kind of consolation, you bring back a rubbing of the Dragonborn Monolith. On reading it, the Thalmor set out to destroy it, which you set out to try to prevent. The problem is that when the Thalmor ultimately succeed, the Star Emperor (again with ties to Tomb ofthe Dragon Emperor) is released from his imprisonment and moves to claim what is rightfully his, according to the middle dawn. To stop him and is army of magical constructs (half terra cotta soldiers from TotDE, half magical anomaly from the College of Winterhold questline) you have to raise an army of dead Blades agents (the dead men of Dunharrow) to keep them occupied while you deal with the Star Emperor. Halfway through your battle with him, the weapon you claimed before suddenly regains power to destroy him.
  18. I have managed to narrow down my issues the material and texture settings in blender. I need to get the information on what the settings are for textures and a quickly as possible. What I dont need is the instructions on how to do an export as the information covers nothing on materials or textures and I need them for Blender 2.7.9. Thanks!
  19. Application for Roscrea - 3D

    Hi, I'd be very pleased to join the Roscrea team and AU as a 3D modeler. For a quick look at my work: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90106 https://imgur.com/f809NZa https://imgur.com/Z70gxxY
  20. Have nif with textures that cannot be seen

    Thanks but if I shut down sihouette I cannot see the textures at all. It is like they are invisible. found the problem! Thanks all!
  21. Have nif with textures that cannot be seen

    Try hitting "Alt+d" if that fails, click on "Render" at the top drop-down menus and click "silhouette" because it looks like you have silhouette enabled.
  22. Application - Composer

    Kia ora! I'm a film composer from New Zealand, and I'd love to get involved with the Beyond Skyrim project as a crew or lead composer. I more or less grew up with the TES series, and I jump at the chance to contribute to the universe in whatever capacity I can. I have no province preference, and am quite happy to work in any region. I've been working as a composer for several years, and have scored two documentaries, many short films and two features. My most recent accomplishment was winning a Spark short film competition, for which I was awarded $10,000. My recent documentary, The Common Touch, directed by Mason Cade Packer, was screened nationwide as part of the DocEdge festival and received wide acclaim for its poignant storytelling and score. Outside of my film and media composition, I write art music works and study composition at the University of Victoria, Wellington. I am currently in the process of writing the score for the feature film Faint of Heart, set to release in late September. I am also a trained classical guitarist, and am proficient in many difference styles with my instrument. I composed this recently to showcase some of my thoughts on two of the most popular TES themes: https://soundcloud.com/oct-ber/variations-on-2-themes-by-jeremy-soule Here are some of the short films I've scored: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV5GcnJxvrA https://youtu.be/aonwgReDG10 Here are some other extracts from my films: http://www.mediafire.com/file/480v30nix0z1x1b/Film Extracts.zip Some of my most recent art music scores: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wneg2sq1an29gko/Scores_for_Beyond_Skyrim.zip/file Thanks for your consideration, hoping to hear from you soon! Nāku noa, nā - Nikau Wi Neera
  23. Hello, I finally managed to get the nif exported but there is one problem. Although I have the model textured and ready NIF skope is still having issues seeing the model with textures. Here is what I get... Any ideas as to what would be causing this below? Thanks!
  24. Application of potential

    If your serious about wanting to write for the project this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mWkOTuNkUiSMnvAPGpF_HZwr3uqhywyCzwmc02Jic4I/edit is the example use to show how BS structures its quests. If you can provide an example of work that fits within that structure you have a better chance of getting accepted. Though put further applications here: https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/141-recruitment/ otherwise you'll be seen as spamming.
  25. Application of potential

    Hello there. Creators of a unique tale and fable, and designers of a new world that lies ahead. My name is Micah I, I am 18 years old, and a creative writer. I wish to try my hand and help with possible side quest writing, or even other forms of writing. Where ever you would start me. I have not much previous experience other than being a Dungeon master of Dnd and writing my own campaigns. Not much I admit. But I do have potential. If even you were to give me a subject, a test of sorts. I could write to show you my work, and skill. Even if illiac bay is past quest and needing writers, i ask if there is something that I might do. If it is simply concept writing, perhaps backup quests in case of problems. Or writing literature or dialog.
  26. High Rock Catacombs Tileset QA

    hrCatFreehangingStairs160 has no collision from the back or sides.
  27. [Wip] The republic of Maslea

    That's so lovely! Thanks so much for the update!
  28. Application: Concept artist

    Hi, I'm The Old Ye Bard, Creative Director & Project Lead over on Elsweyr. It would appear that Elsweyr is the province for you, based on your portfolio. We'd be interested in having you on for concept art, but you'd also be valuable to the project if you wanted to pick up quest implementation & scripting. I'll be following up with a discord or forum PM!
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