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Items & Resources

Skyrim mods that add new items or resources to the game.

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  1. Some Random Things

    This is the rest of stuff I had completed. It includes three actors (an elephant, a shaved and new horned domestic goat and a Tapir), a hanging planter which I have UVed to several different vanilla textures plus the base UV for those wanting to make their own textures or map it to another texture, many different textures for things such as the chicken, rugs, tapestries, a Drum based off the ones from Morrowind and more.




  2. Elsweyer Fauna

    A couple creatures that would fit in the province of Elseweyr. I was also writing a possible book on the creatures. The authors name Keikiary is a fantasy style name
    I came up with for my Siamese cross cat Keiko. The pack includes not only the actors but the pelts and some trophies. The creatures include:
    Kudu- modified from the one in my first creature pack
    Gazelle- from my first creature pack
    Elephantine- rigged and created from the vanilla mammoth
    Tapir- created and rigged to the cow
    Okapi- from my third creature pack
    Spotted Hyena (my newer better version)- from my third creature pack which is modified from my first creature pack
    Guanaco- from my third creature pack
    Zebra and a special Zebra the Quagga (made from my wildhorse not the vanilla horse)- from my second creature pack




  3. Some dragon varieties

    This was a bunch of meshes and textures I was working on to provide some variety to the vanilla dragon. All the meshes are from vanilla I just mixed and matched different parts from the different dragons together after all they all, except for the serpentine one, shared the same UVs and rigging.




  4. Special Dragon for a Special Lost Friend, RIP my little Dragon

    On July 12 of 2018 I lost my sweet loving and little avian friend R2. He fell terribly ill just a few days earlier, he was unable to use his legs. He was a fighter trying his hardest to keep going and be his normal self but that day he hid in his cage and passed away. I made this texture for the dragons for him a while back and I have decided to release it with an updated version of the Parrot Dragon I made in his honor. He was a such an important and loved member of the family and it is very hard to get over his loss. He was such a sweet, loving soul with a big and great personality. We buried him with his favorite things in the back yard and as we buried him a robin sat and watched us. We planted a rose shrub for him and gave him a special stone, we are still going to get him a plaque. I got him in 2012 during a very tough time in my life and he helped me get out of it. He meant a lot to me and his death was so sudden and at such a young age.
    While I do not follow any religion I do believe in God and an afterlife and I hope to meet him again one day and that he is watching over us. This morning I swear I heard his kiss noise and the ting noise he made with the bars of his cage. My sister had a dream that she saw my great grandfather, who died in the same house and the same spot as R2, in our hall holding R2 and stroking him before nodding and heading away carrying him. I hope that means he is in good hands.
    This was the last photo I ever took of him from the night before he died:

    This is his Memorial Garden:

    I hope you enjoy and use this special dragon in his memory and I will be taking a break from modding, I do not know if I will return. It is going to be a very long and hard road to getting over such a special, unique, important, and loving soul. I have a few things I made a while back before he fell ill that I will upload later including some creatures for Elseywer but for now I have to deal with the grief and mourning.




  5. Tapestries

    This is a collection of tapestries I have made. I have always been  disappointed in Skyrims lack of wall decorations when compared to Oblivion and Morrowind which both had various paintings, mounted animal heads and tapestries (even rugs were used as wall decorations). All Skyrim had was a few plain banners, some head mounts, a wreath of snowberries and one wall basket. Not very diverse compared to other Elder Scrolls games. This includes remakes from previous Elder Scrolls games, new designs and real tapestries such as the famous hunt of the Unicorn tapestry. Due to the overall size of this packs contents I have had to split it up into three parts to upload it so you will need to download all three to acquire all this packs contents . Feel free to use what you want just remember to give credit.
    Overall in this pack there are:
    41 meshes
    26 child themed tapestries though some are suitable for general use if you want
    173 lower-class style tapestries
    129 middle-class styled
    149 upper-class styled
    162 various other textures such as for tapestry holdings, poles, extras
    Remakes from previous games include:
    Meshes- the morrowind style, 2wall_connect, lower class tapestries, the roundedends, upturnedpoints, pointed and imperial_city meshes.
    Lower Class:
    Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4a are remakes. 4b to 4g are recolours of 4a since just one colour seemed a little bland and I felt adding a few more would
    increase the diversity.Remakes of Shivering Isles and Knights of the nine are labeled accordingly. The Ashlander and Morrowind Tapestries are
    remakes from morrowind.
    Middle Class:
    2, 3, 4, 5 and 6a are remakes. 6b to 6d are recolours of 6a to add variety. The Elsweyer Tapestries I made from an image i found of concept art for ESO.
    Upper Class:
    1a, 2, 4, and 6 are remakes.
    Here are some examples of the tapestry designs:




  6. New Creatures part 2

    In this pack is a couple new creatures, some that I have been working on for a while. All are fully rigged and textured and some include glow maps, I thought it would add some realism and interest if they had eyes that glow in the dark.
    The creatures included in this pack are:
    An updated and I think better looking and functioning version of my earlier hyenas this time they have whiskers on their snouts.

    Andrewsarchus- a large predatory mammal from the Eocene that was related to modern hoofed animals like deer and sheep not mammalian carnivores like cats and dogs, it was a sheep in wolfs clothing. Interesting fact this creature was named after the American explorer and adventurer Roy Chapman Andrews who was the inspiration for Indiana  Jones.

    Arsinotherium- a strange rhino/hippo like early relative of elephants from the Eocene of north Africa.

    a beaked dinosaur which also has a variant for the unique dinosaur Kulindadromeous. Both share the almost same UV and are rigged to the deer. I felt the deers animations fit it best.

    Lynxes-made from and rigged to the sabrecat it has three variants; Bobcat, Eurasian and Canadian Lynxes.

    Capybara- the worlds largest living rodent, I rigged it to the cow cause I felt its animations best fit the capybara.

    Diicynodon-a type of mammal-like reptile from the Permian to Triassic. 

    Some Giraffids; shorter necked relatives off the modern giraffe they include the living Okapi and some off their extinct relatives such as the antlered Climacoceras, the shield headed Prolibytherium,  the four horned Giraffokeryx and more.

    Ground Sloth

    A little Hedgehog rigged to the rabbit.

    The giant mammal Indricotherium, an extinct hornless rhino that is possibly the largest land mammal that ever lived.

    The bizarre South American animal Macrauchenia.

    Psittacosaurus, the parrot beaked dinosaur from early Cretaceous China which had quills on its tail.

    Pinnipeds- more commonly known as Seals and Sealions

    Tree Kangaroos

    and a creature of my own design a tree living duck-billed dinosaur which is rigged to the skeever.

    Also included I made a few vale inspired creatures since I liked the appearance of them and their interesting glowing patterns. Both some vanilla creatures such as the goat and rabbit and my own makes have Vale versions. 

    Some of the creatures also have wall mounts.




  7. Some Plants, rocks and statues

    In here is a collection of plants, rocks and a few statues.  It is a mixture of items I made and from online resources. Almost all the plants and their textures I made, myself. For convenience items that came from online resources are in folders labelled as being from online resources.  Included in the read me is the list and links to the sites of the online resources so you can check out the licensing, when I downloaded the resources they all said royalty free.
    While I can easily make  plants as static items I am unsure how to animate them so feel free  to try and animate them if you know how. There are also a few textures with no meshes for those who are up to the challenge of modelling the plants.
    Some of the plants I made include:

    carnivorous plants (pitcher,sundew and bladderwort)

    some of the giant lily pads from the Amazon rainforest

    the prehistoric plant Tempskya

    a creeping juniper (a low growing species of the juniper plant)

    some tree ferns

    and some ferns (textures I made, meshes are from hoddmineer, just edited the UV)

    Some of the mesh-less textures include for boabob trees, tulip trees, hydrangea bush and a few more

    I also made a serpent statue which has UVs but has no textures, feel free to texture it




  8. Just Some Birds

    This is a collection of birds I made rigged to the chicken. The chicken and pheasant are modified from the vanilla chicken while the duck, goose and Kakapo parrot are made from scratch.  
    The chicken has nicer looking feet and has a few different colors. There are even a few different looking breeds including the Silkie:

    Pheasants come in a few different types with both male and female variants:

    A Duck which has 37 variants:

    A Goose which has several variants:

    and a large flightless parrot known as a Kakapo:




  9. Fighters Guild Stuff

    In this pack is a collection of items that are remakes or best fit in with the fighters guild. They include the mats and a pillow:

    A punching bag and something used for training but I am not exactly sure what it is called:

    as well as this thing from Morrowind:

    and a weapons rack that is a mix of Skyrim and Oblivions designs:




  10. Some Architecture

    In here are some buildings and fire pits/places that I made including a simple shack (both interior and exterior) of my own design and a remake of the shivering isles camp buildings and both the exterior and interior of Shivering house 02. They are not exact replicas but as close as I could make them with my skills. I also have remade the textures as close as I can to the originals. I am however having some weird lighting issues however with part of the exterior walls lighting for some reason, I am not sure what is going on:

    Camp Buildings:





  11. Bunch O Clutter

    This is a large collection of random clutter type objects I made. They were just sitting collecting digital dust on my hard drive so I decided to upload them. Included in this collection are some remakes of the leather mats and floor pillow from oblivions fighters guild:

    Some Surgical tools made from the Ruins Embalming Tools:

    Some Decoy Ducks (made from scratch with several different textures to pick from):

    Some various cutlery such as cups, bowls, plates, a tray, etc, Some scrolls Plus many more. 




  12. Just Some Furniture

    A collection of furniture I made from scratch fully collisioned and textured. The furniture I have made include:
    a single bed and bunk bed done in the same style and using the same textures
    a set of shelves all using the same texture
    a corner shelf 
    an end table
    a chair
    a desk
    and a dresser with two variants of the inside structure (I really love how they turned out, they  are my favorites)
    The beds and chair do not have furniture nodes since I'm not sure how to set those up and though they are ready for it I do not have the dressers animated since I am not sure how to animate those.




  13. Lower Class Style Paintings

    A lower class style painting frame with some paintings to go with it, my favorite is the ship on a stormy sea that I made myself from scratch. Some of the paintings are from my own pictures I've taken while camping.




  14. Table top Planters

    Some decorative table top planters and a flower bokay.




  15. Wall Mounts

    On a whim I decided to create head mounts for most of the rest of skyrims vanilla creatures for use in decorating. These include the were wolf, were bear, chaurus, troll, caribou and others. I then created some head mounts for creatures I made such as hyenas, tufted deer, sabre cats, civet/mongoose, moose and goat to name a few. I also created head mounts for Viltuska's Wooly Rhino  and  a few creatures from Beyond Skyrims Bruma; the cougar, fallow deer, Were-Boar and Minotaur. 
    Also I made Horn mounts of some antelope horns  and some Sockeye Salmon I made from scratch:

    Credits go to  Viltuska's for his Wooly Rhino and the Beyond Skyrim Team for there  Cougar, Fallow Deer, Were-Boar and Minotaur.




  16. Teddies

    Here are some fun little teddies that can be used for decoration. There Teddies of big cats, hyenas, parrots, a lamb, and two that can fill a festive role, a bear and a deer both with a scarf and hat. The big cat, hyena, parrot and lamb I made myself while the bear is from a free online resource (though I had to lower the poly  count, UV map it  and texture it) and the deer is  highly modified from the bear.
    There are a couple textures to each all based off real animals such as:
    Big Cats: Lion, Tiger, Leopards, etc
    Hyenas: Spotted, Brown, Stripped and Aardwolf
    Parrots: Green wing macaw, hyacinth macaw, ring-necked parakeet, Green Cheeked parakeet, Sun Parakeet,  Dusky Lory, Eclectus both male and female (this is one of the few parrots with sexual dimorphism with males being green and females being blue and red), Shining Parrot, etc
    Lamb: White, Brown, Black (the main colors you find sheep in)
    Bear: Polar, Black, Grizzly Panda
    Deer: Plain, Piebald, Marsh, Elk, White, etc




  17. Wall Baskets

    The wall baskets have a great potential for decoration use but sadly they only have one texture which allows only a limited diversity for there use so I decided to expand those textures, both baskets and feathers, to add a greater diversity for them with different styles so they have more than just a Nordic feel to them. Also included are meshes with fixed UVs since when I was re-texturing them I noticed that the central piece  was overlaying part of the bottom of the Baskets section which became highly visible with some of the textures I made so I fixed the UV .




  18. New Floor and Wall Pelts

    This is a collection of new textures for the farmhouse pelts to add not only diversity but they add regional diversity as well. The pelts include textures for cow hides, deer hides and antelope hides.




  19. Lighting

    In this is a bunch of sconces, floor lamps , candelabras and candlesticks to use for lighting to offer some diversity  from the small samples offered in vanilla Skyrim. It also includes a large variety of candle colors.




  20. Containers

    There is a simple sack, a sack of grain, some crates and barrels which are remakes of some from Oblivion and to help you add some diversity for your cluttering of storage areas. Then there is a a chest which is a replica of one from Morrowind which I really liked. The chest is not animated since I am not sure how to do that but it is fully complete on the inside so it can be animated.




  21. Morrowind Style Room Dividers

    These are three remakes of the room dividers from Morrowind, 2 upper-class and 1 lower-class. 
    Upper Class and Close up of wood panels:





  22. New Deer Textures

    I've always found Skyrims deer a little bland and the textures did not match with the real animals they are supposed to be so I've made a resource of more realistic textures for the elk and caribou to better match the real things. Note it is only a diffuse re-texture, they still use the vanilla normal and specular textures.




  23. Goldenrod plant

    Just some Goldenrod for your landscape. They aren't animated in anyway. Made from scratch there are two mass clump varieties and two single varieties.




  24. Bones

    This is a collection of various bones and skulls for use in decorating landscapes or animal dens. These include skulls of carnivores and camels, all made from scratch, with full and separate skull and jaw meshes, modified vanilla deer skull to resemble several antelope skulls, made from scratch horse skull, a re-texture of the dlc1 bone hawk skull to make a regular hawks skull, modified mammoth skulls to make elephant skulls, modified Arvak limbs for the bone limbs of deer and horses, and a modified mammoth ribs so the spines are shorter like the average mammals and not the humped shoulder version of the mammoths.
    Feel free to re-texture if you want.




  25. Random foods

    These are a couple items of food I made. The chicken leg is modified from a free online resource and the ribs are re-textured dog meat. The rest I made myself. These foods include a sugar cookie shaped like a fish, fish sticks, jerky, potato pancakes(also called latkas), chicken stew, shepherds pie, pineapple, cheesecake, beaver tail (a form of pastry and not from real beavers), and more. 


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