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Items & Resources

Skyrim mods that add new items or resources to the game.

51 files

  1. Gatti12Jewelry armor conversion for SevenBase MoreBounce/Touched by dibella TBBP support

    By CrazY1918 and the lovely AmevenAstral9.


    The mod adds a very revealing armor for females char, which is created from precious stones. If you like minimalism,, then this option is for you. All that will cover this outfit - only the most-most intimate places. Includes: Precious Gemstone Bracelets bikini Foot High heels red high heels black Precious Gemstone necklaces bracelets crafted new clothes of jewelry at any forge to "Imperial"


    TBBP compatible Skeleton
    SevenBase skyrim body replacer, moreBounce version ( nedded for 7B version)
    Touched By Dibella skyrim body replacer ( nedded for TBD version)


    Unpack the archive in your skyrim DATA folder.





  2. Tamriel Worldspace Copy

    This is a duplicate of the Tamriel worldspace (Skyrim's worldspace). Do whatever you want with it.
    NOTE: It is still in beta and probably have a lot of bugs.




  3. Hoddminir Tress and Plants

    This resource pack includes new models by Ztree and re-textures both of original Skyrim and GKBs plant, bushes and tree models. Among the trees and bushes you will find, are new pines, willows, sloe, birch, gorse, raspberry, oak, aspen, maple, poplar, junipers, heather, goat willow, mountain birch, alder and rowan. Ztree's new plants include crane's-bill, wood anemone, ferns, tulips, daffodils, crocus and different kinds of bushes. All in all there is about 330 models to play with.
    This resource is used in the Hoddminir mod, and are made with that mod in mind. With some exceptions, these trees are spring and summer variants, and most have lush colours.
    If you are modding the autumn/winter setting of Skyrim many of them will be out of place and way too green to fit in. Feel free to change any texture to fit your mod better.
    If you are making your own tree you are welcome to use any of the textures included in this pack. I have included some additional textures as well.

    Additional files
    * Different resolutions of this resource, 512, 1024 and 2048
    * LOD files for the trees and a new tamrieltreelod.dds
    * PSD file with images of trees for making your own treelod.dds (includes tree lods for GKB Green trees)

    Compatibility with other tree mods
    All trees can be used with other tree mods, but tree LODs are not compatible, it is still a work in progress.
    Every worldspace needs a tree image atlas, and you can use the same atlas for all worldspaces. The atlas is composed of all the trees in that worldspace and this is required for tree LODs to work. Each tree has a TreeName_lod_flat.nif which is the model that will show in the distance as LOD. The TreeName_lod_flat.nif show the corresponding image of the tree in worldspacetreelod.dds atlas.
    There can only be one such tree atlas for a worldspace, like the TamrielTreeLOD.dds file, and to be able to use LODs on trees from different resources the different images has to be combined. After that the TreeName_lod_flat.nif needs to be re-UV mapped to fit the new tree atlas.
    I have provided a new TamrielTreeLOD.dds that includes these new trees and the atlas from GKB Green trees LODs, and all the trees in this resource pack is mapped to this file. I have not re-UV mapped all of GKBs trees, but if you wish to use both tree resources you can do this for the trees you are using. You can look at this guide if you wish learn more.

    * A big thanks to Ga-Knomboe Boy for letting us use his tree models. All models named gkb are re-textures for the GKB Green Trees resource.
    * Thanks to Dark Creations for hosting the Hoddminir project.
    * Bethesda for the game Skyrim, tree and bush models used for re-textuing.

    You can do what you want with this resource but I ask that you give me, Ztree, and Ga-Knomboe Boy credit if you distribute any part of this mod as part of your own work. If you want to use the textures for something else or change them that is OK.




  4. Creatures resource

    In this package I have compiled all the meshes and textures for creatures that I have created. I am a bigginer modeller, 
    a good texturer and know how to rig an animated mesh when it comes to prepping an actor mesh and getting it into the CK I have found that I am
    no good at it. While I have no problem with creating, prepping and getting static items in game I have found I am no good with getting animated ones in. 
    All the meshes included in this resource I have prepped the best I could however I'm pretty sure I'm either doing something wrong or are missing
    something needed to get them in so if you have any experience with importing actor meshes into the CK feel free to get these in.
    I only ask that you credit my work and if you do get them in game please upload them for everyone to enjoy them.
    I have included in this pack:
    meshes and textures: credits if applied are behind creatures name
    Antelopes: (meshes made from the antelope mesh in tumbajamba's mounts modders resource)
    blackbuck (both male and female varients)
    hartebeest(textures from slice and kill's animalica)
    topi(textures modified from those of slice and kill's animalica hartebeest)
    sable(both a male and female texture)
    roan(textures from slice and kill's animalica)
    Deer:(made from vanilla elk unless stated)
    muntjac(textures modified from those of slice and kill's animalica)
    improved vale deer (oddly it's called blackreach deer yet it's not from blackreach)
    water(both male and female varients)
    white tailed(modified from slice and kill's animalica's white tailed deer)
    Rigged to the wolf skeleton:(made from vanilla wolf mesh, except the cheetah which I made from scratch; my first attempt at doing so)
    maned wolf
    spotted hyena(two mesh varients and several texture varients)
    stripped hyena
    brown hyena
    thylacine(aka the tasmanian wolf/tiger)
    Sabretooth rigged:(made from vanilla sabrecat)
    improved vale sabrecat (oddly also labeled blackreach cat in the assets just like the deer)
    Skeever rigged:(made from vanilla skeever)
    Cattle rigged:
    Pronghorns:(made from vanilla deer)
    capymeryx or commonly known as dwarf pronghorn
    modern pronghorn
    Elephants:(made from vanilla mammoth)
    mini mammoth
    Goat rigged:(made from vanilla goat)
    big horn sheep (both a male and female mesh)
    japanese serrow
    Aquatic animals:(both I made from scratch, my second and third attempt)
    sea cow(rigged to horker)
    marine croc(based off of a Jurassic crocodilian known as metriorynchus; rigged to slaughterfish)
    Troll rigged:(made from a free resource I found online)
    Bear:(modified from animalicas short faced bear)
    short faced bear(for some reason the one in animalica has the canine teeth on the outside of the mouth so I fixed it and gave it a 
    scientifically more accurate texture. This bear was related to the Spectacled bear not the black bear)
    Rabbit:(made from rabbit in GendunDrups for Nexus Creature Resource)
    jack rabbit
    Pigs:(made from vanilla boar as the base)
    red river hog 
    Were-wolf:(made from vanilla were-wolf, Windego however was largely made from scratch, antlers from the white tailed deer model mentioned earlier)
    were-lion (more of a were-cougar)
    were-hyena (textures not included, textures can be found on Nexus)
    wendigo (has no textures currently, made it from scratch. Pictures I used for referance are included)
    Dragons:(made from vanilla swamp dragon or vanilla serpent dragon)(some I was intending to use for a "Dragons of the Deadric Princes" mod I 
    thought of however I have found I do not have the skills to pull it off, not to mention I coud only come up with three unique looking 
    dragons for it. If you have the skills to make it then check out the bonus read me tittled "Dragons of the Deadric Princes idea")
    azura dragon (Azuras dragon, has unique UV map)
    demented/manic dragon (the dragon of sheogorath, comes with a tusked and untusked variety and has two colour patterns, could use mind altering
    spells and summon beings and creatures from the Shivering Isles)
    dragon of the hunt (Hircines dragon, was going to be able to summon were beasts and call upon the hunt)
    parrot dragon(parrot themed dragon, could make for a nice friendly dragon)
    gator dragon (made from serpent to give it a crocodilian appeatrance)
    rust and mutare drake dragon (when I was younger I was an avid player of Heroes of might and magic 3, these are two dragons I whipped up that
    resemble dragons from this franchise)
    savannah dragon (looked cool and made me think of a black buck antelope, I think its the horns, so I called it and 
    coloured it to match the antelopes native habitat)
    Also included:
    a were-bear texture made to resemble the giant short face bear
    a sumatran rhino texture for Viltuska's wooly rhino resource on nexus, I also included a posed rhino for those who like animal trophies. If any are interested I could make a tutorial on how to make posed animal trophies, just let me know and I could post it.
    a couple posed varieties of various meshes for animal trophies
    Programs used:
    of course Skyrim
    Viltuska for the rhino mesh
    Tumbajamba for the gazelle model
    Sliceandkill for their white tailed deer mesh and a few textures
    Bellyache's were wolf retextures
    Note there are a few extinct animals I made, if you want to know more about them or what exactly they were a quick google search will let you know more about them.




  5. Warpick

    Just something that may find a home in high rock.....

    What is this mod?

    Adds a unique Warpick/Mace to the game. Built from scratch custom meshes and high rez (2k) textures.

    Craft at any forge under Steel. Temper, enchant, Enjoy


    Lighter, faster steel mace with same base stats as steel mace but slightly reduced reach. Does 10 extra damage ignoring armour.

    If you just want to try it out you can console it in with...

    Player.additem XX 000D64 1


    Click the Download with Manager button in the files section to download to NMM.
    Activate the mod in NMM.

    To manually install, just download the file and extract the files into the data folder. Don't forget to activate the .esp





  6. Fossils for Skyrim

    This is a collection of fossils to be used as decorations in your mod. Using my love of paleontology and the creative arts I decided to put together this mod. It is a collection of real fossils each set onto simple meshes to give them each a unique look and feel. They can be used as decorations for in buildings, at campsites or in an archaeological dig, even in ruins. They look good when used as decorations for scholars, mages, archaeologists/geologists, or even an adventurer. They bring an earthly feel to a place and when paired with scholarly items such as books and scrolls they can bring an intellectual feel to a place. The resources are free to use as long as you give proper credit of my work and they are not used in paid mods.
    Credit goes to he amazing fossils I used for my mod. The images I used largely came from Wikipedia or from some of the books I own. The following images are the fossils contained in this mod. They are a vast collection ranging from small mammals and dinosaurs to primitive birds and even a T Rexs' skull.




  7. New Creatures part 2

    In this pack is a couple new creatures, some that I have been working on for a while. All are fully rigged and textured and some include glow maps, I thought it would add some realism and interest if they had eyes that glow in the dark.
    The creatures included in this pack are:
    An updated and I think better looking and functioning version of my earlier hyenas this time they have whiskers on their snouts.

    Andrewsarchus- a large predatory mammal from the Eocene that was related to modern hoofed animals like deer and sheep not mammalian carnivores like cats and dogs, it was a sheep in wolfs clothing. Interesting fact this creature was named after the American explorer and adventurer Roy Chapman Andrews who was the inspiration for Indiana  Jones.

    Arsinotherium- a strange rhino/hippo like early relative of elephants from the Eocene of north Africa.

    a beaked dinosaur which also has a variant for the unique dinosaur Kulindadromeous. Both share the almost same UV and are rigged to the deer. I felt the deers animations fit it best.

    Lynxes-made from and rigged to the sabrecat it has three variants; Bobcat, Eurasian and Canadian Lynxes.

    Capybara- the worlds largest living rodent, I rigged it to the cow cause I felt its animations best fit the capybara.

    Diicynodon-a type of mammal-like reptile from the Permian to Triassic. 

    Some Giraffids; shorter necked relatives off the modern giraffe they include the living Okapi and some off their extinct relatives such as the antlered Climacoceras, the shield headed Prolibytherium,  the four horned Giraffokeryx and more.

    Ground Sloth

    A little Hedgehog rigged to the rabbit.

    The giant mammal Indricotherium, an extinct hornless rhino that is possibly the largest land mammal that ever lived.

    The bizarre South American animal Macrauchenia.

    Psittacosaurus, the parrot beaked dinosaur from early Cretaceous China which had quills on its tail.

    Pinnipeds- more commonly known as Seals and Sealions

    Tree Kangaroos

    and a creature of my own design a tree living duck-billed dinosaur which is rigged to the skeever.

    Also included I made a few vale inspired creatures since I liked the appearance of them and their interesting glowing patterns. Both some vanilla creatures such as the goat and rabbit and my own makes have Vale versions. 

    Some of the creatures also have wall mounts.




  8. KWHammerfell 2H assets

    Two versions of an un-named greatsword for Hammerfell.

    Both versions use exactly the same mesh just different texs.

    At the moment this file contains two zips. Each of these zips is independently an iron greatsword replacer (no esp, just mesh and texs ready for your mod manager if you want to try them out) but it's mainly an asset dump.

    There not part of a weapon set yet so no where to merge them really

    Just want meshes and texs to be here on DC just in case anything happens to my PC.

    When BS is released these will all be modders resources but until then please respect DC/BS exclusivity and don't re-post elsewhere

    Feedback most welcome here and on this thread...

    if you find the time.

    Edit: player.additem 0001359d 1




  9. Modding Skyrim: Modders Edition

    Modders Edition

    This is a guide on the creation of mods, not the installation of mods. You can find plenty of those out there with a simple Nexus/Google search.

    This is Modding Skyrim: Modders Edition. It is a guidebook on the basics of creating mods for Skyrim yourself. It covers everything from guidelines when creating your mod to publishing it and beyond. It’s incredibly extensive, while remaining a general guide for all types of mod authors. Modding Skyrim: Modders Edition is not necessarily meant to be read all the way through, given its length. Instead, it has an index so you can skip to topics applicable to you, or you can read the entire thing if you’re interested (I’d wholeheartedly support you doing that, but I don’t expect most to do so).

    It is intended for both new and old mod authors. If there's something I said that is factually incorrect, please tell me in the comments. Suggestions are welcomed from all - I want to make this as accurate and informative as possible.

    What It Includes

    Modding Skyrim: Modders Edition includes 7 parts, with many sections and subsections in each. There are 4 parts that are informative parts of the guide, and 3 others to help explain the guide, navigate, and credit. The file includes an index, which lists all parts, sections and subsections with hyperlinks to each. The parts are:

    Mod Creation
    Mod Aftermath
    Mod Release and Publishing
    Mod Post-Release

    File Format

    The Modding Skyrim: Modders Edition 7zip archive includes a .pdf and .docx. If you don't have a program to open either of those files, there are two free programs I highly recommend:

    Adobe Reader


    1 comment


  10. Updated textures for my creatures pack

    A few textures from my original mod I was not entirely happy about so I did some modifications and updating to make them at least a bit better. 




  11. Unfolded Sails Ship Resource

    A ship with Unfolded Sails to be used as modder's resource...

    The Ships Sails are white colored , for easy recoloring by modders to their own taste ...




  12. Screenshots of Skyrim Mapmarker images

    A Small screenshot images library of Skyrims map markers, useful if you like me keep forgetting which different kinds there are.




  13. Bandos Godsword for Runesky

    A sword for RuneSky, modelled by me, with help from Servus Dei, TripleSixes, and Mrelfmanthing.




  14. Stalhrim Resource

    Stalhrim Ore resources.




  15. Guardian Companion

    This, like the other things I've updated, are Daedra for the Roscrea project. I am uploading this just in case I leave the project so people will still have access to the assets. You can find him outside Mehrunes Dagon's shrine.

    Vicn - Made the original mesh




  16. Oblivion Remakes

    With this being the 10 year anniversary I've decided to upload some remakes I made of a couple oblivion items for Skyrim plus a bonus item, a little parrot doll. 
    All the remakes are made from scratch, these items are just some that I felt added some class in Oblivion that is completely missing in Skyrim.
    They are collision-ed however the jewelry box does not have any textures, when I tried to make it they didn't turn out very well so feel free to
    texture it. Also feel free to re-texture the chests if you think the textures aren't that good. I tried to make them look a lot like they did in 
    oblivion however you might think they would look better with a different texture. Personally I'm a little iffy on those textures myself.

    With the planter the textures and the flower and stem meshes are from hoddimeers (I think that's how it's spelled) amazing plant resources.
    All are free to use just give credit and do not use for paid mods.




  17. Dremora of Clavicus Vile

    This is just for people to test out the Dremora race I made for Clavicus Vile's realm. It also adds a Clavicus Dremora follower to the Alchemist's Shack.

    Credits to Xenius for the eye textures, and hallgarth for the HQ Dremora face textures.




  18. Hoddminir Runestones

    This is a modders resource with Scandinavian rune and picture stones.
    There are 16 new models made by Ztree and these have been used for 90 stones.
    The majority of the rune stones are from Uppland (Sweden), and the picture stones and from Gotland (Sweden).

    To install

    Un-zip archive
    Copy the data folder to you Syrim folder.

    (textures dds files can be found in the Skyrim/Data/Texture/architecture/Hoddminir/runestones and the nif models in Skyrim/Data/Meshes/architecture/Hoddminir/runestones)

    How to use this resource
    The resource is as nif and texture files, you will have to add them to your mod manually.

    With the Creation kit - How to add static objects
    1. Open the CK, load your mod as active and Skyrim.esm
    2. Drag and drop the nif files you wish to use to the Object window from your skyrim folder.
    Don´t forget to save.

    Delete files

    v1.0, 08/10/2014 - Initial release

    If something is not working, please contact me (Elinen) or Ztree.
    You can find us on Dark Creations, TESNexus and the official Elder Scrolls forums.

    Thanks to:
    Ztree for taking on this project and making the models
    Scandinavian rune carvers for the original art work
    Öpir the runemaster for the especially beautiful stones
    Dark Creations for hosting the Hoddminir project.
    Bethesda for the original Skyrim game and Creation kit.

    The resources can be used as you please in your own mods. All we ask in
    return is that you give credit to the model creator Ztree if you
    distribute any part of this mod.




  19. Clavicus Vile Companion

    This adds Clavicus Vile as a companion. You can find him in Honorhall Orphanage. I'm uploading this so the Roscrea team will still be able to use this Clavicus just in case I disappear from the team.




  20. New creatures

    A few more new creatures I made, these creatures include the Aurochs (the ancestor of domestic cattle), the prezwelskys wild horse, some civets and mongooses (my favorite is  the banded civet), the Shivatherium (mine is a little on the small size compared to the real creature which was bigger than its modern giraffe relative), a slaughterfish modified to look similar to the ones in oblivion but still following skyrims designs and an ancient horse relative called Moropus. All but the Moropus are rigged already, I am a little tossed over which skeleton to rig the Moropus to; the top contenders being the elk or horse.
    All but the Moropus are highly modified from vanilla assets, the Moropus was made almost entirely from scratch. Its head is a modified version of the vanilla horses. The cow was the base for the Aurochs, the Shivatherium from the elk, the civets and mongooses from the skeever,the horse and fish are obvious.
    There are posed versions of most of them and wall mounted heads for some of them as well. The aurochs, Shivatherium and horse also have pelts that are textured to vanilla assets as well. 




  21. Darkgondul Weapons

    Just a weapons resource made for fun; file complete with .nif model and textures, but there is always a room for improvements.




  22. Sword model for CFX

    A sword someone made, I fixed the UV. I know little more about it.




  23. Just Some Rugs

    These are just some rugs I made. Most are remakes, both mesh and textures, of some from Oblivion. They were just sitting on my hard drive so I thought might as well upload them so they see some use. 




  24. Gravedigger Backpack

    Small backpack mod I made using one of my old resources.
    Enchantment should increase carry weight and health regen.
    Can be found on the graveyard of Falkreath.
    Again if you use this mod it would be nice if you send me some in game screenshots.




  25. Tapestries

    This is a collection of tapestries I have made. I have always been  disappointed in Skyrims lack of wall decorations when compared to Oblivion and Morrowind which both had various paintings, mounted animal heads and tapestries (even rugs were used as wall decorations). All Skyrim had was a few plain banners, some head mounts, a wreath of snowberries and one wall basket. Not very diverse compared to other Elder Scrolls games. This includes remakes from previous Elder Scrolls games, new designs and real tapestries such as the famous hunt of the Unicorn tapestry. Due to the overall size of this packs contents I have had to split it up into three parts to upload it so you will need to download all three to acquire all this packs contents . Feel free to use what you want just remember to give credit.
    Overall in this pack there are:
    41 meshes
    26 child themed tapestries though some are suitable for general use if you want
    173 lower-class style tapestries
    129 middle-class styled
    149 upper-class styled
    162 various other textures such as for tapestry holdings, poles, extras
    Remakes from previous games include:
    Meshes- the morrowind style, 2wall_connect, lower class tapestries, the roundedends, upturnedpoints, pointed and imperial_city meshes.
    Lower Class:
    Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4a are remakes. 4b to 4g are recolours of 4a since just one colour seemed a little bland and I felt adding a few more would
    increase the diversity.Remakes of Shivering Isles and Knights of the nine are labeled accordingly. The Ashlander and Morrowind Tapestries are
    remakes from morrowind.
    Middle Class:
    2, 3, 4, 5 and 6a are remakes. 6b to 6d are recolours of 6a to add variety. The Elsweyer Tapestries I made from an image i found of concept art for ESO.
    Upper Class:
    1a, 2, 4, and 6 are remakes.
    Here are some examples of the tapestry designs:




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