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Tasheni Followers - one for all and all for one - fully custom voiced 0-4-1

32 Screenshots

About This File

This is a WIP, an early beta version. Please read the description carefully.

Trailer shows the followers in the old version. The newer screenshots show the actual appearance.

Version 0-4-1 minor update:  Added missing soundfiles and a texture, player mount monitor script is now included and needs not to be installed separately.

I reworked the combat dialogue. Now they DO act as a team.

Version 0-4-0 beta is a big update! Best is you have not started the main quest and mages questline. If you did already, it will work, but you will miss some dialogue or maybe some lines will sound weird.

Before updating: Take out all the things of the inventories you want to keep. Let the followers and horses wait. Leave the cell. Save. Uninstall previous version and install the new. Don't install loose files in your Skyrim Data folder!

Important: Read this description!

This mod is not a lightweight anymore but uses mostly short running script fragments. I tried to avoid scripts as much as possible. On a weak machine you will have problems. I have a weak processor, 1GB VRAM and 16GB RAM. It works, but with heavy modded Skyrim I get problems.
Before installing this mod make a safe so you can roll back to in case you want to uninstall. Otherwise you will get problems.
Install with MO or NMM . I don't recommend to uninstall midgame. Go back to a safe before you have installed the mod.
Put the esp as near as the bottom of your load order as possible.

Please report bugs – I have not the ability to test much and can't do anything if I don't know what bugs occured. Mod works for me but perhaps not for you.

This is a standalone mod dependent only on
Not needed but highly recommended:

FixLip Sync
An alternate start mod of your choice.

May I introduce to you

Sherda Akkadim, chronist, the Breton from Cyrodiil

  • Tomalik'r Torquesson, the farmer Redguard from Hammerfell

  • Chiomara Northwind, smithing witch and pure Nord

  • Ramgar of Stony Creek, true Nord, scout and hunter

  • Ruby Trevelyen, Imperial of Cyrodiil and agent

  • Eldrid Firerider, Barmaiden in Whiterun, Breton witch.

  • Playerhorse Vala. If you play alternate start mods you have to search for her and do a little fight if you want to achieve her. If you play Helgen Intro she's available after you are out of the dungeon.

They are made for playing together. You will get most out of them if you take all six with you!

  • Followers features:

  • New: altogether 2000 lines of dialogue excluding player dialogue. Most dialogue runs at inns or player home. They will also run in new worldspaces but then you will have them all at once :)

  • New: altogether 42 banter scenes. Some are between Eldrid and the inhabitants of Whiterun before you recruit Eldrid

  • New: You can trigger banter scenes if you unequip all weapons and spells (experimental) Great if you play in new world spaces

  • New: Two short quests with Rikja the Huntress and given from Raganhar of Stony Creek

  • New: Ramgar's parents are now fully voiced.

  • New: individual armor and rings, some wearable on the left hand.

  • change clothes in player home and back to armor when outside. Different clothes in a week, split in two days, three days and weekends

  • New: horses have now winter fur and individual saddles

  • Different sandbox packages for different locations like inn, playerhome, shop, if player is in furniture state

  • New: They start sandboxing if you unequip weapons and spells. Now you can let them sandbox everywhere! Cool for new worldspaces that have not the appropriate keywords set.

  • New: an option through dialogue with Chiomara that let all loot at clearable locations (experimental) Talk to her again to stop looting.

  • Chiomara and Eldrid can heal the player or the whole party during combat

  • Chiomara can collect things for you

  • Chiomara and Eldrid will train magic if player sits outside in a camp or other clearable location. They train for an hour each themselves before midday and together in the afternoon. Only once per day

  • Tom and Ruby train melee if player sits outside in a clearable location, at afternoon for an hour. Only once per day.

  • Ramgar can lead the player to 22 different locations

  • Sherda sings for you at home or in some other locations if you wish – just unequip the weapons and spells, than the dialogue is available.

  • New: Sherda plays instrumental alone or together with Eldrid

  • fast mount and dismount through a script – that doesn't work if you play vanilla intro without an alternate start mod! Edit: Install the fix TasheniMonitorPlayerMount

  • they have the  lightfoot perk and will not activate traps – mostly :)

Where to find:

Sherda, Eldrid, Chiomara and Tom have their daily schedule in Whiterun. If you arrive on a sunday, you have to search for them. They could be on
a ride or in the Bannered Mare or wander somewhere around. You will find them at late evenings together in the Bannered Mare. Weekdays they are working (Tom outside Whiterun). Look around to find them.
Ramgar lives at Hunter's Rest and Ruby is in Helgen Keep. You can recruit her while playing Helgen Intro, than she has different dialogue as if you play alternate start mods.Rikja the Huntress will find you. She has a map marker from the beginning, so you can find her if the force greet doesn't trigger.

Dialogue menue:
The basic dialogue lines like follow, wait, etc. are hidden behind the dialogue: „can we have a word“ or „I've orders for you“. Please notice: Two of Ramgar's menu entries refuse to show up if you use the scroll wheel of your mouse. Use arrow keys instead.
Individual dialogue shows up always at the first tier so you don't need to scroll through the lines, if new dialogue is available. I've changed most of the blocking topics into top level topics because blocking topics are often cut off and this is quite annoying. So player dialogue will only appear if you click on them in different locations. These lines are only said once.


If you draw your weapon or spell or start sneaking, sandbox or loot packages end and they will catch up to you. This helps mostly all of the time if they don't follow you!

Dismiss follower or playerhorse: They go back to their daily schedule and you can't recruit them again. This will be changed in the future but is not on top of my todo list.

Included is now the Stony Creek Farm, where Ramgar's parents live. Don't use the mod Stony Creek Farm together with Tasheni Followers mod. The farm lies besides the Imperial Camp Eastmarch at the lake near Stony Creek Cave. Father Raganhar has a short quest for you.
Included is also Shepherd Erk Thrymsson and his flock of sheep. He's at sundays in Whiterun but wanders over the week to different locations. It's pretty relaxing to accompany him and safe also. He will fight against everything that smells like an enemy.

Ruby's dialogue includes the starting of her questline with the priestess Mor Murana – this is not finished yet, but you will get a glimpse of where it goes.

Tom's dialogue includes the hint of his questline - this is not finished yet, but you will get a glimpse of where it goes.

Mod is incompatible with mods that change
- the area of Whiterun in front of the stables, where the cabbage field is
- besides Old Hroldan, the area under the great trees. I also added some clutter in front of Pelagia farm and some flowers in front of Drunken Huntsmen.
- The area of Imperial Camp Eastmarch.
- Stony Creek Cave

Don't use dialogue options from mods like AFT, UFO or Campfire on my followers. I have not tested these mods but know from other custom followers that it will break the followers AI.

Mod is compatible with Convenient horses, but it overwrites the settings for Vala, so you have to set them in CH. Storage of CH is not the storage that Vala owns. Don't teleport with horses!

Please notice that teleporting or waiting for a lot of hours destroys the timetable of the AI. Avoid it, if you can.

Songs included (singing without instruments):
Chim-El-Adabal: music by Tasheni, lyrics from Imperial Library - this is my own interpretation and not the ESO version.
The Giant's Song: music and lyrics by Tasheni
Anvil's Golden Shore: music Irish traditional, lyrics adapted from Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore

Ride On: Irish traditional
Eldrids short songs written by Tasheni except one part that was taken out of Flaming Bess

New vocals and lute: Mist Over Glenumbria Moors written and performed by Tasheni – sorry lips are not synced here because ck recognizes the guitar as voice.

New instrumental:
The Giant's Song variation played by Tasheni

Song To Atmora written and performed by Tasheni

Short Practicing Piece written and performed by Tasheni

This mod would not be possible without some people who helped me a lot with different things:
Very warm thanks to my boyfriend who got my back and gave me the time to work everyday on this mod.

Thank you
Dark Creations and nexus for hosting my project and files.
Thank you for my very special
voice actors, you've done a fine job:

  • kaomau for the voice of Ruby Trevelyen
  • Joachim 'dojoe' Fenkes for the voice of Ramgar of Stony Creek
  • Roarbee for the voice of Tomalik'r Torquesson RoarBee on youtube
  • Mona Bruemmer for the voice of Chiomara Northwind
  • Lyrelaen for the voice of Scyld of Merryfair
  • agerweb for the voice of Raganhar of Stony Creek
  • Eldrid Firerider, Sherda Akkadim, Rikja the Huntress, Mor Murana and Rendel Dorcas are voiced by Tasheni
  • Thank you so much, TheSunSpire, for your awesome music!

I'm also very thankful for the help of IsharaMeradin and ReDragon2013 on nexus for helping me with scripting and advice.

Please notice the credits list! Thank you to all the great modders that provide me with their awesome stuff!

All assets are used with permissions.

Hanaisse and many other: TESA resource


Mihail Romanow: wolves of Cyrodiil



Stormcloak Cabin Resource


dailyplanet pretty animated potions


InsanitySorrow: clutter stuffs


folded blankets


Morrowind Potions


Bales and Furrows




Log Hut Resource


Washing Stuffs


Wall Charts


Window Boxes



New Plants


New Flowers


Static dishes and food


Assorted Resources


Tamira,Stroti and Mr Siika:

Strotis Rustic Furniture Resource


Strotis Spinningwheels


Strotis Old Cabin Resource


Strotis resource pack 2


Strotis Treehouse


Mr Siika Tamira Ravens and Vultures


Mr Siika Seagulls


Strotis kitchen tools


Strotis Old Mill resource



Weapon Plaque Resource


Clutter and Furnishings



hoddminir retextured sheep


Hoddminir Flowers


Blary and Pheo3309, Darkfox127, AlassinSane:

Harvestable Ingredient Jars


Potion Shelf resources



Modders Resource:



Hanging Satchel






Fully Functional Furniture



Orient Set



Extra Resources



Misc Resources


Oaristys and Tony 67:

Modder's resource pack



Basket Texture Sets



Witches Cauldron



Fossils for Skyrim


FrankFamily: Realistic Paper Retexture:


farinelli: Engraved Bows


testiger: Dovahbling


RonnieMagnum: Legendary Rings


RGMage2: Alchemist Compendium


couchwarriortv and Jung Shan: Book of Circles


Laup26: More saddles


JZBai: Practical female armors


Tasheni: Textures of horses, dogs, armor, wolves, saddles and some clothes. Written and recorded songs and dialogue. Thank you for thousands of hours and sleepless nights in front of the worst development kit in the world that drives me nuts! You've done an incredibly good job!


What's New in Version 0-4-1   See changelog


Version 0-4-1 is a minor update. Script for monitoring player mounting is included now, added some missing soundfiles and a missing texture.

Reworked combat dialogue again. Now followers DO act as a team. Make a save before updating, uninstall previous version and install new version.

Version 0-4-0

Install fix TasheniMonitorPlayerMounting

- dialogue focus was on combat. Followers act together
- added new dialogue for all followers, Rikja the Huntress, Raganhar of Stony Creek, Scyld of Merryfair and Rendel Dorcas
- retextured armors and made them unique
- added unique rings, enchanted and partially left hand
- retextured wolves and dogs.
- implemented two short quests with Rikja - lead to Ramgar and go hunting
- implemented a short quest with unique creatures given by Raganhar
- implemented sandbox behavior that can be controlled by player
- recorded new songs and instrumentals
- reworked some script fragments and packages
- added dialogue to let the witches cast a light on the player
- retextured saddles and horses with unique winter fur
- added Hammerfell bow and arrows to Tom
- cleared followers inventory
- retextured and added a journal - Malika's diary
- added notes that points to questline
- implemented a scene between Ruby and Rendel
- did a LOT debugging and reworked most of the conditions.

I've forgotten the rest. It was so incredible much I can't remember :)


Changelog version 0-3-0:

- reworked the scripts structure. Deleted orphan scripts and implemented invisible continue dialogue. No more needed multiple same scripts for i.e. trade or wait. That reduces the number of the scriptfragments a lot.

- optimized texture size with the exception of normal face maps, because faces get blocky if you do so.

- implemented the great wolves from Mihail Monsters and Animals and reworked their textures because they were to blocky. To achieve the player horse you will have to fight for her first. Horse is not running after you anymore. It's only a little task but fits much better as to have her simply as a gift.

- player can now decide if the horses of the followers should follow or not. Follower have a dialogue option to send the horses away if you don't want to have them with you. If the player mounts, the horses will teleport to their owner, if he dismounts, they run home. By default they follow their owner and wait when npc is waiting, if player is riding a horse that is not Vala. If player uses Vala, they follow Vala. If you let Vala wait, all horses wait with her.

- implemented a script to fast mount and dismount followers. This was pretty annoying to wait for them all to get mounted. It's not needed anymore, just mount and ride away, they follow you immediately on their horses and dismount all together like one. On weak machines (like mine) sometimes one or two of them don't mount, but they do in the moment you ride away. Thousand times tested, it works pretty nice. Thank you IsharaMeradin for helping me.

- checked missing dialogue and recreated lip-files.

- tested the complete functionality of the followers. There should be no problems anymore with missing topics and scripts that not work. All spells work as intended.

- created the Stony Creek Farm and the parents of Ramgar. They are part of a quest that is not ready yet. But you can use the farm as a resting point for your undertakings in that region. It's a nice place to stay. It will become a player home after the quest is done. From the inside you can look through the windows and see the lake and sheep and birds circling around.


Changelog version 0.2.1


  • added missing base dialogue for Ramgar

  • changed sheep textures

  • changed Ruby's Katanas from vanilla to model from InsanitySorrow

  • added missing base dialogue of Chiomara and added two missing scripts

  • reworked training packages

  • adjusted dialogue conditions


Version 0.2.0

Changelog version 0.2.0

- added acquire and training packages. Eldrid and Chiomara will practise magic if player is sitting outside at a clearable location, Ruby and Tom train melee. They do it at a certain hour, though hour is different for all. All followers will now collect different things once per day.
- reworked sandboxpackages and adjusted animations
- created sandbox packages that will fire when player is in furniture state and no other package is running
- reworked some packages that stops working
- reworked all faces and tintmasks
- Adjusted scene conditions and reworked scenes that refused to play
- added missing sound- and lipfiles
- deleted orphan dialogue topics and branches
- recreated facial animations
- removed dependency of update.esm
- manually cleaned with TESVEdit

Playerhorse will not follow from the beginning anymore if you are using alternate start mod. It will find you after some time.


Changelog version 0.1.3:


  • fixed playerhorse package so Vala isn't following before player gets out of Helgen

  • reworked broken face of Eldrid Firerider that was not anymore stored in ECE for unknown reason

  • fixed dialogue of Ruby that is not showing up when playing alternate start mods

  • changed some dialogue conditions for some lines that were spoken in Helgen or Riverwood and should not

  • added missing sound files

  • added informations to the mod description

  • cleaned agin with TESVEdit


Changelog Tasheni Followers version 0.1.2


  • fixed bug with talking activators, Live Another Life works now fine

  • reworked the whole folder structure and deleted unnecessary and redundant meshes and textures

  • reconstructed all faces and fixed dark face bug

  • made new follower package for Tom and fixed his refusing to follow outside an inn

  • checked dialogue conditions for scenes

  • applied script for dismissing player horse Vala

  • reworked some packages


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Dear comunity,

I apologize the issues of the last uploads, first I had chaos in the folder structure, and then archive.exe was mocking me with wrong file paths, I've tested it and it works for me - simply because I forgot to delete the folders in my data folder. I was working so hard the last weeks to get this released and by the way become blind for some things because I was terribly tired. Now I've corrected all and hope you are  not too much annoyed because you must download again if you like to play this mod. 

Please tell me your thoughts and I will provide you with all informations I can give.

Thank you for downloading. Greetings, Tasheni

Edited by Tasheni

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Next update 0.1.3 is out. Mainly because my crazy playerhorse was rushing into the Skyrim intro in Helgen - now it's fixed and the horse appears as intended after the player left Helgen. If you have an alternate start mod you were not affected by this. But I fixed some other things also and reworked head of Eldrid because my ECE file was broken. For discussion and bug reports look at nexus please.

Thank you for downloading.

Edited by Tasheni

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