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New Creatures part 2 1.0.0

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About This File

In this pack is a couple new creatures, some that I have been working on for a while. All are fully rigged and textured and some include glow maps, I thought it would add some realism and interest if they had eyes that glow in the dark.

The creatures included in this pack are:

An updated and I think better looking and functioning version of my earlier hyenas this time they have whiskers on their snouts.



Andrewsarchus- a large predatory mammal from the Eocene that was related to modern hoofed animals like deer and sheep not mammalian carnivores like cats and dogs, it was a sheep in wolfs clothing. Interesting fact this creature was named after the American explorer and adventurer Roy Chapman Andrews who was the inspiration for Indiana  Jones.


Arsinotherium- a strange rhino/hippo like early relative of elephants from the Eocene of north Africa.


a beaked dinosaur which also has a variant for the unique dinosaur Kulindadromeous. Both share the almost same UV and are rigged to the deer. I felt the deers animations fit it best.


Lynxes-made from and rigged to the sabrecat it has three variants; Bobcat, Eurasian and Canadian Lynxes.


Capybara- the worlds largest living rodent, I rigged it to the cow cause I felt its animations best fit the capybara.


Diicynodon-a type of mammal-like reptile from the Permian to Triassic. 


Some Giraffids; shorter necked relatives off the modern giraffe they include the living Okapi and some off their extinct relatives such as the antlered Climacoceras, the shield headed Prolibytherium,  the four horned Giraffokeryx and more.


Ground Sloth


A little Hedgehog rigged to the rabbit.


The giant mammal Indricotherium, an extinct hornless rhino that is possibly the largest land mammal that ever lived.


The bizarre South American animal Macrauchenia.


Psittacosaurus, the parrot beaked dinosaur from early Cretaceous China which had quills on its tail.


Pinnipeds- more commonly known as Seals and Sealions


Tree Kangaroos


and a creature of my own design a tree living duck-billed dinosaur which is rigged to the skeever.


Also included I made a few vale inspired creatures since I liked the appearance of them and their interesting glowing patterns. Both some vanilla creatures such as the goat and rabbit and my own makes have Vale versions. 


Some of the creatures also have wall mounts.

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