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Kvatch Rebuilt aims to rebuild the city of Kvatch from the ashes in which you find it, whilst blending as seamlessly as possible with the original game.

The rebuilding takes place in several stages, from the clearing of the rubble to the city restored to it's former glory.


Along the way you'll find a variety of quests that introduce new locations, new characters, new armour and of course the rebuilt city to explore. You'll also have the opportunity to become the Count (or Countess!) of Kvatch, depending on how you play through bits of the mod. The complete city also features a brand new arena, where you can entertain or be entertained. It's a bit different to the arena in the Imperial City though to keep things more interesting. The Expansion will let you explore the ruins of old Kvatch, and even the ruins beneath that!




Unique Landscapes - Cheydinhal Falls Patch


Werewolves - Legends of the North Patch


Frostcrag Reborn Patch


Frostcrag (Vanilla) Patch


TGND2 Kvatch Rebuilt Replacer



German Translation


Russian Translation


Spanish Translation


French Translation




Make sure you have Shivering Isles with the latest official patch and the latest version of OBSE installed.


Extract all archive content to your Oblivion Data folder. Then activate BOTH 'Kvatch Rebuilt.esp and 'Kvatch Rebuilt.esm' in your Oblivion launcher of choice.




If you are using OOO, install the OOO Compatibility patch, and if using FCOM, install the FCOM Leveled guards patch (note that these have not yet been fully tested as of yet).

These compatibility plugins should be loaded after both Kvatch Rebuilt and the associated mod(s).




The mod should kick in automatically once you have completed the 'The Battle for Castle Kvatch' quest, regardless if you have already done it long before, or are just starting out. You should notice the camp move into the city and after about a week a messenger should find you.




Due to the way Kvatch Rebuilt handles certain things, it is recommended you follow the uninstall path below, rather than just deactivating the plug-ins (Especially after the quest 'Blood on the Road').


In game, go somewhere well away from Kvatch and not in any Kvatch Rebuilt locations. Open up the console (The key to the left of the '1' key) and enter the following:


SetStage KRUninstall 10


A message should appear asking you to save and exit. Do so, then deactivate BOTH the Kvatch Rebuilt esp and esm plug-ins. Restart Oblivion and load the save you made.

Answer yes to the prompt about plug-ins having been removed. Once the game is loaded save again. That's it!





  • If you are using a mod that alters the ID's of certain common creatures (e.g.. OOO), when you are required to gather souls in 'A Sanguine Howl', the spell will not recognize the added creatures. Therefore Kvatch Rebuilt has extra specific spawns for the necessary creatures that will be enabled. They can be found near places that you will have visited during the Kvatch Rebuilt quest line already (Might be hard to spot).
  • It is obviously not best advised to run any of the other Kvatch overhaul mods (e.g. Kvatch Aftermath) alongside Kvatch Rebuilt. However, to switch from one to another it is recommended to make a save somewhere away from Kvatch, deactivate the other Kvatch mod, load you save game, re-save, exit again, activate your desired kvatch overhaul and load up your save.
  • From the distance Kvatch may well still look burnt, even when the rebuild is complete. This can be fixed by updating the LOD through TES4LodGen.
  • The ground is still burnt around the city. This is due to a limitation in the game engine.
  • It is advisable to load Kvatch Rebuilt after OOO/FCOM and (Open-) Better Cities.
  • Not every piece of dialogue has voice over, but the characters from the Underground Expansion do.
  • Kvatch Rebuilt is designed in such a way that it should be possible to play through its quests with or without quest markers.
    If you wish to disable the quest markers, enter the console (The key to the left of the '1' key) and enter:

    Set KRPrelim.KRQuestMarkers to 0

    To enable them again just change the 0 to a 1.



You can contact me through E-Mail (found in ReadMe), on NexusMods (as Zaldiir) or on any of the following websites/forums (as Zaldir): Bethsoft Forums, Dark Creations, Great House Fliggerty, TES Alliance, Planet Elder Scrolls





Kvatch Rebuilt Team

CB Droege




Gez - Waltherp58





Lord Memphis

Maniac One








Voice Actors
















It always rains at kvatch

Lucien Lachance









tycorr ravenwing




sainta117 for letting us use his poem.

Pronam for letting us use his Ayleid trapdoor resource.

captainwolfos for the Walkthrough.

Warbirddeath for the Ayleid Ruin Interior Design.

ElminsterEU for help in cleaning the plugin and for the patches.

Vorians for continued support throughout KRU Development.

Arthmoor for extended support in cleaning the mod.

The Gecko Team for TESGecko.

OBSE Team for the Oblivion Script Extender.

ShadeMe for the construction Set Extender.

Bethesda for Oblivion and the Construction Set.

What's New in Version 2.1.2


  • 2.1.2 Hotfix (Requires 2.1.2)
  • Fixes the teleport spell, Ayleid Commander and Kvatch guard house trespassing bugs.
  • 2.1.2
  • Included a missing mesh that when missing rendered the mod unplayable during the underground quest.
  • 2.1.1
  • Added two more puzzles in the Ayleid Ruin.
  • Optimized the teleport to Paradise spell, so slight lag won’t cause it to strand you in paradise forever.
  • Made the Shades weaker for low level players, and made them evil, so you should no longer get a murder for sneak killing them.
  • Decreased the size of the trees in the arena, to make it easier to watch the matches.
  • Made the purple combatant stronger during arena spectating.
  • Fixed the confidence of the Ayleid fighters so they won’t run away, made them stronger, and added Ayleid mages to the list.
  • Moved the ring in Molvirian’s cottage so it will be easier to spot, and will no longer sink into the ground.
  • Fixed a trigger in the Ayleid Ruins, so that you won’t have to pass by a locked door to proceed.
  • 2.1
  • Overhauled parts of the Ayleid Ruin with new puzzles, fights and events.
  • Fixed the journal update when receiving the Underground note.
  • Fixed all voice files, so they should now finally play.
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash when using the Paradise spell, and overhauled the script to make it run smoother.
  • The soulstone is now removed from inventory when first used, as to not confuse people or clutter the inventory.
  • 2.0.2
  • Fixed the misaligned tile in the Wethyl fortress cellar.
  • Fixed the bug with the Paradise script, which made the teleporter not work back again.
  • Added some clues as to where the Wethyl fortress is. (Aside from the Map Marker)
  • Corrected some punctuation in a few messages.
  • The Flames in Wethyl Fortress will now be disabled after a while.
  • The Paradise Spell can no longer be used without the soulstone.
  • The Ayleid Ruin Key will no longer be a quest-item after completing the quest.
  • The Secret door by the Ayleid Commander will now open if you negotiate with the commander.
  • You can no longer enter Wethyl Fortress without being on the appropriate quest stage.
  • The Aylied Commander will now disappear once you have the soulstone.
  • 2.0.1
  • Fixed the Heir Assassination bug which made the quest loop.
  • The Castle Portcullis will now always be open in the last stage.
  • The Underground quest now updates correctly when receiving the note from Ignar, as well as when entering the castle dungeons.
  • Other minor fixes/changes.
  • 2.0
  • New Story to delve into in the ruins beneath Kvatch.
  • Fixed Grammar issues from vanilla Kvatch Rebuilt.
  • Cleaned the .esp & .esm.
  • 1.1
  • Fixed path grid in Molvirian’s Cottage Basement
  • Fixed MQ check for fourth quest not always reading status.
  • Fixed bed ownership when renting a room at ‘The Wolfs Head’
  • Fixed (hopefully) the issues with Arnand not being where he should in ‘Sticks and Stones.’ Also made him the quest target.
  • Fixed Athrelor packages.
  • Fixed (hopefully!) the counting of the creature spawns in the Arena.
  • Made the purple combatant more powerful.
  • Added message for when fight ends, when you are watching.
  • Player should no longer be regarding as trespassing in the barracks, gatehouse or dungeon if Count(ess)
  • Statue should now stay still (hopefully)
  • Candles and effigy removed once contract made.
  • Removed flaming plank in castle Great Hall.
  • Added ‘nVidia Black Screen Fix’ to all KR added cells.
  • Added dummy mp3 files for GREETINGS to the bsa

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