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Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless

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by Alt3rn1ty


News : There is now a new version that has been converted to Skyrim SE, its meshes have been converted and textures redone in BC7 format, the new SE version now also includes all of Shiva182's UNP Body compatible Armour and Clothing meshes, with sets for UNP / B2 or Skinny meshes, all included in the installer. New Skyrim SE version is on this Nexus pageUnfortunately none of that can be back ported to Skyrim LE




News: V5.1 Uploaded a fixed version of the LITE option. Thanks to Archer for spotting a rogue file where it should not have been in the installation ( if you selected the Feminine Normal map, you also got a colour map installed for the skin texture overriding your previous choice ( shaved / landing strip etc ) )



What does this do ?



Its a 'nude' 'female' body and face re-texture, including meshes, and installs with NMM or Wrye Bash Wizard, with multiple options for hairy / abs / lips etc.


First : Credit where credits due, and a big thank you to Dimon for UNP meshes, and Navetsea for the beautiful textures, if you use this mod go and give them an endorsement as thanks for the artistry applied to the originals which I have taken advantage of their relaxed permissions.

And refer to Navetseas original for screenshots of what to expect High Res in game.


This mod aims to address neck mismatches with Navetseas excellent CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible texture sets for UNP.


And just so it is obvious : These are the Navetsea UNP textures, no CBBE ( I have nothing against CBBE, I just dont use them preferring Navetseas which are closer to vanilla )


I have been using Navetseas textures reduced for personal use on low res for ages and never noticed they can have a neck / body mismatch varying in how obvious it is depending upon which options you choose from Navetseas textures.


This mod corrects the tone mismatch of all Navetsea face options with all body options. I also matched up the lower neck muscles with the upper body muscles where they meet a little better. And also used the same idea from yllib's nice little discovery .. No More Ugly Bronze Shine. The _sk textures have been replaced so you do not have those strange shifting shiny lines on female body textures typically when stood next to a light source indoors.


This mod also includes DIMONIZED UNP female body 'meshes'


So its an all-in-one installer for Navetsea UNP, scripted for NMM and Wrye Bash wizard installation, with all Navetseas options, reworked.


But it does not include the Basvanbeu plugin which Navetsea used to load up multiple different body textures to distribute different pubic variations throughout the games NPCs .. I do not have permission for that which I understand was a private arrangement.


And I have not included the Navetsea presets for your player character selection at character generation time on a new game. If you want the presets esp, go and grab Navetseas, it will work with this set of textures too.


You do not need anything from the originals.


Have a look at the screenshots, I went around trying to find lighting conditions in game which would highlight the problem with the original textures, I did not use any ENB so that you can appreciate WYSIWYG with vanilla lighting and no strange ini settings ( so you guys will probably make it look even better in game with higher Anti-aliasing / Anisotropic filtering etc ) - and took a screenshot with these textures installed at the same location / NPC.


Apparently these textures also work with UNPB BBPx v2.2 ( never used it personally, but ShadowgearX gave me a screenshot to add to the collection :) )

I have no idea if these textures will work okay with any other variations of UNP though, so you will be the pioneers on that front.


Its not perfect, I am no artist, I can still on occasion detect a slight neck seam depending on lighting conditions .. But the tone and muscular detail match really well now, and I honestly think there isn't anything more can be done on the texture front, maybe a mesh quality that can be changed which differs from how it should be for default game lighting conditions ?, I dont know. I'm not a blender head.


And lastly, it does not touch any files to do with males, or beasts ( Argonian / Khajiit - See Recommended mods below ).


Bad title : I know, its a rather unfortunate choice of title for those who like to abreviate mod titles :). I realised after all the work was done putting the installer together .. and then thought "They will probably have fun with it on the forums".






Choose ONE of the main files :


HIGH = 4096 textures - 1gb Graphics card or above

LITE = 2048 vanilla sized textures - 512mb Graphics card or above

REDUCED = 1024 Lower res than vanilla - 512mb Graphics cards with a heavy load of mods

SEVERE = Made for me (Yey! I get to use it too), anyone familiar with my http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/14504 Vanilla Reduced Textures mod will know they are at home with this version. Its for my 256mb VRAM beast of a laptop :P


If you use Nexus Mod Manager ( NMM ) - The scripted installation will walk you through the options.


If you use Wrye Bash - Its a Wizard installer. So drop it in the Bash Installers folder, then load up Wrye Bash and find it in the Installers Tab, right click and choose 'Wizard'.





Traditional manual methods of installing these files should not be a problem for those that know how, screenshots of choices are in FOModImages

Also if manually installing, and you wish to use Nuska's Face options, do not overwrite them with the face addons, or Darker liptint Mask ( there will be lip misalignment, wrong textures if you do ), the installers only allow compatible mixes of these textures.


There is no plugin ( esp or esm ), so does not need to be 'ticked' anywhere, its the same as UNP and Navatseas files ie they replace vanilla game files, and are installed as loose files ( Note: Which can be overwritten by other loose file replacers, so dont blame me if your setup is wrong.



This mod assumes you have no other loose mesh or texture files which affect female bodies or faces, to work correctly. It can be used with others, but thats down to how advanced you are with modding Skyrim. Also any mods which affect the same files but are packaged in a BSA, then my files will win being loose files, and override the look of that mod ).


Also: Refer to your Mod Manager of choice documentation.






Reverse the process you used to install it :P, if you installed this manually without NMM or Wrye Bash, you will need to delete all the individual files you installed from the meshes and textures folders.



Recommended mods



If you are using any kind of UNP female body meshes and textures, like this mod, then you are going to need UNP female armour and clothing ..

Exeters UNP Female Armors

And for people with Dawnguard installed UNP Dawnguard armors

And for people with Dragonborn installed UNP Dragonborn Armors

And for people using the Skinny mesh UNP Female Skinny Armors


Female beasts ( Argonian and Khajiit ) for UNP are not included in this mod, so you need something like Mr Daves UNP Khajiit and Argonian Hotfix to finish off the whole UNP Female setup.

here is also Kisa Khajiit Nude Fur Textures by KisaFayd.


Edit : See also a couple of new mods in various resolutions for Beasts :

Feminine Argonian Textures for UNP by MONSTERaider

Feminine Khajiit Textures for UNP by MONSTERaider



For anyone using my mod with Vilja in Skyrim then have a look in Vilja's optional files for "No Unique Face", the head mesh in that will make Vilja use whatever body mod head textures you use .. So you will have Vilja using both my body textures and my head textures and they will match seamlessly. ( I also gave Emma and the team the optional file "Vilja Skyrim Custom Eyes by Alt3rn1ty" in the optional files there, its an installer for NMM / Wrye Bash just like Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless, and gives you a choice of 67 different eye colours for Vilja ).

If you are using the Nuska options for face textures in my mod .. When Vilja asks "Do I have Freckles ?" you can say no .. ( but I would cover your grin with your hand :) )



Notes V2



A little more work on the neck / body textures, but I still cant get this absolutely perfect in all light sources, it is very slightly better than V1 though.

Also edited the UNP body meshes, all body mods out there ( and the vanilla body meshes ), do not have "Has Normals" set in the meshes. The body meshes use world space normal maps, so that flag in the .nif should be set to "no" along with the NumUV sets to 1.

I also have a suspicion that the UNP meshes depending on any given NPCs body weight randomly set by the game, can have a slight difference on the neck / body match. In which case I believe this is as near as dammit I will ever get them.

Added a couple more of Navetseas options I missed in V1: Body Pubic option Strip, Body Normal map Muscular V2.


And last but by no means least, many thanks to Nuska for privately giving me permission to include the Navetsea face options from Nuska Real Skin for Women faces. They have been reworked to match any option, I included the Freckles option too also reworked.



Notes V3



This is what Version 2 should have been plus a few extras. I failed to remipmap the last batch thoroughly, especially the reduced option which was completely skipped for remipping. My apologies for anyone out there troubleshooting thinking they had something wrong .. It was my fault.

So now you should be seeing better neck matching going on.


Along with slightly better textures, new to this version are 1st person hands that look more feminine. Had a private conversation discussing the Better Hands mod, which is a rename and copy of the 1st person vanilla meshes for hands ( higher poly ) to 3rd person hands.

After seeing an example of the comparison loaded up in Max, IMHO they make 3rd person hands on NPCs have slightly thicker fingers which do not look feminine. They may have a higher polygon count, and seemingly look better with those grids overlaying them, but in game they are a bit manly.


So whats the idea ?, I dont know if anyone else has tried this but how about the reciprocal of better hands, reverse the idea but not using vanilla hand meshes .. UNPs 3rd person hand meshes, renamed appropriately and copied as 1st person hand meshes.

Yep, thats all there is to it :) ( well apart from a quick check they have the same mesh settings as the others in this mod ). See the screenshots and decide for yourselves.

You can still install just UNP 3rd person hands as always, or now you can also install UNP 3rd Person and UNP 1st Person hand meshes. I have not included Better Hands as an extra option, you can easily overwrite this installation with Better hands if you prefer the butch female look.


There is a new Reduced Option. Previously, the Severe option was the Reduced option. But that wasn't a logical step down in size from the Lite version, so I made an extra for more user circumstances.


Lastly, checked it out with Wrye Bash and NMM ver 0.40 installed for correct automated installation.




( Yeah I know, that GIF animation reduced the colours and makes the textures look awful )



Notes V4



Now includes a choice of Dimon's body meshes ( either original 1.2 body mesh, or the B2 body mesh ).

Explanation - For body meshes, in 1.2 there are two files ..



The 0.nif is the mesh at its smallest game size ( weight ), and the 1.nif is the same mesh at the largest weight.

Sizes of bodies in game ( either your Player Character ( PC ) at game start, or Non Player Charcters ( NPCs ) ), can have any weight between the two ( the body slider ). For any given weight in between these two the computer interpolates ( morphs ) the size of the mesh, giving 10 variations of body weight.

You choose your PC body weight at game start, and NPCs are assigned a weight by the game to give variations of body weight.

UNP B2 meshes ( compaired with UNP 1.2 meshes ), just changes the 1.nif to have in my humble opinion a better breast 'shape' ( not size ) at the largest weight.

I have been using the B2 option along with Exeters UNP Armor and Clothing replacer meshes and so far have not found any clipping issues, so I believe these are also good to use with Exeters files, and included them as an option.


Also for NMM users ; That problem with NMM complaining you may make your game unstable if you chose any option besides the ones already ticked .. Is now corrected. My lack of understanding in how NMM interprets some of the commands in the ModConfig.xml was the cause. I checked it out with NMM 0.41



Notes V5



Added UNP Skinny mesh as a choice. Made the Old Folk normal maps optional during the installation.





Tools used to make this:



DDS Plugin for GIMP

Normal Map Plugin for GIMP

7 Zip


DDSOpt ( But only for re-mipping everything - Normals uncompressed ( to stop any artifacting ) )





Dimon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body meshes.

Navetsea for CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible textures.

Nuska for Real Skin for Women - Navetsea / Freckles face textures.

yllib's for this idea - No More Ugly Bronze Shine.


ShadowGearX - Testing pre-release

My patient eldest daughter x - Even more testing

Lorelai ( BGS Forum ) - Some very valuable tips and testing ( And the main reason you are all getting an update ;) )





See original authors permissions linked in the credits above. I cannot pass them on, however you are free to modify these further so long as you also credit the original authors as per their permissions, and me. That would be nice.


Please feel free to use the Wizard.txt in the root of the archive, and the xml files in the FOMod folder, as a template for your own mods and making multi-mod manager friendly installers. Just remember if you wish to remain Wrye Bash friendly, you cannot pack the archive one folder too deep, the wizard.txt must reside in the root of the archive, and the sub-package folders Wrye Bash treats as individually named data folders, which overwrite each other if selected, in the order they are installed ( Hence they are numerically / alphabetically named within the archive, and contents chosen as a series of overwrites to each other - Refer to Wrye Bash notes on complex installers )


olympusgames, GMOD, ModDrop or PlayAsHell sites do not have permission, to upload or redistribute any of my files, images or descriptive content, past, present or future.




User Feedback

Recommended Comments


News : I will not be updating this mod for Skyrim SE, I do not personally use body mods anymore so have no interest in converting the textures to the new format ( although that only really applies to textures stored in BSAs, the new game may well have updated its basic textures and normal maps / skin / reflection maps and whatever else may be new to the game .. So the original Navatsea textures would need to be redone before I did the same tricks again on the neck seam problems between face and body textures = I dont think thats all going to happen )

This mod may well be compatible with Skyrim SE, installed as loose files as it is, but I will not be testing it.


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Changed my mind :

News : There is now a new version that has been converted to Skyrim SE, its meshes have been converted and textures redone in BC7 format, the new SE version now also includes all of Shiva182's UNP Body compatible Armour and Clothing meshes, with sets for UNP / B2 or Skinny meshes, all included in the installer. New Skyrim SE version is on this Nexus pageUnfortunately none of that can be back ported to Skyrim LE

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