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Solstheim – The Lost Levels is an add-on for the Dragonborn DLC that adds 6 caves, 8 plants, 1 book and 4 quests. The content is based on The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and its expansion, Bloodmoon.

The caves are dungeons that were featured in Bloodmoon, but aren’t present in Dragonborn. They’ve been spread out across Solstheim, generally near their original position.

The new plants are mostly native to Morrowind, but some plants indigenous to Solstheim as it is portrayed in Bloodmoon are also included. They’ve been added to leveled lists and placed on the island, replacing the flora that you already know from Skyrim.

The ingredients and interiors were created by Ionisthebear as part of the discontinued Solstheim 4E mod. Now they return as a mod for Dragonborn.

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What's New in Version 1.3a


  • Fixed Neloth not taking the quest item if you try to give it to him
  • Connected the Skygge navmesh to the door so your companions can enter
  • Added Stop() to all quest scripts so quest items become droppable in case of failure
  • Replaced NPC death scripts with a generic, default variant

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1k downloads, 2 comments. lazy leechers.


sooo... i guess ive found another jewel :) ... will download now and go for it when my next batch of butcher goodies is done in an hour or two. i always loved solstheim back in morrowind. though, back then it was more a change of climate, i mean, deserts, swamps, then visiting an ice-island... from skyrim its just snow, more snow, some more snow... then some ice... and some more snow.


im happy to see more different plants there, i love alchemy and am always on the hunt for stuff to pick up, or grow in my gardens.


HEY! dont judge me! berserker orcs need fortify combat too!


cheers :alienjump:

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