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Fortune Teller

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I am unsure if Bethesda were originally going for this, considering we have a fortune teller in Whiterun and with restored content, in Stonehills as well.

Argi Farseer = Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone's little sister and like her sister; has the ability of foresight. She was supposed to live in Stonehills and is present in Holds.

Olava the Feeble = Fortune Teller in Whiterun, used to read fortune in the Dark Brotherhood quest-line.

While I am open for more we could always settle for these two. The idea is that you visit them, pay their fee and they will read your fortune, shuffle the quest references and pick one, and explain to you a vague description of what awaits you. For instance: finding an Elder Scroll "You must go to a place underground yet high in a tower, within you shall find shooting light and only by becoming the curtain who directs light can you find what you are looking for". Its vague, doesn't really give you anything, but if your curious it gives you a reason to visit certain places. Stonehills for instance is a town you'd ride by, now you have a reason to visit it. While Argi Farseer has no relevance and can be re-voiced for the purpose of this feature I am not too sure if I want to do so to Olava. Maybe just having it available for Argi Farseer? :)

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How would the player come across this woman exactly? We don't want to make it too easy, otherwise it'd be odd that no one in the world of Skyrim knew about another fortune teller in the land (bar custom NPCs from Holds of course).

If we make it semi-difficult, at least for the first visit it can kind of explain why the people of Skyrim aren't very aware of her existence.

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Mhhh. Not quite. Angi Farseer is the older sister of the Jarl of Morthal. That family is well known to be a little ... nuts, and "gifted" with the sight. The *older* sister living in Stonehills is an indication of Imperial legislation or.. Haafingar legislation. Preferring the younger sister over Angi. This is shown through a quest you can do where you inform Captain Aldis that the jarl of Morthal is going nuts and that Haafingar should replace her. Stonehills is also not owned by the Jarl of Morthal but a Thane in Solitude. Thane Bryling :)

You could say that nobody knows about her, as she lives there in Exile. Though there was a vanilla package that was removed from the game where another removed character (added by Holds) would visit Angi for a reading. There is also a farseer in Whiterun, Olava the Seer, who helps you if your part of the Dark Brotherhood.

Having extraordinary woman and men who can see things through stones, bones, and crystals is nothing new in Nordic mythology nor I'd say in Skyrim. Question is how much people put faith in those sorts of things.

The Dragonborn could hear about it through rumors or just stumble into her house uninvited to be offered a reading in exchange for gold :)

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