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Easter Egg

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If anyone knows of any cool Easter Egg concepts they'd like to apply in the mod then please post them here. I am already aware that we are so far missing a Hodilton easter egg, and I figured I'd add one in the upcoming patch as a toy bear, and then placing it somewhere in the world. An Easter Egg can be anything, a popular Youtuber, a modder here on Dark Creations/Skyrim Nexus, you name it. As long as the reference isn't sticking in your face and most people can recognize it, then its okay with me :)

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Not a bad idea actually :P

Falkreath's cemetery sure could use some named tombstones.... Though I shudder to think if that could create some incompatibility with other mods who also desire to use quests in that graveyard. Maybe we could find a different way of making it happen. Adding it to urn's or... corpses and caskets in the Halls of the Dead.

Though admittedly, doesn't this come off as a veiled threat? "Hey, you with that name. Your dead!" :)

As long as the mod authors can take it as a joke then I don't see why not



@Edit; Although I just remembered... I did add a corpse of Brodual to the Alchemy shop in Falkreath. .... Well, he wasn't effected by it :)

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I don't know if you know of it, but Pillars of Eternity is an old-school RPG on Steam that was funded by Kickstarter. As thanks they added major backers into the game via tombstones but in the options menu you can disable these homages if you wouldn't want the break in immersion. If we have an MCM we could do that too.

I'm sure mod authors won't mind, and if they do just give them a message saying you've done it and happy to remove it but otherwise leave it in?

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