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Political System

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A feature that is only useful if you achieve the title of Thane within a Hold. It will open up many quests with various nobles of the Hold. The Thanes and Nobles of a Hold are constantly competing against one another for the Jarl's political favors, and being a new Thane, you will first have an opportunity to start picking sides on various issues. Doing great-deeds and picking your words and actions carefully will secure that you earn enough respect and influence to with time have much more elbow room to take charge of situations and have nobles come to you for help instead of the other way around. While losing points in political influence or loosing respect shouldn't loose you your rank as a Thane, it will eventually become next to impossible to re-climb the ladder as the nobles will shun you as a bad smell. You are the Dovahkiin, so you will naturally start off with a lot of respect when you first start out as a Thane, where one goes from there is up to you. While I don't expect the system to have any immediate effect on a Hold as a whole, raising lowering prices, building stuff etc... I do expect it to open up various quests and opportunities to take out other nobles. A little bit of Game of Thrones. Respect and Political Influence points should be unique for each Hold.

I figured that you will have certain ranks in the Holds political arena. 

-25 -> -100pt { Ignored }

0 -> -25pt { Shunned }

0 -> 10pt { New / Nobody }

10 -> 50pt { Useful }

50 -> 75pt { Noteworthy }

75 -> 90pt { Respectable }

90 -> 100pt { Established }

A likely reaction from the political elite of a Hold when the Dragonborn first becomes a Thane is that they want you on their side. Choosing a noble to stick close to could be crucial to ensure that one survives in the political climate, choosing the wrong person could have dire consequences as there are always the dirtier side of politics, assassins, extortion, etc... Naturally whoever you side with would want to use these methods as well, perhaps even with you doing it. If you reach the level of Respectable then you are now finally capable of taking charge of your own position as a Thane, and not having to rely on someone else for support, nor needing to fear direct retaliation should you cross someone. If you earn the Established position, then nobles will come to you, wishing to earn your affection, which opens up a lot of options for you to sway characters to do what you want them to do. 

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I like the sound of this. Only remark would be the point system on the negative side.

I'd make nobody -10 to 10 instead of 0 or you'd get shunned for even the smallest mistake in the start.

Further change so ignore start at -40 instead. I'd add another rank though. As current -25 is as bad as 100 which kind of makes having a scale that goes back to -100 slightly pointless.

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I really like this idea. Ideally the nobles of each Hold would be introduced and explained to the player before they become Thane, except perhaps Whiterun since that's so easy and typically the first city visited. That way, players will already have an idea of the choices and consequences of decisions to come in relevant quests.

I'm thinking a combination of Dragon Age's Inquisition gameplay (which is mostly hunting down resources and establishing more trade etc) with Fable III's major decisions in the later part of the game.

Also the Civil War should definitely have an effect on where you start in each Hold. if you're a Stormcloak fan and you're trying to be Thane in Markarth than good luck with that :P

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