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[Clutter/Retexture] Colovian/Nibeneyan Cookware

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Coovian and Nibeneyan Cookware

1. Description

The cyrodiil interior team has requested a separate set for the Nibenay and Colovia cookware, idealy we're looking for a brand new set of models and textures, but we're allso willing to accept retextures of existing skyrim cookware.

The Colovian cookware needs to be made out of brown copper, whereas the Nibenay cookware is made out of simple clay and iron.

2. Artwork / Reference material

Colovian cookware [CLAIMED]



Nibenayan cookware:



3. Required pieces

Each of the two sets should have:

  • One large cooking pot
  • One small cooking pot
  • One pot with a lid on
  • one kettle and one ladle

4. Required files

Upon completing the claim, please deliver all the 3D assetsin nif files and all texture files in the DDS format. Preferably in the correct folder structure and naming convention. It would also be great if all the base models where orgnaised into a single 3D work file, for easy editing.


If interested, make a post in this thread or contact me via PM or skype


Edit: Colovian cookware has been claimed, Nibenay cookware is still avalible!

Edited by Markus Liberty
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