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New Joiner Pack for Morrowind

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New Joiners Pack for Morrowind
Hi, and welcome to Beyond Skyrim Morrowind. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend giving my Beyond Skyrim Welcome Pack a read, it contains a lot of really useful general information about how Beyond Skyrim works as a project. It can be found here

It is not compulsory to be familiar with either Morrowind or Skyrim, although it will be much more difficult if you are applying to be a writer. To learn more about Morrowind, the following links will help you :)

Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind aims to create the Province of Morrowind in the 4th Era, the time in which Skyrim is set.  Venture to Morrowind, a vast and alien land that has suffered greatly at the hands of fate. Lose yourself in the complicated politics of the plotting Houses of the Dunmer, discover the strange and beautiful life that makes its home in the east, or uncover the secret histories that lie beneath the ash.You can travel between the two Provinces via border gates, just like the other Province Projects which include Cyrodiil and Iliac Bay. 

A common misconception within the Skyrim community is that we and Skywind are the same project or the same team. Skywind which is a truly awesome project in its own right, is recreating the game of TES3:Morrowind in the 3rd Era (the same time period as TES III Morrowind). We work closely with Skywind, we collaborate regularly, creating assets together and also  many people work in both projects.

Our Core Team
Iceflame542 – Director
Enheduanna - Director and Lore Lead
Robcbwilson - Director and 3D Lead
Jaberkaty – Writing Director
Meglos – Art Director
Larrian – Landscaping Director
Sagittarius – Implementation Lead
Ol' Papa Flen - Co-ordination and GIT Lead
MesH - Sound FX and Music Lead

Getting up and Running
To officially join the team, a lead will add you to the Beyond Skyrim Morrowind forum here on Dark Creations, grant you access to the GitLab repository and also the Discord chat. You will need to provide us with an email address for Git. We also have a public Discord chat. Once you are a member, you will be able to also browse private chats on the public server. These are an excellent place to get to know people from other provinces and are an excellent way of getting help and advice.

We use Google Documents for collaboration, you will be invited to these once you join the team so you have access to claims documents etc.

We have a number of Discord channels which can seem a bit daunting at first. Depending on the department you are joining, chances are will only use a few of these, but they are all open to anyone who wants to comment and join in on the discussions going on in there. Here is the full list of the channels and what they are used for.

Text Channels
#announcements - where we put team announcements, public meetings, etc.
#dev-general - general development questions and chit-chat
#pre-release - For work on the pre-release
#heightmap - progress on the new heightmap (now only there for information as the heightmap is now complete)
#publicity - where we put our posts we want to be public (Facebook, Twitter, reddit, Nexus, etc)
#questbuilding - talk about quests, if you need one or want to write one. It’s a place to pitch it
#history-lore - talk about lore and world building here
#factions - Greathouses, guilds, and other political bodies of note
#3d-development - Modellers can talk and show their latest work
#concept-art-general - Arty stuff and pretty pictures
#creatures - the critters that live in Morrowind
#environment-architecture - Landscapes, buildings and flora discussion
#clothing-weapons-armour-clutter - ‘progress on these objects
#dialogue-writing-npcs - Chit-chat about chit-chat
#level-design - Dungeons, caves, interior spaces are talked about here
#sound-voice-acting - Discussion for the music, sound effects and voice acting for the team
#music - the soundtrack of our lives
#cross-province - we talk about province wide issues and collaboration
#recruitment - this is where we talk about recruitment
#merges - discussion about upcoming GIT merges
#jhzargos_hiding_place - off topic chat and shitposting

Voice Channels
Off-Topic 2.0 - What you would think
Writer Chat - For writers to hash out plots
Work Channel 1 - Working on stuff? Talk about it here
Work Channel 2 - Too many people on channel 1, talk here
Work Channel 3 - As above
Meeting - When we have a scheduled meeting
Off topic - An channel for off topic discussion

Early in 2017, Beyond Skyrim migrated their GIT repositories to Gitlab. It is far more user friendly than the previous solution for members that simply want to download the files into the Creation Kit or the game itself.
To use Gitlab, first go to https://gitlab.com/users/sign_in and register. Once you have registered, contact the Lead responsible for Gitlab access (currently robcbwilson on Dark Creations / Robcbwilson#0240 on Discord) to be granted access to the Beyond Skyrim files.
Once you have access, go to https://gitlab.com/beyond-skyrim/morrwind  and download the repository
Before using the BSMorrowind.esm file, you will also need to download BSAssets.esm from https://gitlab.com/beyond-skyrim/assets. Once they are both downloaded, extract them into your Skyrim data as you would any other mod, installing BSAssets first followed by BSMorrowind

Finally, ensure that BSAssets is above BSMorrowind in the load order and you are good to go!

Using Multiple Master files in the Creation Kit
To allow you to use multiple masters in the Creation Kit, browse to your SkyrimEditor.ini file in your Skyrim install folder. Open the file and add the following line: bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1

Team Re-organisation
Last year, the team was re-organised to create a more harmonious, collaborative and professional atmosphere. New leads were chosen along with two new directors. We not only recreated our height map to give us more space in Southern Morrowind, we also defined the pipeline for the entire mod as well as asset creation. Since the re-organisation, we have significantly expanded our Sound FX / Music and 3D modeling teams and are now moving forward far more quickly than in the past.

Useful Resources
We have a number of places where we store resources. If you don’t have access to any of them, let me know (robcbwilson) and I will organise access for you. These include:

Interior Claims - use this if you are interested in making a cave or dungeon and want to claim one to work on
Landscaping Claims – similarly, if you are interested in working on exterior claims, this sheet will let you know what is available
Claims map – Beyond Skyrim uses biomes for exterior claims. This map shows you the references for all claims in Morrowind
Writing claims – if you are a writer interested in creating NPCs, quests and so on, this is the document for you
Assets List – this contains all the tilesets, clutter, armour etc that needs to be created for Morrowind
Biome Map – for people designing exteriors this is critical as it gives you a guide as to what plants, textures, rocks and so on are to be used in the different areas of Morrowind
Geological Map – similarly, this map illustrates the rock types used in different areas of Morrowind

Your first Claim
When you are ready to claim either an exterior, interior, asset, concept art or quest:

  •          First check that it hasn’t been claimed already using the resources above and check with your lead who will officially assign you the claim
  •         Update the resource document to show you are working on the claim
  •         Start a new topic on the forums or in the appropriate Discord channel to show everyone your progress on the claim and allow everyone to see your progress and to give feedback
  •         If your claim is created in the CK, ensure that your.esp file is given to Ol' Papa Flen so it can be uploaded to Git and merged into BSMorrowind

The first few days and weeks here can be rather confusing and it can be rather daunting seeing all our talented members creating wonderful models, exteriors and dungeons.  We all started exactly where you are now so we understand it can take time to get to know where everything is and how it all works (it just works :) ). Please feel free to ask questions if you have concerns or are unsure about things. You can also PM leads of Directors at any time to ask questions or just chat. Welcome once again to the Morrowind team, we look forward to bringing the province to life together.

Edited by robcbwilson
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