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Directional Sytem

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A Directional system that is a part of the Shared dialogs betwin all npcs in the genaric dialog pack:

Forum Post:


this is a system where the player will be able to ask npcs for directions in all towns villiges and locations added by holds, we will need to have the description on how to get to the location be described from a centeral location, for exampel a gate, or marketplace. and then described from there where the player needs to go inorder to find what he/she is looking for.

the player should be able to ask about Officual buildings, like Jarls house, Liberarys, and Prison. aswell as stores, like taverns, Inns, and general good stores. aswell as significent locations near by, Like larger dungeons, or Graveyards, Lighthouses.

we would then add the right directional options for the region, so for exampel if your in falkreath you can ask how to get to diffrent places in falkreath, if your in riverwood you can ask about riverwood etc.

if you got any questions post them here on the forum or contact me on skype!

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