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Quest System

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A Quest system that is a part of the Shared dialogs betwin all npcs in the genaric dialog pack:

Forum Post:


the quest system is a way to allow us to have more interaction whit npcs when it comes to quests, bouth vanila and those added by holds, this would only effect npcs in the area where the quest is relevent and would only contain 1-3 new responses of dialogs where the player can ask a npc about a active quest, and they can say that they got no information for the player, or they can give a litle hint on how to continue the quest. this is helpfull for anyone who plays the game whitout questmarkers.

we could also use this part of the system for our own quests, where we add responds for diffrent quests where you can ask "everyone" in a area. sutch as: "Assault Suspect" and "Nandnil Aedius" where we can use the Quest system to imploment some genaric responses that normal npcs that live in the area but is unrelated to the quest can say.

if you got any questions post them here on the forum or contact me on skype!

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