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Song system

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A Song system that is a part of the Shared dialogs betwin all npcs in the genaric dialog pack:

Forum Post:


this system is built on the fact that all songs are sang so that they can be sang by npcs in diffrent situations, becose of this its inportent that they are synced so if we at some point need several npcs to sing together we can use the same recording whitout having to rerecord, this system is simuler to the Huming system, but its more specific for events rather then a random accorence.

suggested songs:


Ragnar the red:

Age of Agression/oppression:

Tale of the Tongues:

Dragonborn comes:

Sweet Lady of wayrest:

Beauty of dawn:

Three Hearts as one:

if anyone got any more songs feel free to add them! if you got any questions post them here on the forum or contact me on skype!

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