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General Dialogpacks

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Huming System:

Song System:

Quest System:

Direction System:

Rumor System:

so this is the Genaric dialogs, this will be the foundation of all npcs in holds and is going to work as a placeholder for every npcs in holds until we get custom dialogs to them, a foundation for shared fetures like rumors and Directions, and genaric resonses to stuff like Death and combat shouts that all npcs might not have their own custom version off.

this genaric Dialog packs will be a lot like the vanila once, whit our own custom death sound effects, Greatings, and everything else that makes a npc talk and act, just like the vanila npcs.

we are going to have the following packs:


Nord (Male, Female, Child)

Nord Merchent (Male, Female)
Nord Worrior (Male, Female)
Nord Beger (Male, Female)

Nord Nobel (Male, Female)

Breton (Male, Female, Child)
Imperial (Male, Female, Child)
Orc (Male, Female)

Kajit (Male, Female)

Argonien (Male, Female)

Redgaurd (Male, Female)

Woodelfs (Male, Female)

Highelfs (Male, Female)

Darkelfs (Male, Female)


if you feel I missed some voicepacks that need adding feel free to add them! and  if you got any questions post them here on the forum or contact me on skype!

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