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Relationships with NPC'S

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Gaining Favor and Falling in to Disfavor;

The Elder Scrolls has many diverse cultures and different belief systems, and not everyone has an opinion that is the majority. So your character when interacting with someone can agree with npc1 but because of this npc2 will have a slightly less favorable disposition to you. Depending on how bad it gets and you need npc2 help later on in a quest they will be less inclined to help you unless they get something out of it or they will flat out refuse you. This of course can depend on speech skill tree.

Marriage and Romance:

This is a subject that I kind of fear going towards, the idea of romance in games like skyrim has bothered me since I first finished the marriage quest line but it should be more then just you always agreeing with your love interest because you want to be with them (Dragon Age), it should be you having differing opinions but you don't argue because of it you respect that opinion, unless of course the subject effects them on a personal level. I'm just adding this on because even though I like the idea, I don't think the gaming community is going to like a romance system that is less straight forward than the one Dragon Age when they could be out killing Dragons.

I'm working on a concept of personal history with npc's like in (Shadows of Mordor) but before I did that I just want to ask if it's possible on the skyrim engine.

Thanks for reading my suggestion love your mod.

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