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Caravans would be working like the kajit caravans already in the game, but be more varied and go to only citys that make sense, sutch as Falkreath and Whiterun, this caravans would contain a cupel of carts and wagens horses and ofcourse merchents, prehaps a gaurd or two aswell, they would be themed and not stay in any given city for to long, but when they do they would add several wealthy merchents aswell as rare goods and items to trade, they would also add to the imersion and feel that skyrim is a province relying on trade, you can talk to the merchents and npcs mutch like the kajits and they will like any other npc have quests and information. 

here are some caravans that could be added:

Imperial troops,
Imperial troops would be coming from Cyradill down to Skyrim, they would pass threw falkreath and prehaps stay for the night, as part of the legion they would bring their own teents and wagons and set up a small encampent outside the city, the player can speak whit the imperials, brawl them, and drink whit them, the imperials will walk around the city in their spear time or be in the camp, other wise they will stay bussie seting up or taking down teents, cuting wood for fire, or training for battle. they might have quests and infromation for the player, and maybe one or two sell the player stolen imperial armor, so that a player that dosen't want to steel themselves but don't mind a shady trade can get a hold of a set of imperial gear. maybe also some other verius traders, but they would only sell things they have, and the soldiers wouldn't carry mutch money whit them, its more bargons rather then focust traders. this caravan would show the imperial movement whitin skyirm

Imperial Traders
the Imperial traders would be found in Falkreath, Whiterun and prehaps solitude, they would bring several cart and wagons, and even have a cupel of bodygaurds. they would sleep at a local inn for the night, spending the days at they makeshift stalls next too their wagons. the traders do primerly trade, and would have several items that might intresst the player, from unic items from other provinces to other more comon items, this merchents would carry a lot of gold, witch could be fun for someone who wants to steel, but they would also be great for anyone whit a lot of junk to sell. there might be some quests and information when talking to the traders but they are maily there to show the trade in the area, the imperial intresst to keep trade into skyrim and the more brave traders who venture into the civil war. it would also bring more life and variation to the citys they visit.

Redgaurd traders
redgaurd traders are followed by redgaurd worriors who are merchenarys, they got almost excusivly exotic goods and will go to most citys, Falkreath, Whiterun, riften, and Solitude. the redgaurds will have a fair amount of gold aswell and a more risky target to burgel, the well gaurded redgaurds are danguress but good bussniess people, they will also have quests and information and travel whit wagons, they live in teents outside the city of riften but are allowed in to sleep at the inn in whiterun falkreath and solitude. its also implyed that the redgaurds avoide entering riften becose of the heavy presentse of the thives guild.


Nord traders

the nords are traders aswell, they will travel to all citys, windhelm Solitude whiterun falkreath riften dawnstar and markarth. they arn't as rich as the other traders becose of the civil war, they have verry local goods and litle money, however they are stronger almost worriors themselves so they travel whit verry few gaurds, that being said, steeling from nords isn't a good idea. this nords will have quests and infromation and travel whit wagons, they live in the inn in every city they go to and will make sure to give the player a feel for how desperet the few nord traders ramaning are. you should feel the presure that a lot of the traders left the caravan to join the imperials or stormclock. its a divided contry after all.

Breton Traders


the bretons sell magical items and other odd goods, they will travel whit a fair amount of gold and verry undefended, easy target for burgelery, they will as the imperials be in Falkreath solitude and whiterun and have quests and infromation, they will travel whit a cupel of wagens and even some street preformers using magic. prehaps even a old wizard that can train you in the arts of magic, prehaps even have an apprentice quest if you just starting out your magical path. the bretons are simpel merchents and will also speak of the dangers of the civilwar and dragon rumors, making them a part of the world, they will be scared but fully comited to their mission to sell their goods around skyrim for proffit.


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