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Black Marsh Recruitment Thread

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The marshes are calling! If you wish to join us and assist with the recreation of this unique and alien land, please read the guidelines below and make a post in this thread.

Guidelines for Posting:

  1. Please let us know what you wish to do here, and provide samples of your work.
  2. Please do not post here soliciting assistance for any other project.
  3. Please do not use profane language in your post.
  4. Slurs, hate speech, and other forms of bigotry are strictly prohibited.
  5. Expect a reply soon, but not immediately.
  6. Do not reply in a negative way to responses here.

We are currently looking for:

  1. Modelers
  2. Level Designers
  3. Animators
  4. Scripters
  5. Sound Designers
  6. Composers
  7. Implementers (those who hook things up in the creation kit)
  8. Weather Modders

If you do not fit into any of these categories, there is still a chance that we could use your help. Please feel free to post below.

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Hi @Sarsedor! Unfortunately, we're not yet at a point where we can really make use of voice actors. Eventually, but right now you'd just be sitting on your hands for upwards of a year. If you want to keep practicing with the Creation Kit, you could come back to us once you're confident of your skills in it and we could definitely find something for you to do then. As it stands, you might want to see if Cyrodiil has anything for you to do! They're the ones most likely to have need for a voice actor.

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Hey there, 

I'm really loving what you guys are doing with Bruma, but Black Marsh is just calling to me. I love the swampy atmosphere and those that are hardy enough to live in it. I want to help tell their stories! I didn't see quest designer or NPC designer in your list but like you said, I can always ask. I'm a creator at heart and I think I can really spruce Black Marsh up with some good narratives, both big and small. I've attached a sample science fiction story that led me to win a good chunk of change in a writing contest so you can get a sense of what I'm capable of. If you're looking for more, I can provide it. I can't wait to hear from you! 





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Hey there,

I find your idea to introduce Tamriel over time really great! Although I have great respect for the other teams, however, I find Blackmarsh as the most exciting setting. My English is partial good and bad, but I give my best to be better. Since about three months I work with the creation kit and meanwhile I am also quite good in dealing with challenges in my opinion. Both quest scripts and dialog branches, as well as the design of interiors, are a lot of fun for me. Whether it's dungeons or Resedential houses, I like them both!

I could attach an example, but this would be in German, of course I'm ready to work in English, but in that case I've also written many dialogues to test and learn.
It is not finished yet, but shows my basic knowledge that I have with the creation kit. Would that be okay if I would attach the mod or should I present a new version in English?

I hope to get experince from you and learn something also I  would be happy to have the oppopportunity to work with somebodey else together. I want to help out with the interior areas. I also still go to school as well, which means I have much more free time! I apologize for my english, but hope it isn't so bad...




Edit: here is the example of my work.. But note it is in german and it isn't finished. It is only to demonstrate my knowledge in Scripting and Interior Design!

I hope you will enjoy it.


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Hi, I would like to help with Black Marsh as a level designer.  I am fairly good a CK and I can make whatever you need me too (with or without help is on the tables but it will end up done).  Here is my post on the general thread about what I can do.  Thank you for your time :).

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Hello, Black Marsh Team!

I see that you are currently looking for a composer, and I'd love to help out. I've always played Argonians in ES games, and I've also always been intrigued by the mysterious culture of the argonians that seems to go relatively unexplored compared to that of the other races.

I currently play Double Bass and am a member of three professional-level groups.  Because of this, I'm more focused on the actual notation of the music rather than the digital audio output. However, I'm currently working on getting better sounding VSTs and incorporating them into my works to create sounds of higher quality. Is there any position for someone who writes mostly notation wise? I also have friends who would gladly help with my output quality. My compositions are currently rendered by horrible digital instruments, so I ask, for now, that you listen to my music's content and not simply the quality of its sound.

Today, I composed a short dance for drums and baritone voice based on my impressions of black march and how I picture its music sounding: 

Again, please excuse the quality for now. https://musescore.com/praetor/scores/4218446?showoptions=true

And as shown on my original recruitment thread, here are some other short pieces.

Minuet and Trio Sheet Music: https://www.docdroid.net/hHnnOfV/minuet-and-trio-sheet-music.pdf

Minuet and Trio Audio: https://youtu.be/iI6pMU2li9g

The first movement of a string Trio for  Violin, Viola, and Bass: https://musescore.com/praetor/scores/4182406

If you need more examples or have questions, let me know!

Here's the link to my original application: https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/11671-composer-and-writer/

Thank you for reading/listening, and I hope that I have what it takes to join Black Marsh!


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I'm pretty darn good with CK if you need an implementor. Probably the first thing I did when Beyond Skyrim - Bruma came out was open it up and see what's under the good. The first thing I noticed is that the blacksmith had vanilla enchanted vendor lists instead of a newly created one for the new Iron and Steel weapons. (As well as Chainmail, Mithril, and heavy Iron.) They have all the enchanted items made (you have to make a new ID for each enchanted variant. It's a lot of grunt work which I would be willing to do).

Anyone, I quickly made the 100, 75, level 10 and level 20 enchanted item lists for weapons and armor just for Cyrodilic blacksmiths, of which there is only one of currently, lol. EDIT: I just looked and there were already versions there, they just weren't implemented. I made those lists for nothing, lol!

Also, I've got a degree in music production, so sound design would be SUPER easy to do.

It would be an HONOR to work on Black Marsh!

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Hello everyone working on Black Marsh,

I'm interested in the Lore and World-Building aspect of Black Marsh/Argonia and would like to work to help writing and cohesion.

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