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Black Marsh Recruitment Thread

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Hey everyone.

I don't really have much to offer you guys, I suck at modding and all other things, and I can't really do any voice acting. But I just saw how ambitious you guys are and thought I'd try and help you in any way possible. So this is what I bring to the table: Ideas for Quests (and possibly writing books).

I don't have much of a record, aside from winning a few writing contests at my school. I have however written some sci-fi and fantasy stories and fan-fiction for Skyrim. I've kind of always enjoyed writing and coming up with stories and ideas, and if I could I'd be really happy working with this mod's lore and its quests, however I have no idea how to do papyrus. I'd definetely be active and give new ideas and quests to you guys. Here is a fan-fiction I made a couple of years ago. I'll add this fan-fiction I made a couple of years ago if you're interested.

Chronicles of uriel Septim VII Anders Wichardt 8C.docx

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