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Writer (and scripter) looking to help

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Hey. I'm looking to help in any province on writing lore, quests, stories etc. I have experience in writing short stories and plays (not professionally, just a hobby) and I'd love to be able to contribute my skills to Beyond Skyrim. I'm more than willing to provide a sample story if you can give me the background details/setting.


P.S. I'm not too bad at Papyrus scripting either. I was in the Arcane University last year but started teaching myself.

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Maybe we can cooperate. I would ask for the same as Nick (an example of writing).
Our stories are somewhat tied together, since Roscrea and Atmora are close.
In any case, make sure you visit the Roscreans first, since Nick replied first, and we actually do not need a ton of new stories,
but more of a "quality check and some side quest details based on background stories".
For that reason, i believe it would be even positive, if you would be already active writer in Roscrea and also have a look on our texts.

Thank you.
appreciate your ambition to help ;-)

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