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since most work & work related communication is done in SLACK and Google Docs, it is not visible to you here,
but i would like to let you know, the next merge is scheduled for the next 3-5 weeks, so there is constant progress inside the files.
We will then merge quest- exterior- and magic-related esps and some encounters.

If you have any questions, please ask, and feel free to join the Slack and get active ! ;-)



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Hey, maybe I should leave an update note here ;-)

we had internally merged to version 0.984 in October and entered another development cycle (0985)
we had 0982 in April - June, 0983 to July and 0984 until October.

So, the schedule is 2, 3 months each; next merge will be around Christmas.
Currently, all exteriors get the first overhaul; and we are implementing MQ03;
also finishing base writing for all MQ chapters, and working on implementation;
and getting more textures and meshes ready. the soundtrack is getting expanded as well.
We would love to get more input for sidequests but it requires some insight into what has been written and
build so far. We really have a very productive time here, in daily episodes;
but more concept art, resources and maybe 1 or 2 implementers for sidequests are always welcome to speed things up.

Its a bit funny, if you compare how much happens in the discord, and our forums, both old and new, hardly see posts ;-)

well, we are alive and its great to check out the team and see what you can achieve with us!
see you

PS: more update news on the first newsletter for BS PR soon! ;-)

also, check our recent Q&A event for the occasion of skyrims sixth birthday here:


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oh, to be honest, we already don't use slack for 8 months or so ...

if you would consider becoming a regular member of our team in any section of your choice,
we would welcome you to our discord server instead, but most things are pretty similar to Slack;
just that 80-90% of all BS teams also use discord, so it was a choice in favor for being open and cooperative.

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3 hours ago, Pokenees said:

Well do you guys need any side writer or anything. I can only write, unfortunately, and that said the skill is only a little bright.

We do, there are never enough writers! Having said that, there are standards and requirements to meet. Are you already a member of BS? Can you show something you wrote?

What we look for in a writer is of course first and foremost writing skills, but they must be able to make their writing conform to how the game works, which is often not easy. Writing skills can always improve, so this is a soft requirement. As Hannes would say, if you show potential and are eager to contribute, then even if your writing skills are not that good, you may end up doing better than a very good writer, over time!
Knowledge of the lore is also very welcome, and of course cooperativeness, as I think it's fair to say no province likes writers that stubbornly cling to their own ideas and work "for themselves" rather than based on our needs.

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well, first of all, you would offer us an example text of writing, 1 A4 page minimum; and then you would get a bonus if you are actually interested in history or have some knowledge about ancient cultures and lore of Atmora. Then, you would join our discord server. we would introduce you to the team, your department lead and the directors.
then you would get a writing claim from our list. Then you would get access to the necessary documents and prove yourself again, by handing in your first work-related text.
Finally, you will be appointed a regular member and we can go on and work on different areas, exchange experiences and discuss openly...


it's important to be open-minded to learn how writing fits with quest implementation of Creation Kit. The ultimate goal is a game, not a text, so there are some general conditions and things to consider when putting your pen on paper for this one here.

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