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3D Modeling New Joiner Pack

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3D Modeling New Joiners Pack for Morrowind
Hi, and welcome to Beyond Skyrim Morrowind. We are very excited to have you here, to help build the wonderful assets we need to bring our vision of Morrowind to life. To start with, I would recommend giving my Beyond Skyrim Welcome Pack a read, it contains a lot of really useful general information about how Beyond Skyrim works as a project. It can be found here. Additionally, we have a specific Welcome Pack, just for Morrowind which you can find here

The workflow for Beyond Skyrim Assets is as follows:

  • A claim will be assigned to you by the lead (robcbwilson here on Dark Creations or Robcbwilson#0240 on Discord)
  • The claim will be modeled from either Concept Art or the corresponding object in TES III Morrowind (if you don't have Morrowind installed, the objects will be provided for you to load into your 3D software)
  • As soon as you have work to show, please post screenshots in Discord and or Dark Creations forums https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/907-model-development/ 
  • Once the model is completed, send it to SarthesArai#3947 so that it can be prepared for implementation for use in game

Introduction to Skyrim Texture Maps
To better understand the way that Skyrim uses texture maps, the following guide is extremely helpful 

The important maps are diffuse



  • Specularity is baked into the alpha channel, so the more transparent parts of the normal map are, the less shiny they are. Glossiness and other such parameters are controlled via a program called Nifskope, which handles .nifs, which are the 3D models that Skyrim uses (Nifskope work is handled by the Implementers)
  • You may also need an environment map, though it depends on what the weapon is. Environment maps determine where cubemaps apply on a model
  • Tricount wise, you should be somewhere between 1-3k tris for most weapons. We can aim at slightly higher than Skyrim assets but not significantly so
  • These are the textures Skyrim accepts



Q: Are assets from previous TES games allowed
A: No, all assets used in Beyond Skyrim must be created from scratch. Meshes and textures from previous games can be used as a reference only.

Q: What texture resolution should be used?
A: 2k to 4k depending on the size of the asset

Q: If I have a question about the Concept Art, who should I direct my questions to?
A: Ask the person who created the original art or the Concept Art Lead (Meglos)

Q: Do I need to have played Morrowind or Skyrim?
A: No, you don't need to have played either, but it would certainly help you understand what we are trying to create

Q: Do we work with deadlines in Beyond Skyrim?
A: We don't have strict deadlines, but we would ask people to give us an indication of how long it will take them to complete it

Q: Am I allowed to stream while making assets?
A: Absolutely, in fact we encourage it. All we ask is that you give us notice so that we can post about it on Facebook and Twitter and if you have no preference that you use Twitch. 

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