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Level Design (Houses, dungeons etc.) Efficient with Skyrim creation kit.

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Hey! I heard about this for the first time (sadly) just now from TheEpicNate's video about it. I always thought it would be incredible to make Tamriel. I would totally pay for it lol. It'd be awesome if I could help with level design like cities, towns, houses, dungeons etc. I have experience with skyrim creation kit (I've made my own houses and dungeons), but I can learn new kits (if you have one). Skyrim is my favourite game ever, and I'd be honored to be apart of this project (and really want to be!!!!). If I'm not qualified can you tell me what I can do to become qualified? 

Thank you! Everything except orsinium is good for me. 

Here are some pics of a house I did recently:










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