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Application for Concept Artist

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Hello there! My name is TanneStokkie, and I'd like to apply for the Beyond Skyrim development team.

I am hardworking, and I love to work towards a deadline, although drawing at a relaxed tempo is great. Drawing is a great passion of mine, and I love The Elder Scrolls lore as it has never ceased to amaze me by how large the volume of content is.

Here are some examples of my drawings. My art is mostly only in black and white, as that is the way that I love to draw my artwork.




The following 2 links are some examples of patterns that I created, and could be great when embroidered into a blanket or pillow. Many cultures all over Tamriel are very art based, and I can easily see these added onto textures of blankets or bedding. I can easily see patterns like the following being added:




Some more examples follow...




I'd absolutely love to be  a part of such an ambitious and amazing project. I do not mind creating specific concept art for absolutely any faction or race, but I prefer to work on the Elsweyr team. Thank you for taking the time to review my application!




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