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Application: Writer and Misc

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Hello everyone, my name is Finn and I'd like to join the Beyond Skyrim: Illiac Bay team.

I've been a fan of the Elder Scrolls games for several years and count Daggerfall and Skyrim as my favorites. Lore is my strong suit and I feel that I could bring a lot to the table in that regard. I would love to write lore and quest related books for this project. Below are some examples of my writing.

The first is my interpretation of the fighting styles of each race, based on my background in HEMA and similar combat sports.

Military Tactics

For the next couple pieces of writing, I built upon the bits of the Orsimer language available in ESO Orsinium. I used the in-game books to create a grammar and then used Aldmeri and the dialogue in Orsinium to build a vocabulary. I'd love to create and expand upon this language more for this project.


As far as a particular task, I feel that I would fit best writing for and expanding the lore for the Orsimer in northern High Rock by writing more of the Orsimer language to further develop their culture in the 4th era. And because of my background in medieval combat, I would also be willing to be a part of the weapons and armor areas as there seems to be a surplus of writers. I have experience with multiple weapon types and have studied the relationship between a culture's armor and weapon development.

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There's some interests thoughts in your pieces. HEMA experience could be useful in some ways I suppose, but our language stuff is mostly handled.

Unfortunately, in your two pieces you haven't really provided evidence you can write appropriate dialogue in the style of Skyrim, which is what we are looking for.  The pieces aren't bad, it's just difficult to assess whether you've got the chops, because they aren't that relevant to the sorts of tasks you'd be doing. Perhaps you'd like to address one of the below prompts, an demonstrate your skills in that area? You may include things like unlockable topics, custom greetings and trees. You should display a base knowledge of the TES world, a strong grasp of the English language and adhere closely to the style the vanilla game uses. Creativity in addressing the task is also valued.

Prompts List:
1. Write a conversation between two Bretons, one a knight/fighter and one a bard, on the nature of heroism and glory.
2. Write dialogue for a Redguard sailor. Include a number of dialogue options. Potential topics include the state of the seas, life on a ship or background 
3. The player encounters a travelling wizard on the roads. The player can ask questions that reveal why they are travelling, and where to. Dialogue might also reveal insights into the attitudes towards magic in High Rock, about the dissolution of the Mages Guild, history of Breton magic or how magical institutions operate.
4. Write a short scene between a Redguard priest and an underling. Should be expository, and tell the player something about religion, the temples or Hammerfell politics.
5. Construct a number of dialogue options for a vendor (the type is up to you) in Eastern High Rock. Possible topics of conversation include where they get there stock from, how business is or the Skyrim civil war.
6. The player meets a Hammerfell nationalist in a tavern. Introduce their views in an intelligent way, and allow the player to engage in and feel invested in the debate. You may wish to utilise racial-specific dialogue or allow the conversation to turn ugly.

Good luck!

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