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How to: Getting started

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New scholar joined the university.

To be honest: I've never had any editing software (neither scripting, nor graphic editing ones) on my pc before. Also, I am not sure, which kind of contribution I actually want to do. (Rather level design or 3d modelling,...)

So you may think now: OOOh, how could he be a certain help for our projects?

And guess what? I also thought so.

But it was my love of Skyrim that changed my mind.


I am willing to learn!     Nothing more, nothing less.


(I guess) these tutorials are pretty good and moreover rather specific, however (seemingly) not really suitable for newbies in this field. Am I mistaken?


So do you know how I can get started properly? I mean to get a first foot in the door...

Just enough to be able to upload first fruits of my work and skills...



Update: Well, I've seen, there are some threads actually "handling" newbies, which are fitting my requests probably pretty good.

If you want to, see this page more as an Introduction and a shy request of being invited to your society - hope, you know what I mean :D


Hopefully your devotive ScriptScroll

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