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Beyond skyrim discord issues

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Hello! my name is kaiserwill (discord: Kaiserwill#4958) and on 8/9/17 i was banned by joseph crowell in the beyond skyrim discord. He was making fun of how a friend of mine looked in the discord general chat, and defending my friend i asked "by any chance were you born in the deep south?" It wasn't meant as an ACTUAL insult, i was just busting his chops because he was being a bit of an ass for no reason. Speaking of being an ass, joseph has been very rude to me on seperate occasions, i always shrugged it off, but in this situation i got a lil bit sick of his ego.

I was issued no warning, and joseph made no attempt to resolve the situation. He just straight up bans me. I'm very angry at this abusal of power, especially due to how amazing all of the other staff members have been. I would like to politely ask to have my name removed from the ban list, so i could go back to talking with the friends i had made in the beyond skyrim discord.

Thank you, -Kaiserwill

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