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A request for the Cyrodiil team.

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Hi. First I just wanted to say that BS: Bruma is amazing, you guys are fantastic. 

 So, I've heard that most if not all of future Beyond Skyrim content will only be available for Special Edition, and I have a request. I want to know if those of us who use Regular Edition (or Oldrim) will also get the rest of Cyrodiil. I ask because, Regular Edition and Special Edition both got Bruma, so wouldn't it be fair if both of them got the finished project? (I hope that we do because, it would be nice for Regular Edition to have at least one of the Full Beyond Skyrim Projects.)

P.S. Also will there be an optional esp for Cyrodiil's cities to be closed? Because my fps is fine for the most part, but when  I enter Bruma the game starts lagging. It makes it hard to do anything. I've heard that you guys seem to have no issues, but I, like others don't have a gaming PC. I have a laptop that has a descent  fps when I play Skyrim. So could you guys at least consider an optional esp that makes the city's closed?

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