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4 hours ago, wrenik said:

This as Galandil said been a discussed topic, got some ideas I will post with merchants traveling on foot/horse, however, to get it looking right we need backpacks, do we have access to any such assets?

No but I don't think it'd be a problem to ask. In either case mods like Wet and Cold add backpacks to NPC's using the travel AI automaticly :)

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For Winterhold, a couple of things for consideration:

1) It appears that the cliff between the Winterhold area and the College spire wasn't there before the Great Collapse, so most of its ruins would be there (there are some right now, actually).

2) Unless the Sea swallowed what didn't collapse, making the Nords build the few buildings they have in the 4E , what remained of Winterhold should've its own distinct style and not the generic Nordic buildings they used in the game. Things to take into account for such distinct style.

     a) Ancient, Nordic and Magic: it was made by Shalidor's magic, so it is safe to assume that the rest of the city was similar to the College. Maybe the walls didn't need sentry towers or battlements at this point, so the wall could've been simple.

     b) Skyrim's capital under High King Borgas of Winterhold: he was a warrior, so he surely would fortified his walls.

     c) The Golden Age: During the third century of the Third Era, Baron Ulfe Gersen ruled over Winterhold. He "brought considerable wealth and influence" with Morihatha Septim when they married, which enabled them both to help Uriel Septim VI with his political struggles against the Elder Council. This Imperial influence could've also affected the city's architectural style. Maybe they could've added battlements to its walls, or maybe they didn't change the wall but they adorned the streets with Imperial style lamp posts, statues and buildings facades. 

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