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It's fan fiction because of the way I put it. Bilegulch Mine is supposedly a developing orc stronghold in a lot of trouble with Falkreath's government/Jarl. I felt bad about wiping an entire tribe from existence and cutting the leader's the head off.

So, in my dang ol' fan fictitious mind of mine. I thought of a way that the player could've took a 3rd option (besides not doing it), what if the player was persuaded into taking a different route. Siddgeir and Dengier are conflicting because the imperials took away Dengier's position as jarl, and forked it over to his lazy son all because he stands with the imperials in the war. Yes, you make Dengier  jarl through the civil war quest. But throughout your time in Falkreath, Dengier raises suspicions on everyone including his own nephew. So, I used that fact to make it into a complete alternate story.

If Dengier is informed of the dealings between the bandit camp and Siddgier, Dengier could turn the town against him and dethrone his nephew. That would create a vantage point for the stormcloaks and possibly pacify Bilegulch Mine.

But overall, I don't that'd just do it. The Orcs are not stronghold Orcs, they're seen as bandits and were recently targeted by Siddgeir after HE flopped on a deal. They'll be seeking blood still regardless if you and Dengier took care of Siddgier. They'd want something greater than a new ruler. Money is the key to everything. Pull a Silver-Blood and bribe them to pacify so they can coincide with Falkreath as another stronghold rather than a bandit encampment.

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