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Application: Spanish Translation

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Hi, I would like to join you and help you translate your amazing project to Spanish.

I have played TES V since its release and I found your work admirable when I first heard about it. I'd just like to contribute to it with my grain of sand. I have noticed that Bruma has its translations to Italian and Russian, but not to Spanish, the second most widely used language in the world. I speak English since I was 3 and I can read nearly perfectly and write quite good, I think. I am also a native Spanish speaker (Spain Spanish). Unfortunately, I am absolutely new at mod making and have no idea of programming, but if you send me document with the scripts I'll be more than willing to translate them. 

I didn't know what sample of work to include, but if you want to test me, just send me the document that you want me to translate.

Apart from translating Bruma, I honestly don't mind what provinces to work on. My favourite ones are Cyrodill and Elsweyr, but I can work on any as soon as they're finished.

It would be an honour for me to work with such amazing people, but I will be really thankful just to recieve a response.

Thanks for reading!

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