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I'd like some advice on Bows

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Hey guys and gals,


I'm a relative newbie still figuring things out, but i've managed to get most of a weapon set created from scratch into skyrim, using blender, gimp and nifskope.

Yay for me, i'm definitely learning. However i've just gotten to creating the Bow, which i've already modelled and exported as nif with the blender plugin.

At this point with the other static weapons i'd do some basic nifskope magic by pasting bits of my exported nif into an already gameready one and renaming stuff.

However, the bow nifs are alot more complicated, with skininstance and all that bone data... which I'm not sure i can figure out on my own, and tutorials on all this stuff are generally either really specific to the programs you're using, or simply don't exist. especially considering I'm using Special Edition skyrim, which has BSshapedata instead of NiTrishape data... so many tutorials and applications just don't apply to me. 


Anyway, i was hoping some of you could quickly explain your workflow, how you would create a bow from scratch.

would you import that extra data from a sample nif, then attach it to your new mesh in blender somehow?

Or is nifskope magic the right way to go?

Also, if anyone has any information generally about how to work with Special Edition data rather than oldrim stuff, (BS vs Ni) i'd be super appreciative, it's been the largest hurdle to me getting anything finished...


Hoping you all can help!

And thanks!

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