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Ragnarok: Skyrim Project

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Have you ever felt Skyrim's Nord's portrayal of culture was... Lackluster?

Nords are a direct emulation of Norse and Nordic people outside of Skyrim, Norsemen are a group of people who inhabited the Scandinavian regions.


Ragnarok is a New Lands project that aims to create a Viking/Norse explorable and playable world, planned to be DLC-sized this mod would have everything from Norse & Viking weaponry, armors, and re-textures of animals.


Fully immersive, compatible with any and all ENB/Reshade, and all mods.


The General Idea

We plan to create a fully immersive and beautiful landscape that you could explore, and genuinely be apart of and enjoy.

If you're already a fan of the Nords, Stormcloak, or Vikings this would be for you.


Completely new textures, and building styles.

Historically accurate weaponry, armors.


Viking beards and hairs, what would be more immersive and respecting to Nordic culture? The beards, and hairs. Viking's throughout history could be known for being ruthless or savages but that's not the truth. Viking beards and hairs, wouldn't dwell too far from Skyrim's Vanilla hairs with 2k - 4k textures. And none of those anime supermodel hairs...  :ohmy: 


Complete overhaul of Skyrim's soundtrack, to fully be immersed and to experience the Nord people you need to listen to there beautiful music. With a whole new soundtrack, you could enjoy. ( Scandinavian music )



Does this sound like a project you would like to support? Either by sharing your thoughts, or you could join as any of these available roles.


3D Modeling



Voice acting < priority







Thanks for taking your time and checking us out!

If you want to join the team you can speak to us here on our Discord server.


The formation is weird, whatever you get the idea.

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did you know that real life Vikings never had horns on their helmet and actually appreciated fighters from Arabia, Africa and other places as their mates?
that's all modern world stereotypes ;-) but we can't escape the world we live in, not even in our fantasy games I am afraid, even though we still try...

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