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I think I can help with the Voice Acting. I was going to apply for the composer part but I saw that it was already full of hundreds of threads and people so I backed away.

As for voice acting, I can do amateur-ish voices with decent recording quality. I'm not a pro on this matter, I don't know many tricks and things but I can help if needed. Here's my recorded lines. Some were just for fun and some will be used in Warcraft 3 campaigns. https://www.hiveworkshop.com/pastebin/1b6ef633e362ccc0edc34614dda7cbe712370/


My voice is most suitable for warriors/knights, I can do some dirty bandits or villagers too. I can do altered voices(weird creatures, ethereal ghosts, etc...) I can do some accents thought I'm not the best at them, natives and people with a good ear can easily say I'm not that good with those accents but they are not bad for no AAA games anyways. Here are some accents I can do(or think I can do); American, Southern American, British, Scottish, Russian, Arabic, maybe a bit Irish too.


Hoping I can be of use ^^

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