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Each settlement has a number of random NPCs (hereby called Strangers) that spawn when the player enters the vicinity. Each Stranger is given a one out of X possibility of being assigned a Thief. Should a Stranger become a Thief, the NPC will be given a set of characteristics that will define its actions and abilities. In example, one Thief characteristic will give a Stranger greater anonymity but poor defensive capabilities, while another gives the NPC great speed but slow reaction time. It should be noted that some current residents, such as children, should be allowed to take a Thief role as well, and that a Theives Guild member should be given the chance to spawn within the settlement. Strangers who do not gain the Thief label proceed as civilians and act as such.

If the Thief is concerned with pickpocketing, the NPC will begin targeting other NPCs along with the player. Most Thief NPCs will go after Septims, Rings, and small things of value while avoiding large clunky items like maces and swords, but especially skilled Thief can capture larger items if desired. The Thief will only attempt to steal if either no one is watching or the area is heavily crowded. If the target is the player, he/she will be given an opportunity to detect the theft. This is done through several ways. The most obvious is through catching the Thief in the act. An alternative could be done through checking the current carry weight through a hotkey or an automatic form of detection according to the players skill level. This would depend on how much is taken from the player according to the current carry weight. While there is a similar chance that the Thief will target an NPC, the player can mark the Thief to guards who will then pursue the perpetrator. This ability should be open at all times and not limited to only a successful theft, giving the player the ability to label the wrong NPC during a theft or accuse one of thievery to distract guards and other NPCs.

Some Thieves, however, will be concerned about breaking into homes and stealing any valuables within. The NPCs will follow the same rules used by the pick-pocketers and avoid being caught in the process. The Thief will usually hang close to the target house and try to break in, something that is only deterred by nearby aware NPCs and difficult locks. If the target is the player’s home, regardless if the player is inside, the following rules apply. If the house is empty, the theft will be successful and the player will find items missing from their racks and/or chests. If the player and/or a friendly NPC is inside and awake, the thief will avoid contact at all costs and leave the building if possible. If the player is inside and asleep, the thief will proceed to steal as before, but the player is given a chance to wake up in the midst of the theft. Players should also be given the chance to encounter a Thief upon entering the home or when a break-in occurs.

Thievery should not be limited to ‘random’ encounters, however. Depending on the players status or the items he/she may have, there should be a possibility of a ‘specified’ theft, opening radiant questlines in pursuit of Daedric Artifacts and other artifacts in their possession.

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Sounds like a cool concept but outside of the scope of this mod project. Holds also strives to have all NPC's named and with a background. If we start adding random generated NPC's for the sake of one feature or another, I feel like we're deviating from the original goals of this project.

I can also imagine how this would work in practice. NPC enters sneak mode and unassumingly sneaks up to Player or other NPC before taking stuff, people spots it and cries thief and guards storm the person and hack him to pieces.. Like they do in Riften with the radiant thieves there :P

While comical, it would take me out of the immersion immediately!


What we could do: Is have quests where the player must find a thief, say as a Guard radiant quest, or.. like we originally thought where you can bump into criminal characters in the cities, like highwaymen in the middle of a dark alley who asks you to hand over your stuff, but.. Once we make it too free on the reigns its bound to become messy :)

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