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Character Template

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This Template is a tool to help anyone who wishes to write a character for holds, and for the development team to easily find information about any given NPC, further suggestions if appreciated and also if you feel your NPC needs something special don't fear to strive away from this template, but please keep it in mind for everyone's convenience! 


thank you :)



[NPC's name]

The following NPC is[isn't] Implemented in Holds 
Note: the following text is suggestions and a mall/ideas for the NPC and is not nesseserly found in the final product in the mod, or required to be implemented.


[Write any and all steps necessary for the NPC to be implemented, Use the (Complete), (Not Started) and  (Pending) to express where the step is in development]


Name: [Npc's name]
Nickname: [Npc's Nickname]
Status: [Status, what is the NPC's Function/work?]

Full Title
[the Full title of the NPC]

Father: [NPC's Father]
Mother: [NPC's Mother]
Siblings: [NPC's Siblings]

Spouse:[NPC's Spouse]

Children:[NPC's Children]

[if any additional NPCs make up the family add them as needed]

Best Friend: [NPC's best Freind]
Friends: [NPC's Friends]

Primary: [Write the profession of the NPC as well as a short description of how the NPC goes about doing his or her job.]

Persona: [Describe how the NPC is as a person]

Trainer: [who thought the NPC to fight?]
Strength: [Strangths, what he/she is good at]
Weakness: [Weaknesses what he/she is bad at]


[Include everything you know about the NPC here, its background, interesting traits, family history, everything that's relevant to the character]



[Link to any quests the Character is apart off.]



Note: Following Dialogs isn't what you will find in the mod, rather what has been writen as suggestions and insperation for Galadnil and may or may not show up in the mod itself.

[Add the Dialogs written for the NPC]


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