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One-Eye SmellyFeet

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One-Eye SmellyFeet

The following NPC isn't Implemented in Holds 
Note: the following text is suggestions and a mall/ideas for the NPC and is not nesseserly found in the final product in the mod, or required to be implemented.


Add One-Eye SmellyFeet  (Not Started)

Add Dialogs to One-Eye SmellyFeet  (Not Started)

Add One-Eye SmellyFeet to the Pirate Dawnstar Quest (Not Started)


Name: One-Eye SmellyFeet
Nickname: One-Eye SmellyFeet
Status: Pirate and First mate of the kevley

Full Title
Pirate and First mate One-Eye SmellyFeet of the kevley

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Twoeye SmellyFeet

Spouse: none

Children: none

Best Friend: Karta Rarc -si
Friends: Jan Potelo, Frans Talkumi, Michael Talkum and Mr. Wibelwager

Primary:  One-Eye SmellyFeet Works as the First mate on the Pirate ship the kevley. he isn't strong, or good in a fight, but rather has a sharp tongue and can get the crew out of many situations, often he is called upon to pretend to be the captain of a merchant ship if the Imperial Gallions catch them. and usually, it doesn't end with a fight.

Persona:  One-Eye SmellyFeet is a pretty intelligent Argonien he speaks with a silver tongue and loves his gold, his morals are thereafter, he is a good friend of Karta Rarc - Si but is also generally liked on the Kevley.

Trainer: None
Strength: his claws and his ability to slider away in a fight, attacking from behind and keeping his distance in small cramped spaces is his best advantage.
Weakness: he isn't strong, he isn't magical, he doesn't use any form of armor and he isn't trained. he fights dirty threw and threw.



One-eye Smellyfeet is a pirate who joined the crew of Karta when the ship of her former captain went down, he helped her and her crew steal the ship he had been helping to build in the imperial city. As a construction worker, he was able to sneak the pirates in one by one,

He got his name from the fact that he only has one eye, some might think this is from some form of confrontation, maybe a battle or a sparring, maybe even an accident of some sort.The truth is that he lost his eye in his egg when it was attacked by a bird who picked the shell and managed to pick out the eye of the hatchling. This would have killed most hatchlings but one-eye Smellyfeet hatched as normal just a couple of days later. Of course, he was missing an eye.

As a young Argonian he grew up in Argonia however when he became an adult he moved away from the marsh of his homeland and into the Cyrodiil mainland where he got a job as a shipbuilder

One-eye Smellyfeet wasn't a fighter or a worker, however he knew the art of acting, and could convince anyone of his lies, with the right amount of hissing words. This made him a valuable asset to Karta's crew.

This NPC is found in the books "Aryondra" found in Game in holds





Note: Following Dialogs isn't what you will find in the mod, rather what has been writen as suggestions and insperation for Galadnil and may or may not show up in the mod itself.


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