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Application: Quest/Dialogue Writer

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My name is DrLacevil and I would like to apply for the Beyond Skyrim project development. I was following BS long before Bruma release, but after that I've become truly inspired, as I've witnessed that the progress is actually being made. I view my application as a mean to give something back to community, while also working with the universe I love.

I know, you are probably tired of bums like me who think that having a computer and a text editor makes you a "writer", or maybe you are full on staff in the writing department, but I would still like to take my chance and apply for the position. As an example of my work I provide a mockup quest, which combines not overly detailed quest outline and examples of dialogue within it.


Thank you for your attention.

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To be honest, I have a fair bit of interest in every province, but if I would name priorities, those would be:

1. Cyrodiil

2. Morrowind/Iliac Bay (whichever needs writers more)

3. Any other province

So if there is a strict policy like "for one writer - one province", then I would choose Cyrodiil first. If not - then Morrowind or Iliac Bay + Cyrodiil.

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